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Malcolm Turnbull is the 29th Prime Minister of Australia. He was appointed to this position in 2015. Turnbull belongs to the moderate wing of the Liberal party and adheres to non-conservative views on such issues as abortion and gay marriage. Before entering politics he was a journalist, lawyer, investment banker, venture capitalist and Chairman of the Australian Republican movement. Turnbull became a multi-millionaire in 90-e years, successfully investing in the shares of ISP Ozemail.

Childhood and education

The Ancestors of Malcolm Turnbull settled in Australia in the early 19th century. He was born in Sydney in 1954. In childhood, Turnbull was suffering from asthma. From the age of 9 he was raised by his father because his mother left the family.

After high school, Turnbull enrolled at the University of Sydney and received a bachelor's degree in law. He combined study and work of a political journalist on television and radio. Turnbull won an international Rhodes scholar and continued his education at Oxford University, where he received a bachelor's degree in civil law. At the same time he worked as a correspondent for several British, American and Australian Newspapers.Malcolm Turnbull's attitude to the Russian


After obtaining a diploma of the University of Oxford, Turnbull returned to Australia and began working as a barrister (a lawyer of high rank in the countries with Anglo-Saxon legal system). Winning in the courts several high-profile trials, he founded his own law firm.

In 1987, Turnbull decided to try their hand in the financial sector. Along with several partners, he set up an investment company. The firm has successfully worked for almost ten years. Subsequently, Turnbull was invited to the post of managing Director of the Australian branch of the Bank Goldman Sachs, one of the largest financial institutions in the world.Prime Minister of Australia


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National movement

Australia is under the authority of the British monarch, who appoints the Governor General as his representative. Turnbull has consistently advocated for this change order. For several years he performed the duties of the Chairman of the Australian Republican movement. This organization seeks to grant the country independence and termination of participation in government by the British Queen. An important episode in the political career of Malcolm Turnbull became its active promotion of the referendum on the establishment of an Australian Republic in 1999. Supporters of independence were defeated.

Work in Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers

In 2008, Turnbull became leader of the Liberal party, defeating his opponent with the minimum disruption. Shortly before the elections he publicly admitted that in his youth smoked marijuana. No Australian politician, except for Turnbull, has not made similar statements. At the time of his election the Liberal party was in opposition against the previous government. In 2013, Turnbull was appointed Minister of communications. In this position he was involved in the development of the project alternative national networks (National Broadband Network).Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Australia is appointed, upon nomination of the Governor-General. The current official representative of the British crown sir Peter Cosgrove brought Turnbull to the oath in September 2015. The Prime Minister of Australia is the most important political figure of the state. Turnbull differs from his predecessor Tony Abbott support gay marriage and a commitment to the idea of turning the country into a Republic.

International relations

Change the Prime Minister of Australia, does not lead to a revision of foreign policy. This is due to the strong dependence of the country from such influential powers like the US and UK. In international issues Australia, typically adhere to their course.

The media reported about the incident between Turnbull and Donald trump shortly after the election of the last President of the United States. The previous American administration guaranteed Australia help in solving the refugee problem. Trump, in a telephone conversation with Turnbull in a rough form refused to fulfill these promises and hung up. Later, both sides announced the settlement of the conflict.Malcolm Turnbull biography

The Disaster "Boeing MH17"

In regard to Russia Malcolm Turnbull is a little different from his predecessor, Tony Abbott, is known for sharp statements in the address of President Vladimir Putin. Relations between the two countries soured after the death of Australian citizens on Board Malaysian airlines shot down in the airspace of Ukraine. Tony Abbott spoke about the Russian involvement in the incident. After his appointment as Prime Minister Turnbull also made similar statements. Political tensions do not threaten the economic consequences, as trade between Australia and Russia is very small amount.

Personal life

Turnbull is married for 37 years. His wifeLucy is a successful businesswoman. The couple have a son, a daughter and two grandchildren. Religion Turnbull is a Catholic. But the Prime Minister has difficult relations with the Church because of the support of abortion and gay marriage.

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