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There are a lot of talented people. But that one person was connected several abilities – this is rare. The great native of Ukraine, which we want to tell, just one of those generously gifted by God. He is known as a great poet, but also as an artist.

In the family

There in the Cherkasy region the village of Moryntsi. Here was born Taras Shevchenko (9 March 1814). Dead poet 10.03.1861. The year of the abolition of serfdom. And Shevchenko Taras was ‘forced”. Not the master himself, his life, pursuits and Hobbies.

Shevchenko TarasFather, Grigory Ivanovich, too, was a serf. All of his numerous children. They are the property of the landlord, whose name was Vasily Engelhardt. Paternal ancestors of Taras came from the Zaporozhye Cossacks, Andrei. And old mother (Catherine Akimovna) – from the Carpathian people.

Unkind stepmother

Soon the family moved to the village of Kyrylivka. There had to Shevchenko Taras early years. Yes, soon the grief fell on all of them – my mother died. Father married a widow. Her own children were three. Taras she particularly disliked. Watching him the eldest sister Kate – the good was compassionate. She soon married and left the family. And just two years after the death of his mother was gone and father.

Taras was 12. At first he worked by the teacher. Then I got to the painters. They moved from village to village. Also Shevchenko Taras pas teenager sheep. Ministered to the priest.

One thing was good: in school learned to read and write. “Bogomazov” introduced the boy with the elementary rules of drawing.

Taras Shevchenko biography

House master

But he's 16. Shevchenko, Taras became a servant of the new landlord – Paul Engelhardt. The one, whose portrait he writes later in 1833, This is the earliest known watercolor paintings Shevchenko. It is in the style then fashionable portrait-miniature.

But first, Taras played the role of cook. Then he was sent to the Cossacks. However, he has already started painting and fell in love with it.

Thank the gentleman. Noticing all this in the feudal guy when I was in Vilna (now Vilnius), sent Taras to Jan Rustem - the teacher of the local University. He was a good portraitist. And when his master decided to settle in the capital, and talented servant took with him. Like you, I'll have a sort of house painter.


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Meeting in the Park

For 22 years, was Taras. One day he was standing in the Summer garden and redraw the statue. Started talking with one artist, who was his countryman. It was Ivan Soshenko. He became a close friend of Taras. Some time they even lived in the same apartment. When Shevchenko died, Ivan Maksimovic accompanied his coffin to the Kaneva.

So, Soshenko this, negotiations with the Ukrainian poet Yevhen Hrebinka (who was one of the first to realize how talented Shevchenko Taras – painter), and led the novice to get acquainted with “need” people. It failed to Vasily Grigorovich. It was the Secretary of the Academy of arts. The one he hails from Pyriatyn, largely contributed to the development of art education in Ukraine and strongly supportive of young artists. He also did everything he could for the redemption of Shevchenko from serfdom. That he, the poet, the day of his release, he dedicated the poem “Haydamaky”.

Taras was introduced to a master of genre scenes of peasant life, a teacher of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts Alexei Venetsianov. And with the renowned Karl Briullov, and also with the famous poet Vasily Zhukovsky. It was a real elite.

Great sympathy evoked Taras Shevchenko. His creative biography was just beginning.

There Was an important recognition of the exceptional talent of this extraordinary Ukrainian.

Shevchenko Taras creativity

Free at last!

It was All about his master – Engelhardt. Appealed to the sense of humanism. It wouldn't work. A personal request for Shevchenko himself Karl Briullov - this famous academician of painting - only fueled the desire of the landowner to acquire a servant round sum. For Shevchenko asked the Professor Venetsianov, adopted in the Imperial court! But even this high authority not moved the business forward. Bowing to the master went to the most venerable writers. All in vain!

Taras was in despair. So he wanted freedom. Upon hearing another refusal, he came to Ivan Soshenko in a desperate mood. Even threatened to take revenge on his master…

There is already alarmed all the friends of the artist. It would not have happened even more trouble! They decided to act otherwise. Knew how to by Engelhardt. Offered him an incredibly large amount for just one fortress-2500 rubles!

And there they where. Zhukovsky conspired with Briullov: he will draw his portrait. Then the painting was put up for a raffle - in the Anichkov Palace. The win was the portrait. So he received the freedom of 24-year-old serf Shevchenko. It was in 1838.

What could thank Taras friends for it? He dedicated Zhukovsky “Catherine” - his most significant poem.

In the same year – the admission to the Academy of arts. Shevchenko became a student and loyal friend Karl Briullov.

These years –the bright, joyful in the life of a poet. On the horse, as they say, was Shevchenko Taras. His work gained great power.

Flourished not only art but also poetry. Just two years later (after the liberation from serfdom) saw the light of the “poet”. In 1842-m - “Haydamaky”. And in the same year was created the picture of the “Catherine”. It is known to many. The artist wrote in explanation of his own poem with the same name.

Critics of Petersburg and even penetrating Belinsky not only not understood, but in General sharply condemned Ukrainian literature. The former farmer got especially. Ridiculed even in what language he wrote Shevchenko Taras. In his poems only saw provincialism.

But Ukraine itself correctly and appreciated, and accepted poet. He became her prophet.

Shevchenko Taras the artist


Occurred in 1845-1846, He made friends with Cyril-Methodius society. It was young people who were interested in the development of the Slavic peoples. In particular Ukrainian.

Ten of the circle were arrested on charges created politices organization. And Shevchenko was recognized as the perpetrator. Although investigators were unable to demonstrate that his Association with Cyril-mefodievna. Him “violation” he imputed that wrote “outrageous” the poems content. Yes, in the little Russian language. However, the same the famous Belinsky believed that “received” he for his poem “Sleep”. For it – explicit satire on the king and Queen.

In the end, 33-year-old Taras was taken to the army. Sent as a private in the Orenburg region. Where this region merges with Kazakhstan. But the worst part was that the soldier was strictly forbidden to write anything and draw.

He sent a letter to Gogol, which was not personally acquainted. Sent and Zhukovsky envelope. With a request to beg for him alone mercy — permission to draw. Fussed over him and many other prominent people. All in vain. This prohibition is not removed.

Then Shevchenko sculpting began, trying to somehow Express their creative nature. Wrote a few books in Russian. This, for example, “Princess”, “Artist” and “the Twins”. A lot of the details of his personal biography.

The Poet returned to Petersburg in 1857, the Whole immersed in poetry and in painting. Even the family wanted to have, but it did not.

I took another could make up a tutorial school for the people. And Ukrainian, of course, language.

In St. Petersburg, he died. At first he was buried in the local cemetery. A couple of months, according to the will of the poet, transported the coffin with his ashes to Ukraine. And buried on the Dnieper - plot on the Chernecha mountain. It is near Kanev. He was only 47 years.

No monument to Kobzar was not in the Russian Empire. Its widespread perpetuation went after the revolution of 1917. Outside the country, monuments to the outstanding man was established by the Ukrainian Diaspora.

what language wrote Shevchenko TarasIn 2014, celebrated 200 years since his birth, we counted all the monuments and other objects named in his honor. They turned out to be 1060 in 32 countries. And on different continents.

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