What is the maximum weight of a Hippo in kilograms?


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Hippos – solid animals that live in Africa. They represent the class of Mammals and belong to the order Artiodactyls. Many believe that the origin of hippopotamuses (hippos) is associated with pigs.

In fact, the animal most likely has similarities with cetaceans. The one who will first see a Hippo be amazed by his thick torso shaped like a barrel. The animal has short but solid legs, which are four-toed hooves.

Together, they combined a solid film. It facilitates animal movement on muddy places, in which the fingers move apart. The film does not allow you to fail Behemoth in the viscous soil.

Maximum weight of a Hippo

the maximum weight of the Behemoth

The Travelers recognized that the hippopotamus inspires thoughts about the intractability and power. After all, the huge Hippo weighs 4 tons! Males are larger than females, although in the beginning of the development of the female ahead of them in growth.

But after reaching sexual maturity the growth rate decreases, and the males continue to grow for many years. The body length of Hippo reaches 4.5 meters. The average weight of the hippopotamus ranges from 2.5 to 3 tons.

Despite his impressive body mass, a solid beast can accelerate to 48 miles per hour! This is truly a destructive force capable of sweeping away everything in its path.

Features of the structure of the body

maximum weight of a Hippo in kilograms

Perhaps, you should pay attention to the fact that the eyes, ears and nostrils of the Hippo are almost on one line. This gives the animal the opportunity to simultaneously see, hear, and breathe underwater.

Hippos is endowed with a natural grey-brown colour, which shines slightly pink, sometimes purple shades. On the skin of the animal has no hair. Only the face and tail grow a little stubble.


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The Skin of a hippopotamus has specific glands that secrete a secret red. Most often this occurs after bathing the animal. Scientists believe that it is an antiseptic, which prevents the animal from harmful bacteria.

Interestingly, the Hippo is able to open his mouth in such a way that between the jaws forming an angle of approximately 150 degrees! If to take into account the fact that the maximum weight of a Hippo in kilograms, just a huge (4000 kg), the spectacle is not for the faint-hearted viewers!

the average weight of the hippopotamus

Teeth in the jaws of the animal are located far from one another. They do not have roots and grow throughout life. The longest tooth of a hippopotamus is almost 20 inches. He's not less popular than the elephant.


Hippos choose a shallow place – reservoirs up to 1.5 meters. Coast should be covered with dense vegetation. Probably, many watched on television, that animals do not go under the water completely.

They just lazily move along the bottom, showing the torso and head. But this does not mean that hippos are bad swimmers. Even the most heavy animals (max. weight of Hippo - 4 ton) are moving well in the pond. Ducking, they can survive under water for about 5 minutes.

The animal finds Food on land. Hippo gets out of the water on the surface and within a few hours consume vegetable food.

Lifestyle Hippo

max the weight of the Behemoth

This is a gregarious animal. A group of hippos lives in a particular area of the reservoir and consists of a Mature male surrounded by 10-20 females with the younger generation. Males from different flocks often show to each other the aggression, setting up a deadly fight.

In this struggle is important for maximum weight Hippo. If the attacker is superior to the host of the herd with his body weight, he has a great chance to defeat the opponent and to usurp all females and kids.

It is Known that hippos are able to produce sounds. Usually they use them as signals: Moo - attracting the opposite sex. Roar, accompanied by snorting, meaning that the Hippo is angry and is ready to go on the attack. Even underwater animals making noises similar to a Dolphin.

The Hippos are most active at night. At this time, their skin is protected from UV rays. It does not dry and is not covered by cracks.

By nightfall, animals come for grazing. Consumption constitutes 70 kg of grass per day (if max. weight of fat in kg is equal to 4000). These heavy beasts long digestive tract, so such a large amount of food digested without much difficulty. During the day hippos prefer to peacefully doze off.

The Mating season, and the fruit of love

The Females reach sexual maturity at the age of 7 years and males by 9 years. Animals usually mate twice a year: in February and August. Pregnancy lasts about 8 months. The female gives birth to calves in shallow water.

max weight of fat in kg

Length of the newborn is 120 centimeters. The maximum weight of the Behemoth baby reaches 50 pounds! That's such a big baby.

A Year passes quickly during the adaptation period and after a day of walking next to mom. But the baby is vulnerable. It inadvertently may pin male.

In addition, various predators are not averse to hunt for the baby Hippo. So long the female protects him. Whenof threats it covers the cub on his massive body. The maximum weight of a female Hippo reaches 3.5 tonnes.

Hippo in adverse conditions

Unfortunately, often in the form of enemy for the hippopotamus appears the man himself. Hunting for this animal is a favorite pastime of some visitors and the local population. Mostly beast-hunting for juicy meat.

However, the enraged Behemoth also represents a real danger to humans. From its strong and long fangs killed a considerable number of hunters. Scientists say that at the moment, the hippos are on the verge of extinction.

First, a lot of animals die from poaching. Second, a number of hippos dying because it dries annually, more natural ponds. Organization of labor protection is concerned about these phenomena and ready to take serious measures to solve these problems.

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