Jaguar: the animal kings


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In the tropical forests of South and Central America lives a Jaguar, an animal revered by many ancient peoples. Jaguar honored, he was worshipped, he was considered the progenitor of the genus, and Jaguar skin since ancient times was considered a sign of not just Jaguar animalA high position, and the ability to influence the destiny of a people or tribe. This idea of jaguars as polonoreste was, from the standpoint of the ancient peoples, quite justified. This majestic predator in mythology has always been associated with night, dark forces. The Aztecs were opposed to his eagle as the symbol of the sun. As the sun and moon are always in the confrontation, and the Jaguar and the eagle are in a continuous battle, believed the Indians. According to legend, the shaman, when he left his body, turned into a Jaguar. Therefore, it was considered that danger can save even painted Jaguar. Animal for a long time been the object of worship. Moreover, if the ancient Egyptians depicted people with heads of birds and crocodiles, the American Indians with the heads of jaguars. There is probably no more adapted predator than an animal. Jaguar sees very well at night, even better than during the day. So it has always been associated with darkness, night and magic, but also with power, wild and untamed. Jaguar animal photoThe fact that the jaws of a Jaguar is so strong that he can easily bite through a turtle shell.

The Jaguar is a feline, therefore, has similar habits. He has a strong muscular body, thick wool, and the color can vary from sandy yellow to brown. Despite the fact that at first glance. the spots of a Jaguar are located completely randomly, it is not. The very spot is a broken black ring or semicircle, inside of which a black point. If you enter a search query "Jaguar animal photo", we can see that the animal is not completely covered with spots, and has a striped belly and legs. Interestingly, the famous black Panther is a Jaguar, which for some reason, the mutation occurred in one of the genes responsible for the color.


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Jaguar - animal-loner. He always hunts alone in a certain area. A female with cubs can take territory up to 25 km, and males up to 100 km Jaguar - storm all animals, as it feeds on literally everything that moves and can easily kill a man. But still, this graceful predator prefers as a meal ungulates, although it can hunt tapirs, turtles and other animals. Feature of Jaguar is that he, although not eating all of the prey for once, animal JaguarThrows it like lions, and pulls the branches of the trees.

Unlike other animals, the Jaguar has no clearly defined breeding season. In this respect it all depends on the females. Pregnancy Jaguar lasts 100 days. Kittens live with their mother for 6 weeks in the den, and then begin a joint hunt until, until they find their own territory. Now the jaguars are becoming less and less. Deforestation, the human expansion into the habitat of these big cats do not contribute to reproduction. Also, do not improve the situation and poachers hunt jaguars for their beautiful fur and sharp fangs. In order to save the population of Jaguar was listed in the Red book.

Jaguar is the result of a long process of evolution and adaptation to the environment, so in the Amazon, no hunters, his equal.

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