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The Peoples of all countries in the world strive for a life without war. This is a normal and understandable desire. To Express it, enjoy certain characters. It can be drawings, plants, birds, particularly the pigeon.

What is the symbols of peace?

Since ancient times people used special characters that are portrayed, usually on the arms, rings, shields. They symbolized power, wealth or gentility, etc. Many of these characters became the emblem of one or another philosophical or religious currents. Don't always get to Express in conventional words what is available to the senses. There are such States and events, which are difficult to explain wordy constructions, and then people turn to the signs. One of them is a symbol of peace. Try the “draw” peace as a state of peace, absence of war. Difficult? But with the help of the symbol it will turn out, and quite successfully. Therefore, such signs can be called a language of the soul, they contain the profound wisdom.what does the symbol of the world

What does the symbol of peace? It is the desire of all peoples of the world to live in peace and friendship, more than succinctly expressed by any one artistic image.

What are the symbols of peace exist

In 1958, English painter John. Holt created for the March against nuclear war the so-called Pacific, which later turned into the international symbol of disarmament, anti-war movement, a kind of symbol of the world.

This sign combines the letters of the semaphore alphabet N and D-the initial letters of the English phrase nuclear disarmament, i.e. nuclear disarmament. The first is formed by two lines drawn in an inverted letter V, while the second one “read” the third part of the symbol to the right. A graphic image of this sign is very widespread.symbol of peace


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Another logo similar values – a white dove, symbol of peace. It was created for the world peace Congress artist Pablo Picasso. He depicted the bird with olive branch in its beak.

By the Way, this branch was in Ancient Greece a symbol of peace. In 1947, two such have been placed on the official emblem of the United Nations.

From plant characters such value is also called the evergreen Myrtle. And in different people it carries additional meaning, such as joy, permanence, victory.

The Dove as a symbol of peace

You Can do a little research to find out what manner each person has the most common in the cities of bird. I think most remember what is depicted on the background of the planet Earth the dove-a symbol of peace. With this logo to stick more than one generation of people.dove of peace symbol

What did him such honor? The roots of this go back to Ancient Egypt, when the birds are tamed and adapted for use not only in gastronomic purposes. Amateur fanciers found remarkable feature of these birds: they always came home. So there was a pigeon. It was used even during the Second world war.

In many cultures, the dove was considered a symbol of purity and nobility, and in the Christian religion represented the Holy spirit, was the bearer of Good News. And other people believed this bird is so immaculate that it was not able to transform neither the evil force.

With so many positive qualities "feathered" the emblem, the embodiment of all the light and clean on the Earth, could not become a symbol of peace. And what could be more valuable?

Symbol of peace

People throughout history have managed to give some items, many animals, some plants a particular value. They were designed to represent some phenomenon, event, state. And to prove it the most ancient symbols of peace. If, say, depicting an anchor, the person sees it as a sign of hope, and in Lira – sign music, the figure of a dove with an olive branch or the branches (the wreath) implies that it will be clear to all, regardless of language proficiency. We are talking about the world. These symbols are very clear without further explanation: anyone guess what it would say. It is not necessary to paint large-scale paintings of peaceful demonstrations or to record the Declaration of the world. Just one image of a dove or the Pacific.


In many cultures a symbol of peace & ndash; palm tree, and no matter what palm or coconut. This tree or its branches can be seen on the arms and flags of different countries, particularly St Kitts, Nevis, GUAM, Congo. Palm and Laurel wreaths adorn the coats of arms of South American countries - Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela.ancient symbols of peace

Noticed an interesting fact. If for the countries located in the tropics, a symbol of peace is a tree, then the peoples living to the North, such is the olive tree. As already mentioned, the United Nations, once established as an international body, which was designed to protect and promote peace in the world, has its own official blue flag. It depicts a globe, framed by a wreath of olive branches. Incidentally, the flag of Cyprus placed the same logo only on white background.

As you can see, the tastes and preferences of different peoples in the symbolism inmuch identical.

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