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What helps “Kaltseks”? The answer to this question you will find in the materials of this article. Also, it will provide information about the effectiveness of the aforementioned medications, his value and use the feedback.what helps kaltseks

General information

Flu, SARS and other respiratory diseases occur very often. Benefit of pharmaceutical companies produce many drugs that do not allow the virus to develop and promote early recovery of the patient.

The Most popular and proven remedy against the common cold is a medicine “Kaltseks”. Indications for this drug are presented below.

Packing and composition of the drug, its form release

“Kaltseks” pills, which include such key components as methenamine calcium chloride. Pharmacies the tool can be found in different packages (blister packs, paper rolls). It should also be said that this medication is available in the form of powder substance. It is packaged in plastic bags and has the same composition.

Mechanism of action drug

What is a medicine “Kaltseks”? The reviews claim that the main ingredient of this medication belongs to a class of antiseptic and disinfectant components, as well as to the group of aldehydes. The effect of this drug due to its ability to dissolve in an acidic environment. Thus, in the patient's body produces formaldehyde. They exhibit anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

A Complex salt of methenamine, part of the medicine, fills the shortage of calcium ions in the human body. Moreover, this substance reduces the permeability of the vessel walls that is characteristic of inflammation.kaltseks reviews


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What helps “Kaltseks”?

In some cases, this drug should be used patients? Experienced experts say that the tool is very effectively manifests itself in respiratory infections acute type, including acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Bans for medicine

What helps “Kaltseks" we told above. It should be noted that the drug there are contraindications to receive. These include the following:

  • Liver failure chronic type;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Renal failure chronic character;
  • Gapapentin juice of the stomach (diagnosed);
  • Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the medication;
  • Breastfeeding.

How should I use medication “Kaltseks”?

Experts say that the dosage of this drug should be prescribed only by an experienced physician. In children this medicine is not prescribed. Sick kids are recommended to use safer funds.kaltseks price

According to the instructions, the medication should be taken only with adult patients at the first sign of a cold. Drug is prescribed inside. Its dosage is 1-2 tablets four times per day. The duration of therapy with this tool is 4 days.

Phenomena by-character

Now you know what is helping “Kaltseks”. When taking such pills patients can develop dyspepsia. In that case, if these reactions occur immediately after consumption of the drug inside or during therapy, overturned.


The Use of high doses of the drug can cause a sharp irritation of the respiratory tract, and conjunctiva. In addition, an overdose with this drug is characterized by such unwanted symptoms, such as glomerulonephritis, and disorder of dyspeptic character, which manifest themselves in the form of diarrhea, nausea and strong vomiting.

To eliminate such States give the victim thioctic, folic, nicotinic and ascorbic acid, as well as the drug “Pyridoxine”.kaltseks pill

Terms of sale, storage, shelf life

The Drug “Kaltseks”, the price of which is discussed below, is released in drugstores only according to medical prescription. Storage temperature of this medication should not exceed 25 degrees. Keep it preferably in a dry place for four years from date of manufacture.

Cost and drugs-substitutes

What is the medication “Kaltseks”? The price of this medication is around 50-70 rubles. If such a drug is not found in a local pharmacy, you can replace the ‘Malecon”, “Albatros’, ‘Decapole”, “the tool d / treat colds” and “Lysozyme”. It should be noted that the use of these funds mentioned is possible only after consultation with your doctor, as they all have their own peculiarities in the application.

Consumer Reviews

Reviews from patients on this medication there is quite a lot. Consumers not only high efficiency of the drug, but also its relative cheapness and popularity among people with low incomes.

Most patients report that the tool for the therapy of infectious disease are used to their mothers and grandmothers. As you know, they took this drug during early stages of flu and colds.

According to the opinion of consumers, tablets “Kaltseks” must be present in every home medicine Cabinet.kaltseks evidence

Not to mention the fact that some people complain that to buy considered medicine available in pharmacies. What is the reason? The fact that this drug is quite cheap, so it is disadvantageous for realization of networks.


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