Integrated marketing communications: elements of strategy management


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In the conditions of dynamic market and increasing competition every company is interested to achieve the attention of potential buyers. And the most efficient method of achieving this goal is the combined use of the methods of presentation and feedback tools with the consumer.

What are the integrated marketing communication (IMC)

This term is to understand the process of establishing a relationship with consumers that is different from those methods, which is used by large advertisers. In fact, IMC involves the planning of marketing communications, in which base lies the necessity of assessment of their (communications) of specific areas and strategic role.

In the process of IMC konsolidiruyutsya, are United and directed all the means of action, programmes and messages to potential or actual consumers of services and products of the company.

Why IMC is considered as relevant

The Concept of integrated marketing communications appeared accidental. The idea of such measures of the promotion of goods and services became popular in the 90s. the Reason why this system was deemed practical, lies in the fact that traditional marketing tools could not give the level of efficiency necessary for the successful development of companies in the changing market.

integrated marketing communications

So many companies have gone through the combined use of different tools of marketing communications, the combined effects of which proved to be much more effective than the effect of each direction separately. In addition, the IMC has allowed companies to consolidate budgets, to optimize them and get more tangible benefits.


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The Concept of IMC

It is Obvious that the promotion necessarily implies certain marketing communications. An integrated approach, in turn, leads to two problems that are associated with each other.

The First task of the IMC is to create messages in the communications, which will be used various means of QMS (standard system utilities) that do not contradict each other and it is easy enough coordinated among themselves. The result is the formation of a unified positive image of the Communicator.

the concept of integrated marketing communications

The second objective of IMC is to determine the maximizing levels of efficiency of marketing communications by searching for the most suitable combinations of synthetic and fixed assets of the QMS.


In the process of implementing integrated methods tools are used standard communication system. We are talking about the totality of elements such as subjects, channels, means and forms of interaction, as well as forward and backward linkages used in the process of the marketing system with the external environment.

Employing these tools, can be clearly and attractively convey the essence of the marketing message to the end user. It is important to take into account the fact that the cost of the product can also be used as an effective means of conveying information about the product (expensive, so good).

All these elements of integrated marketing communications, including the products themselves, as well as its cost, deliver to the representatives of the CA key information about the offer of the company.

Simultaneous use of multiple types of presentation and feedback is a profitable strategy that significantly outperforms the use of any one methodology.

Key issues within the strategy of the IMC

The Concept of integrated marketing communications involves getting the answer to 3 key questions:

  1. The points At which marketing channels are extremely effective in reaching the buyer and increasing the reaction rate in favor of purchasing the company's products?
  2. What is the scheme of combination of means of sales promotion and advertising is most effective in meeting the goals of communication?
  3. How to correctly coordinate the advertisement and every kind of advertising communication with the overall positioning of the brand in terms of their combined interaction?

marketing communications an integrated approach

The Answers to these questions will help to make a competent implementation plan of IMC in the framework of specific tasks.

Features of the IMC

The System of integrated marketing communications consists of several key elements:

  • Public relations (PR).
  • Direct marketing. This could include Internet and TV marketing. Speaking about the promotion through television, it is worth noting that it is limited to providing the viewer the opportunity to order goods at home, after he will see the specific products in action and get acquainted with its features. In the Internet space using the same principle, only, the way forward in this case is much higher.
  • Advertising. This specific measures the purpose of which is to effectively achieve any marketing objectives.
  • Stimulation of demand for a product by introducing additional benefits and, consequently, increase profits.
  • Business and retail advertising. The process of interaction with competitors in retail always leads to a state of rapid change. This is explained by the fact that often the market comes a product that is advancing dynamically.

integrated marketing communications

  • The Complex of integrated marketing communications. Involves the use international advertising. We are talking about an advertising campaign outside of the country where the manufacturer. Thus for the similar level of promotion the product must be leading within their niche.
  • Fairs and exhibitions. We are talking about the activities in which the company participates directly, presenting the end user of their products.
  • Plan for the company. This refers to the overall strategy of promotion using various marketing tools.

Performance of the IMC

The Modern concept of integrated marketing communications involves the use of certain principles. One of them is efficiency.

The Essence of this principle is to be used to implement processes of strategic communications as originally planned, the events and the circumstances that occur involuntarily. It is understood that any correctly analyzed data can potentially cause the formation of the IMC complex. And to make information about you from virtually any subdivision of the internal data flows of the company.


In this case we are talking about horizontal communication with partners of the enterprise. This allows you to make the business more sustainable, so it is important to focus on open attitude towards the possibility of development of partnerships. A good example of the implementation of this principle within the strategy of integrated marketing communications is a joint venture for the promotion of goods of such famous brands as McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Now often you can find promotions manufacturers of washing machines and powder, sweets and tea, wine and cheese. With this approach, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of marketing measures, opportunities to optimize their budget.

Personalization as a principle of the IMC

The Result which brings implementation of this principle, forcing many companies to use it consistently and actively. Under personalization is to understand the formation of a personal relationship with each client of the company. Of course, this approach will require a lot of cost and effort, since it will be necessary to develop new technical equipment, and special projects.

the concept of integrated marketing communications

Moreover, require the presence of specific skills. But in the end the firm will receive a high level of loyalty from customers and, as a result, significant sales growth.


This principle whereby organized integrated marketing communication, you can Define as Home, because it involves the proper interaction of all components of the IMC. The fact that a combination of measures to promote significantly more effective than their simple summation, not just has been proven by the experience of various companies.

One of the best examples of the implementation of the principle of synergism can be called student teams sellers in contact with potential customers on the street. The activities involved in actually all methods, the use of which implies the concept of integrated marketing communications

  • Assesses the demand for specific types of products;
  • There is direct contact with representatives of the TSA;

integrated marketing communications

  • By solving such social problems as youth employment, the company receives the possibility of entering the government...

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