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In any team you meet a person with unusual, strange or very funny name. As a rule, its origin depends on the specific traditions of the country where was born the owner. For example, Dutch surnames are considered to be one of the funniest in the world. Why – will learn from this article.

Last Name: from birth for life

The word “name”, so familiar to us today, comes from the Roman. This word meant large and strong family with man at the helm. Then the Romans included in the concept of family, by the way, and the slaves that serve masters. In Russia, orders were almost the same: before the abolition of serfdom, the peasants wore the same family name as the landlord.

In our time, no last name anywhere – it is given to us from birth often remains with us for life. Except in special cases, of course.

History funny Dutch names

The Dutch names are the most funny in all of Europe, and that there is a reasonable historical explanation. When in 1811 the nation had been conquered by Napoleon, he issued a decree that forced every citizen of the Netherlands was obliged to acquire a French name.

Dutch surnames

The Dutch Themselves, prior to this, which bore only the names, to obey the law is not going to. And because they believed that the occupation of the country – this is only a temporary measure, decided not to bother and not to wrestle with coming up with names. And to mock the invaders are freedom-loving people did not mind.

So there was absolutely stupid names that are just impossible to pronounce without laughing. For example, Naaktgeboren, which literally translated means "born naked". Or Piest ("peeing"). Met and the whole ancestral branches under the name Rotmensen – translation, “rotten people”.


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Several years Later, the war with Napoleon ended, the people of the country again became independent. However, contrary to expectations, the law has not been repealed. So the heirs of those men have to wear dissonant names to this day. But they are considered to be the most original in the world.

What does “Wang” in Dutch names?

Awareness of generic names of the inhabitants of the Netherlands give them anything not like the prefix: “van”, “de”, “van der" and others. Due to this, the Dutch name widely known abroad. For example, in the USA they are very popular.

Dutch names

Many Americans the names of the Dutch automatically associated with prestige and high incomes. Mainly due to the fact that wealthy Industrialists were originally from the Netherlands. Take, for Cornelius Vanderbilt. But his name, despite the beautiful sound, the most that neither is ordinary. Was this town near Utrecht, it was called Bilt. And the name Van-der-Bilt (Vanderbilt) means a native of this town, that is, someone who happens by “Bilt”.

The Germans, too, are memorable, the prefix von, indicating aristocratic status of the carrier. And here is the Dutch variant of van is much more prosaic, and no social status for them is not necessary.

The Prefix “van” by the people of the Netherlands tend to write in small letters (exception – the initials or the beginning of a sentence), but abroad it can be found written with a capital letter.

Most popular Dutch names

In the Netherlands – a state, though small, but very socially rich. The proximity to Belgium and Germany, rich in ethnic and religious composition of several indigenous groups – all this cannot but influence the Dutch names.

Dutch male names

If you want to learn all about the names in this country, you should visit the local social insurance Bank. In addition to its main tasks – insurance of population from all sorts of disasters, does this structure and statistics, names of residents.

Every three months, employees of the Bank are placed on the official website lists the most popular names-male and female. You can also notice a downward trend or popularity of each name, compared to the previous period. By any name, you can find full information, including its origin, etymology, matching in other languages and famous bearers.

It is Curious that the information on the names you'll find only in the Dutch version of the website. Although he is available in many languages including English, German, French and Spanish. Nevertheless, you need to understand Dutch to know the most popular Dutch names.

The Men's names, for example, Daan, Sem, Lucas, Milan, Thomas here can be found at almost every turn. And if we talk about popular female, it is Emma, Julia, Sophie, Lotte, Lisa and Anna.

Origin of Dutch surnames

Dutch names for men

Today, virtually any Dutch name can be attributed to one of four categories by origin: geographic, professional, or family descriptive:

  1. Widely distributed surnames, derived from the region which lives its carrier or once lived his ancestor. For example, de Vries. Sometimes it's not evenjust the region, but a particular estate or a place where people worked - or van Aller van de Vliert (literally “what is happening with the farm”)
  2. Another example typical names – in a profession. For example, Haak means “boy”, Kuiper - "Cooper", and de Klerk and all all is clear - a person working as a clerk.
  3. The Third group of names came from the specific physical characteristics of the person or properties of his character. For example, Dik means “fat”, and de Groot - «big». Not everyone is as lucky name, what can I say.
  4. The Last group of names is connected with the origin of the media reports and family ties. Addicks means nothing more than “son of Addica” and Evers – “son of Eber”. That is a kind of middle name - it's the equivalent of what we carry in Russia.

meaning of van in Dutch names

Interesting facts about Dutch names

  • Male Dutch names, as we do, given once and on all life. When a girl gets married, she has a choice. She can leave either his name, or to unite her with her husband's name, turning it into a double. Many people prefer the first way, if the surname of the groom is quite so discordant.
  • There are over one hundred thousand original Dutch names. And many of them you will not find anywhere else.
  • Last Name de Jong means “young” and it often give a younger member of the family bearing the same name. Whereas the analogue of de Oude “senior” is much rarer. It is understandable to call it a new name of someone who already carries a specific name, just because of the fact that the family has a new member, is not accepted.
  • The Most popular Dutch surnames: de Jong, de Vries, Jansen, van de Berg, Bakker, van Dijck and Visser.

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