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Known not only in Russia but throughout the world, the Museum «Hermitage» owns several buildings, each of which presents a different exposure. The main and most visited located in the Winter Palace. But does not remain without attention and the building directly opposite – the Main headquarters of the Hermitage. Its Eastern part was placed under the jurisdiction of the Museum in the early 90's and now also is a platform for exhibitions and art events.main headquarters of the Hermitage

History of the monument

Architectural structure is a unique monument. In the XIX century it was decided to elevate the area facing the Imperial Palace. Future building project for a long time was considered, various options were considered. After approval on the creation of the monument worked C. Rossi and other famous artists, architects and artists. The construction lasted from 1819, ended in the early 30's.

Actions on the construction of the Main headquarters of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg began under Alexander I, and after his death, continued under Nicholas I. the New Tsar made some changes to the project. At his request the arch began to draw as a monument to the brave soldiers. The Eastern wing had previously been intended for the civil departments. Until the revolution of 1917 there was the Ministry of Finance, and in 2017, one hundred years later, an exhibition dedicated to the period. In the Soviet years in the building housed the people's Commissariat of foreign Affairs (otherwise – NCID).


The Building consists of two buildings. They are connected to a high arch, which is decorated with an impressive composition, named “Chariot of fame”. It is located at a height of over 35 m. This attribute was made in honor of the victory in the war of 1812. Six horses on each side and the figure of the goddess of Fame in the center complement the strict architecture of the headquarters. Numerous reliefs on the arch of the arch fit perfectly in the composition. The width of the building is 580 meters and is slightly bended in arc shape.the main headquarters of the Hermitage

Among the special decorative elements of the General staff building – street clock. Established in the beginning of the last century, they always show the exact time.

Going inside, you should familiarize yourself with the layout of the rooms. Each floor has its own system of corridors and atriums. Many gyms have a name: the memory of K. fabergé, White and other. Separately there is a space for lectures.

Modern status

In the 2000s, the building was restored, restored interiors. Worked including on the exterior of the structure. Now at night the entire facade is illuminated, and you can take fabulous photos in the background. Once inside the Museum, visitors will see the magnificent marble staircase, several courtyards, atriums, bridges with glass walls. Through the transparent elements of the ceiling breaks the light of day. Restored some of the historic interiors of the Soviet and earlier periods.main headquarters of the Hermitage of St. Petersburg


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This is not the first year the Museum is thinking about renaming the branches of the Hermitage - the General staff. This name is not associated with the art and deters potential visitors, especially foreigners. Now in the Museum have the opportunity to use audio guides, buy Souvenirs and books on painting. With modern equipment you can build your own itinerary of visits to exhibitions, in order not to get lost in the maze of rooms.

How to find

The General staff building is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg, near the Palace bridge and the square of the same name. The best way to get from the metro station "Admiralty", to walk part of the way along the Nevsky prospect and turn to the arch. When you exit from arch entrance to the Museum is on the right. In the opposite wing houses the garrison court.

If you prefer to drive on urban land transport, you need to get out at the stop "Malaya Morskaya". The place is quite close, on the way tourists can admire the main city street, photographed on Palace square. Of types of transport go as trolleybuses and buses.

main headquarters of the Hermitage exhibition

If tourists chose to visit the first Winter Palace, it should move straight through the area. Then turn left and walk to the door with the symbols of the Museum complex.

The Exhibition in the General staff building

In the building from time to time organizes various events dedicated to contemporary art. This is mainly temporary exhibitions, lectures, creative meetings. For convenience, in the building there is a cozy cafe where you can lunch or snack at the break of the event.

The permanent exhibitions of the most interesting guests of the paintings of famous artists-Impressionists and postimpressionists. Among them are such famous names as Gauguin, Cezanne, Degas, Monet, and many others. View the unique collection come not only art lovers, but also artists, art historians and researchers.

main headquarters of the Hermitage opening hours

To See the arts and crafts on the second floorcorps. And just above there is an exhibition of jewelry. Here are the luxury trays, dinner sets, jewelry and other products well-known producers and artists.


The Museum every day of the week except Monday. The exception would be some public holidays: 1 January and 9 may. Core hours – 10 hours 30 minutes to 18 hours on a Wednesday or Friday, you can stay longer in the exhibition hall: closing will occur in 21 hours. Hours of the Main headquarters of the Hermitage are the same as for other objects of the Museum complex.

The Cost of tickets varies depending on the season, if a tourist wants to get to multiple buildings of the Museum complex. If the choice fell only on the General staff building, the stable price - 300 rubles. Any amount designated by the curators of the temporary exhibition or the organizers of the meeting.

It is Worth remembering that in the General staff building of the Hermitage, the work of the ticket office closes an hour before the closing of the hull. For tourists, the optimal solution would be the purchase of a single ticket directly in several buildings of the Museum. It is easier to make using special machines to avoid Queuing. There are exemptions for certain categories of visitors.

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