What is the Barber, or the Barber today


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Man, the essence of the craft of which is the haircut and shave other people, that's what the Barber. Consider the essence of the profession read more.

Short history

The Ancient sources bring us interesting information. It turns out that the prototype of today's hairdresser was considered to be in a tribe the most important person. He played responsible role of a priest and sorcerer. People in those days were very superstitious and believed that through the hair they penetrate the evil and the good spirits. They believed that, but getting rid of hair, it was possible to expel the dark forces. Who's the Barber of old. With certainty we can say that he was a very valuable member of society.

What is the Barber

Medieval barbers often called bathhouse. In addition to adjusting hairstyles and faces, they had the right to the provision of other sanitary services. In addition, they could do a small surgery: to bandage the wounds, to sidirovat fractures, reduce dislocations. Great importance was paid to bloodletting, which in those days was quite popular. Barbers were engaged in treatment of teeth and other important procedures. Only in the 19th century began the separation of fields.

From the dark ages to the present day

What is the Barber today? The profession of Barber or master universal is widespread. Changed requirements: they must not only have skills in cutting, perming and colouring. The wizard should be able to do children's, men's and women's hair, perfectly understand the hair types and care.

For compliance with the high standards of hairdressing he has constantly improved. He should know and be able to use a variety of professional instruments and devices, to understand the compositions for dyeing hair, their impact on one or the other of their type. Being aware of all modern technologies and methods, may advise on the care of dreads and other exclusive exotics.


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Who is the Barber


The Current members of the profession have significantly broadened the meaning of the word "Barber". Today this craft is one of the difficult from specialist requires a creative approach. He should not just mechanically cut hair, his job is to find the right to face and all manner of hairstyle, which does not disfigure it, but instead will highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings.

Nowadays, the profession has acquired a new meaning. It used to be it was limited to styling, cutting and color. Modern means and technology to create hair miracles – to build up, laminated, streaked, kolorirovanie, etc. within the specialty be a new separate stream, the number of which is increasing.

Pros and cons of this profession

What is the Barber and what skills should have a modern Barber, we understand. Every job has advantages and disadvantages, and the Barber is no exception. The obvious advantages are:

  • Fun and creative work;
  • High demand;
  • Convenient schedule and the opportunity to work not only in the cabin;
  • Pretty good pay.a Barber

But the disadvantages are also available. This:

  • Need the whole day to remain standing, which has a negative impact on health;
  • Regular contact with chemicals, many of which can be allergenic, cause the development of various pathologies of the respiratory tract and skin;
  • Emotional fatigue from working with people.

The profession has quite good prospects. However, they depend largely on the skill and desires of the specialist. Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge, constantly improving, he can move forward, increasing the number of loyal customers and increasing demand. That's what the Barber in our modern world.

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