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Biography of Anastasia kranovoj should interest all fans of the group "Tutsi" of popular in two-thousand years. Bright pretty blonde was one of the main decorations of the girls ' team, however, she had a good voice, which was rare for the stage of those times. Biography, personal life, age Nasti kranovoj – all these issues will be addressed below.

Factory Girl

Anastasia was born in 1983 in the city of Vladivostok, near Kaliningrad. From an early age, the girl wanted to do music, but in order to attend music school, she had to overcome 40 km by bus to the regional center. At some point, Anastasia was tired of shaking over bumps the long-suffering Russian roads, so she decided to move to the capital.

Anastasiya Kraynova biography

The Move to Moscow was fateful event in the biography of Anastasia kranovoj. Here she found a job, took vocal lessons in preparation for a stage career. In 2004, the girl pulled your lottery ticket after passing the audition to participate in the third season of the popular TV project “idol”.

Anastasia was one of the brightest “stars” show, and despite the fact that she failed to win the final victory, her pop career did not end after the completion of filming.

Group "Tutsi"

Producer “factory of stars 3” Victor Drobysh has selected the four most beautiful and talented girls and made them into a group called "Tutsi". Breakthrough new girl's team in the Russian show-business turned out to be very powerful. Their debut single “The best” was a real hit of the season, the song was rotated continuously on all leading radio stations, the video was played on all channels.


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Anastasiya Kraynova biography personal life

We Can say that participation in the group "Tutsi" became the brightest period in the stage biography Anastasia kranovoj. But after a few years in a close women's circle began to flare up constant squabbles and scandals among the participating groups. In addition, the girls could not repeat success of the first season, “Tutsi" began to lose popularity. In 2010, Anastasia left the project to start his own solo career.

A Native of Gvardeysk a lot of experimenting with music, has mastered the craft of the club DJ. At some point Nastya decided to combine the two genres and became a singing DJ, successfully performing in Moscow clubs.

Nastya Kraynova biography personal life age

Today, she moved away from the negative experiences of the past years and believes that in the biography of Anastasia kranovoj group "Tutsi" has played a very important role. A few years later, she reconnected with other members of staff, excluding the Lesya Yaroslavskaya.

Personal life Anastasia kranovoj

Biography of the girl yet does not include such an important item, like a marriage. Anastasia is actively seeking your life partner, over the years she changed several representatives. From her swoon footballers, hockey players. The most scandalous was her last novel, because she is infatuated with the popular actor Alexander Nosik, who was connected by marriage. However, the lovers are justified by the fact that by the time they met, Alexander had actually broke up with his wife.

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