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What is beauty and how is it determined? To answer this question clearly impossible. The canons of beauty adopted in the world, it's rarely an expression of public opinion. The times it is possible to Express, because each person likes something in particular? The amazing thing is that the lack of one for another is the very “highlight”, which clings to look.

The beauty of the eye

Since ancient times, people said that eyes-a soul mirror. Sometimes you can argue with this statement, insisting that appearances are far more deceptive. However, at most, the eye form an impression about the person.

eyes languishing

They are different – big, small, deep set, etc. But every look is unique, and to find another like this almost impossible. But even if we find the same eyes, they will look different, in fact belong to a completely different person.


What is the fabric, which changes the look? Academic dictionaries say that the fabric – cover, haze, haze. It becomes clear that the languishing – a kind of cover. Thus, it is possible to gradually get close to the notion of mystery. In fact it is particularly attractive in people with such eyes. The lazy eye always mysterious, to catch him, to follow him, even understand him is almost impossible. He doesn't say anything, he's just beautiful in itself.

women's eyes

Hence, the popularity smoky eyes gained thanks to the mystery, secrecy. After all, these qualities have always attracted males. Some mystery must remain always, and the eyes languishing allow a woman at any age to remain desirable and popular.


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What is with eyes languishing?

About the eyes says a lot. They were celebrated in ancient times, admire them to this day. What is this mysterious look? It is believed that the languishing eyes – blurred, smoky eyes. They look gentle, playful, languid, as if caressing one touch. Such eyes were found on many of the most beautiful women of all time.

Physiological basis

These eyes can be any person, of any age and gender. To explain the fascinating look from the point of view of science is impossible. To date, it is considered that this is an innate feature that is either there or not. Definitely worth noting that this is not a defect of vision, and problems with eyes because of pavoloka does not happen.

weary glance

A Distinctive feature of these eyes is the lack of focus on anything. To a greater extent, that it causes a mysterious and attractive effect. But there is another small detail – iris of the eye is not concerned with the lower eyelid.

A Similar twist is found in many world-famous and beloved people like A. Abdulov, L. Guzeeva, O., Hepburn, etc. it Also features a mysterious look should be attributed to the presence of fluffy and long eyelashes that "caress” anyone looking at them.

Importance in the physiognomy

Physiognomy-the science that deals with the study of facial features. She claims that the looks can tell you everything about the person as about the personality. This takes into account the smallest details, such as shape, cut, color, location, clarity, brightness of the eyes. And this is only one part of the face. A detailed study of its characteristic features can give a complete information about the inclinations, preferences, talents and weaknesses of the person.

seductive glance

In the East it is considered that the eye – the most important part of the face. Carrying out the analysis, the reference point take the area around the eyes. This is because they do not change throughout life, while the nose, mouth, forehead-all of it undergoes gradual change and aging.

A Languid look is always characterized by remarkable clarity, or gloss. People with such eyes stand out from the rest, because they seem truly alive, enthusiastic and happy. And it means inner strength of the person. In addition, the eyes are languishing distinguished by a special Shine, which adds sexy and glamour look.

With regard to their size, there is no clear restrictions. Languid glance enchants the beholder, even if the eyes are not in very harmoniously from the point of view of the developed canons of beauty. Naturally large eyes at all times caused a storm of praise. However, the little female eyes say about the spirituality of their owner, and her inner strength. In this case, again, if a person smoky eyes, the size of the eye fades into the background.

What man with such eyes?

The Physiognomy characteristic of a person with clouded eyes, as a romantic, passionate nature. It is about people, write books and compose poems - they are able to surrender to the whirlpool of passions, transgressing any moral and social laws. But we should not assume that it is immoral or ignorant people - they too dedicate themselves to what attracts them.

beautiful green eyes

The Description of eyes in physiognomy is based on many factors that require an integrated approachanalyze. To judge a person only by a mysterious and beautiful look is not necessary - you can very much mistaken.

There are many other features of the structure of the face, and only a comprehensive approach can give a plausible picture of the nature and habits of their owner. In addition, one should not ignore the cultural influence of the environment, education, etc.

Men's eyes languishing

For men, this eye – a rarity. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet representatives of the stronger sex with a mysterious enchanting look. As noted by the female audience, the eyes are languishing in men causes interest, admiration and excitement. Being able to manage their advantage, such a man could win more than one woman.

eyes languishing for men

Men's eyes looks attractive if it is mysterious and sly – so consider the majority of the fair half of mankind. But there is a group of women who believe that no matter what color, size and shape of eyes, and languishing them or no – the sight of the male was confident and eager.

A Similar opinion is expressed by an increasing number of women saying that the man is not important appearance, and strength of character. However, it is difficult to stop to admire the men whose facial features and eyes almost perfect.

The Hollywood famous actors with a beautifully contoured eyes occupy top place in the list of sex symbols. The most attractive are: brad pitt, from whom they were blue and soft, green-eyed Channing Tatum, brown-eyed Keanu Reeves, Chris pine and Jude law with big blue eyes and sophisticated Jared Leto.

Famous people

The eye Color of each person is unique. People just combined them in similar colors for simplification. Nevertheless, most people agree that the most attractive eyes languishing - green or brown. However, judged on taste is useless. It is worth noting that brown colour gives the look a special mystique looking and inspires confidence. And beautiful green eyes admired, thus suggesting the presence of tricks and playfulness in humans.

Many famous people, both women and men, had a mysterious charming look. Perhaps it is this feature that helped them to achieve popularity?

A well-known Indian actress Aishwarya Heaven belong to such mysterious eyes. Many photos girl you notice all of these qualities. It is worth noting the singer Adele, which also boasts languid eyes. It is impossible to ignore and the stunning Amanda Seyfried, brown eyes of Mila kunis, Kristen Stewart and Kate Winslet. Among the male celebrities you can mention John Krasinski.


Summing up, it should be said that women's eyes have tremendous beauty. No matter, they are languid, green, brown, large or small. To dwell on such standards is not necessary, they only limit their own perception. People should embrace who he is, only under this condition it is possible to achieve harmony. And as said above, it should be remembered that the most bewitching eyes have a loving and beloved eyes.

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