Calcevirus infection in cats: symptoms and treatment


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Calcevirus infection in cats is a highly contagious viral disease that requires an immediate response from the owners. If appropriate measures are not taken in time, the animal may die.


It is on your awareness that the life of the animal will depend. If there is a calcevirus infection in cats, the symptoms will not take long. The signs of the disease are especially pronounced in small kittens. In general, they are much more difficult to tolerate the disease. Adult cats with good immunity or vaccinated animals can transfer calcivirosis almost asymptomatically. But knowledge is not superfluous.

Here are the characteristic signs of the disease:

  1. The animal's temperature rises to very high values (40.5 ° C). It lasts for about 72 hours, and then normalizes.
  2. There is discharge from the eyes and nose. At the very beginning – transparent, but gradually intensifying and exuding a very unpleasant smell.
  3. The cat's salivation increases, so the chin and chest of the animal are constantly wet.
  4. The oral cavity and nose lobe are covered with numerous ulcers that are filled with fluid. They bring a lot of inconvenience to the cat. The bubbles begin to burst, forming bleeding wounds, and a strong smell of rot comes from the cat's mouth.
  5. When a calcevirus infection in cats is just beginning to develop, the owner may notice a somewhat unusual behavior of the animal while eating. He chews his food very slowly and carefully, constantly coughs, as if he choked. If you examine the cat's mouth at this time, you will see inflamed gums. Pussy eats very badly, becomes sluggish.
  6. Diarrhea may occur, followed by constipation.

The virus often affects the upper respiratory tract. The animal has a cough, shortness of breath, sneezing. Everything can end with pneumonia and pulmonary edema.


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If the virus was able to enter the brain, then the cat (about a week after the above signs) begins convulsions, movement coordination is disrupted. Yesterday's affectionate purr is becoming very aggressive.

The disease, which has passed into the chronic stage, is asymptomatic. Sometimes there may be small discharge from the eyes or nose, lameness, apathetic behavior. But with the slightest weakening of the immune defense, calcivirosis turns into an acute form.

How can an animal get infected?

Now you can understand when there is a calcevirus infection in cats, the symptoms of the disease are already known to you. It would not be superfluous to find out the ways of infection.

There are four known ways:

  1. Pussy can catch the virus without even communicating with its carrier. It is enough that she sniffs infected feces or sprawls on the grass, which is stained with the urine of the carrier.
  2. The virus can be transmitted by airborne droplets. But I am glad that the radius of its action is still limited: only a meter from the source of the disease.
  3. Calcivirosis can be brought into the house by a person. The virus remains active for several days, so even a completely domestic cat can get sick.
  4. The disease can be transmitted through any secretions of a sick animal.

Diagnosis of the disease

In most of all cases, no specific analyses are required. Typical signs characteristic of this disease make it possible to make an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, a fluid smear is taken for analysis to cut off or confirm a similar disease - feline herpevirus infection.

Calcevirus infection in cats: treatment

A sick animal needs mandatory isolation. Unfortunately, there are no specific antiviral drugs, so treatment is aimed at eliminating secondary infections that have developed against the background of the underlying disease.

So, calcevirus infection in cats, what to treat? Here everything will depend on the veterinarian, his experience. As a rule, broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed. Since calcivirosis exhausts the animal very much, it is necessary to take immunostimulating drugs and vitamins. When coughing, the pussy can be watered, for example, with preparations "Bromhexin" or "Pertussin".

Constant treatment of the inflamed oral cavity is also mandatory. In case of eye damage, eye drops should be used. These can be drugs "Bars", "Decta-2" and the like.

It is important to remember that the calcevirus infection, the treatment of which we are currently considering, is very insidious. And it is impossible to interrupt the complex of measures prescribed by the veterinarian in any case, even if the cat looks completely healthy. The retreating disease can return again and then there will be no chance of survival for the pussy.

Calcevirus infection in cats: complications

Calcivirosis itself is not as dangerous as secondary infections developing against its background. The most common disease of the upper respiratory tract. Young cats can even get pneumonia.

Next come gingivitis and stomatitis. Sometimes calcevirus infection (especially in small kittens) can be accompanied by lameness of the animal, because it develops inflammation of the joints - arthritis. Then it passes, but it is always accompanied by severe pain.


Calcivirosis is particularly dangerous for kittens. An unfavorable outcome is also possible for weakened animals. The incubation period for babies does not exceed a day and if the cat is not vaccinated, about 80% of sick kittens die. Adults survive much more often, in about 70% of cases. But on one condition that the treatment of calcivirosis is started early and there are no complicated secondary infections. Old and weak animals, as a rule, die more than half of the time.

Cat care

You can often hear that calcivirosis is dangerous for humans, but it is not so. The disease can affect only cats, and is completely safe for humans, dogs and feathered pets. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid to get infected and refuse to take care of a sick cat. After all, now the life of a purr depends only on you.

Calcivirosis greatly depletes the vitality of the pet. It is very important that the pussy gets good nutrition. The feeding regime and diet will be selected by the doctor.

It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the place where the animal lies. Replace the bedding daily and ventilate the room. It is important not to forget about the necessary hygiene procedures. The animal needs to wash its eyes, clean its nose, coat stuck together from secretions and be sure to treat its mouth.

Preventive measures

Calcivirosis is a very complex disease. The animal during the period of illness will constantly need your attention and care. It is practically impossible to leave a sick cat alone, because in addition to careful care, she also needs moral support. And only the beloved owner can give it.

To avoid such a situation and not to see the torment of your pet, a trip to the veterinarian for vaccination will help. Vaccination against calcivirosis is the best thing you can offer your pet. Of course, it cannot completely protect the animal, but in case of infection, the disease will proceed much easier.

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