The Drug "Biotredin". Usage instructions


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Drug "Biotredin" instruction manual recommends that in pathological attraction to alcohol, followed by irritability, inner discomfort, mood disorder, sense of hunger; alcohol dependence; withdrawal syndrome (arising from abrupt cessation of alcohol consumption). The drug is also indicated for the reduction of concentration of attention and mental performance.

The Cure "Biotredin" instructions for use belong to the category combined funds. The product contains L-threonine, and pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). The drug has antiabstinentnoe (the ability to alleviate the symptoms that develop from an alcoholic to a result of the termination (sudden) alcohol) and anti-alcohol properties. The drug is able to normalize the metabolism, improving mental performance.

Medication "Biotredin". Instructions for use

In the treatment of chronic alcoholism recommended at the reception of 0.1-0.3 g. should Take four to five days per day twice or three times. If necessary, repeat the course allowed from five to ten times a year.

In the first days to eliminate the withdrawal syndrome to three to four times one to four tablets. Daily dose – 0,3-1,6 g, Starting from the second day and thereafter at the reception for a tablet (or two) in a day twice or three times. Duration of therapy – twenty-one to twenty-eight days. Allowed the reduction of the rate to ten to fourteen days.

The maximum efficiency of the drug observed in the combined reception with glycine, which take under the tongue (sublingually) for ten or fifteen minutes before receiving funds "Biotredin". The instructions recommend during remission (a period of disappearance or relief of symptoms of disease) to identify the desire (hidden) to alcohol to take two or three tablets on an empty stomach. In the case of craving for alcohol to the latent nature for ten to twenty minutes the patient feels a slight dizziness, sedation. Also appears hyperemia (redness), increased sweating. In such cases the recommended five-to ten-day course of twice-three times a day, one pill (or two) in combination with glycine (under the tongue for 0.1 g of the drug "Biotredin" for ten to fifteen minutes). The need for repeated courses must be discussed with a specialist.


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The Cure "Biotredin" children prescribed to improve concentration and enhance mental performance. Recommended to take the drug sublingually 2 mg per kg of body weight. For adolescents and adults the recommended dosage-one tablet, two (three) times a day. The duration of the application – three to ten days. If necessary, a repetition rate three or more times during the year.

Medication "Biotredin" instructions for use not recommended to take while intoxication as reduced therapeutic efficacy.

The Drug is not administered concurrently with antidepressants, neuroleptics, barbiturates, tranquilizers.

As shown by clinical studies, the use of drugs "Biotredin" in adolescents and children with various forms of mental and neurotic disorders allows you to quickly and efficiently align the emotional background for depression. The drug helps to eliminate the affective disorders of character, quick exhaustion, irritable weakness.

Clinical experience has shown that the use of this drug in adolescence and in childhood contributes to a purposeful and informed decision difficulties in the active promotion of mental health, as well as challenges for safe treatment and prevention of neurotic disorders nasihatname nature of drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism.

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