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Actors dubbing those who remain behind the scenes and plays the role using only his voice and revealing the multidimensional character on the screen. Here we will discuss about the famous representative of this art – Russian actor Alexander Gavrilin.

Alexander Gavrilin

Alexander Gavrilin: a biography

Date of birth of Alexander O. Gavrilina – 19 November 1981. He was born in the city of Voskresensk, Moscow region. After high school he enrolled to study at the actor.

In 2004, he finished his studies in Cinematography at the acting Department, where the master of course was Vitali mefodyevich Solomin. All-Russian state Institute of cinematography. Gerasimov has produced many famous actors and other figures of cinema, including Alexander Gavrilin.

Early career

For the most part, his career began in 2002, when he voiced one of the roles in the film “Fever” His voice was his work and vocation. Now it – professional voice actor. His first work: the films “love” and “butterfly Effect”. Since that time his professional activity is increasingly gaining momentum.

Alexander Gavrilin photo


In addition, he is actively involved in professional voice acting, Gavrilin involved in the theatre. He plays on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theatre of a name of Gogol. Among his works the following may be noted: “Ugly Elza" (Party), “Tired of happiness" (Frank) and others.

Master dubbing

It – Russian film and theatre actor, master of dubbing. Gavrilin participated in scoring of over two hundred eighty roles in movies, and worked with computer games.

His voice of many famous characters from the top grossing films. This and hero Robert Pattinson of the famous Saga “Twilight”, and the young James Potter in the film about Harry Potter - this character, like many others gave his voice Alexander Gavrilin. Characters and Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher was spotted repeatedly in its work, for example, he worked on the dubbing of hero Evan from the movie “the butterfly Effect”.


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In addition to feature films and TV series, he is voiced by and documentaries and also cartoons. Many viewers fell in love with Alexander Gavrilin: his voice has a soft tone, which sometimes appear notes expressive. At times he sounds fascinating hoarsely.

In 2011, he was invited to duplicate johnny Depp in the animated film “Rango”.

By the nature of his work he has to worry about how to keep your voice in good condition. For this, he makes a break periodically and includes mode "radio silence”, pulling away from the Madding crowd and relax in solitude in nature.

With hundreds of voiced roles became a popular voice actor Alexander Gavrilin. Photos show how he does his favorite work.

Alexander Gavrilin filmography

Iconic role - the voice of Edward Cullen

He skillfully cope with many roles and his voice perfectly captures the character and his emotions.

Often it happens that the actor who played a role in the future is strongly associated with her. It happened in this case: this is his iconic work, which, incidentally, turned out well for him.

It – the official voice of the actor Robert Pattinson in the Saga of “Twilight”.

Alexander Gavrilin who voiced

Gavrilin voiced Edward Cullen, passing with accuracy, the timbre of the actor who played this role. In the film, he speaks softly and slowly, incredibly accurately conveys the emotions of the film's protagonist vampire Edward. Through participation in the scoring of the film became very popular Alexander Gavrilin.

Who voiced it but Robert Pattinson? He has a duplicate set of Hollywood blockbusters his voice say the characters well-known actors, namely Ashton Kutcher, Ben foster, Andrew Garfield, Josh Harnett, Paul Rudd, Colin Farrell, Tom Hiddleston, Matthew McConaughey, Mario Casas and others.

So, in the film award "George", which took place in 2014, in the category "best villain", won the character Loki from the second part of the movie "Thor". The way this character was added on the screens voice Gavrilin. He came to the stage the award, because it as in any way was involved in the incarnation of his on-screen image.

Work on TV

The Voice of Alexander Gavrilin can be heard on such TV channels as Animal Planet and National Geographic documentaries, as well as on Nickelodeon (CIS).

Gavrilin was the voice-over channel, CTC Love from the first days of its broadcast. The channel was created for a female audience. Before it was approved as a speaker, CTC Love, he had to undergo a serious casting. As he says about this destination, Gavrilin, sound of the infamous character of Edward Cullen – the romantic hero in some way influenced the decision of the management of the channel to choose him for this position.

Alexander Gavrilin voice

Alexander Gavrilin: the filmography

The Famous film in which he wasinvolved as a voice actor:

  • “Fever" (Floor).
  • “the butterfly Effect" (Evan).
  • Series “Stay alive" (Jacob and other roles).
  • “king Kong" (Jimi).
  • “Not caught-not a thief" (Zahir).
  • “perfume: the story of a murderer" (Lucier).
  • ‘fast and the furious: Tokyo drift" (DK).
  • “Griffin and Phoenix: at the edge of happiness" (Fiance Terry).
  • "Basic instinct – 2: risk addiction" (Adam Towers).
  • “the Bourne Ultimatum" (the Technician).
  • ‘Saw 4" (Cecil Adams).
  • "Transporter 3" (Malcolm Manville).
  • “Twilight" (Edward Cullen).
  • “Kung fu Panda" (crane).
  • ‘total Recall" (Douglas of Quid).
  • “Step forward 4" (Sin).
  • “battleship” (Dr. Nogrady).
  • “Phantom” (Ben).
  • “Three meters above the sky" (Mario Casas).
  • “Parallel worlds" (Adam).
  • “transformers: revenge of the fallen" (Fassbinder).
  • “Elvin and the chipmunks 2" (Xander).
  • “the Descent 2" (Den).
  • The‘destination 4" (hunt).
  • “the 13th district: ultimatum" (Captain Damien Tomaso)
  • “Ghost rider 2” (ray Corrigan).
  • “the House with the paranormal" (Malcolm).
  • “Dracula” (Mehmed).
  • “teenage mutant ninja Turtles" (Leonardo).
  • “the adventures of Pixie’ (Sam)”.
  • “Magnificent century" (Ibrahim Pasha, Sehzade Bayazit).
  • “9/11 twin Towers”.
  • ‘Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix" (James Potter).
  • “American pie presents: all Assembly" (Kevin).
  • “the lake House" (Henry Wheeler).
  • “Robocop” (the Pope).
  • “Loft” (CDIP).
  • “the Wolf of wall Street" ( Jerry Fogel).
  • “Thor 2: the dark world" (Loka).
  • “time Keeper" (Inspector) and many other roles.

He has a cameo role in the TV series ‘the Return of Mukhtar”, “Kulagin and partners», «Wild 3”.

Computer games Voice

In addition to feature films and cartoons, his voice also in a number of popular computer games.

  • "the Witcher 2: Assassin of kings."
  • "Prince of Persia: the Sands of time" (Prince of Persia).
  • Assasin's Creed 2 (Desmond miles).
  • Crysis 2 (US Marines).
  • "Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince" (Students of Ravenclaw).
  • "call of duty: black ops" (Fidel Castro, swift, Robert McNamara)
  • "Gothic 4: Arkania" (the Nameless hero).

Alexander Gavrilin voicePresenter

He participated in the television show “the Saga of fishing”, which was broadcast on the TV channel «Male» since August 2010. The program highlights a fascinating fishing journey. Alexander Gavrilin, along with his friend Andrei Grinevich, which is the producer of this channel, go to different ponds in the country, to show the audience a fishing skill. Thus, Alexander Gavrilin performed in a leading role in the television show, whose theme was close to him in spirit.

To Be a voice actor is a big responsibility, because high-quality and professional voice acting in General is an impact on the perception of the film. Gavrilin manage your voice to convey the character and emotions of the hero, which makes the perception of them voiced a character more complete for the viewer.

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