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Deputy Alexander Zhukov held a interesting way of life. He has been very productive, open to dialogue with the press, but prefers to do rather than to talk. Bugs – sample statesman the new time, passed the way from an ordinary member to a politician of the highest level of management.

Alexander Zhukov


On 1 June 1956 in Moscow, was born a boy Alexander Zhukov. His family had noble roots. The father of the future statesman was a famous writer who worked in the genre of historical novels, and was a specialist in Yugoslav drama. A well-known fighter against the Zionist-Masonic conspiracy, the President of the Serbian society and a former KGB officer had divorced Alexander's mother almost immediately after the appearance of the son born, and he grew up with grandparents.

The College Years

He Studied Alexander Zhukov in Moscow school No. 444 in math, 7 years is seriously studied chess. After school easily entered the Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosova on a speciality “the economist-the mathematician" have graduated from high school in 1978. During his studies he continued to play chess for the national team of University and passed the standards for the title of master of sports. Later Alexander is studying at the higher economic courses of the Gosplan of the USSR. And in 1991 received a diploma from Harvard University “Monetary, tax and customs legislation”.

Alexander Zhukov photo

Career economist

After graduating from MSU in 1978, Alexander Zhukov comes to the all-Union scientific research Institute for system studies. At this time, he joins the ranks of the Communist party of the Soviet Union, it was imperative for a successful career, and he intended to move up the career ladder. Left the party he in 1991, when the government suspended its activities. In 1980, he goes to work in the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, in the main currency economic management, where he works as a research assistant. Here Zhukov worked for 11 years before the time of great change in the economy, gain professional experience and cultivate connections which will later play a role in his life.


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In 1991, Alexander, thanks to the privatization of large state-owned enterprises, becoming Vice-President of joint stock company «Avtotraktorexport”.

In subsequent years, Alexander continues to work as an economist at the highest level: he was a member of the Board of Directors of invest-Bank “West-East”, 1998 – member of the Supervisory Board of the savings Bank.

Alexander Zhukov biography

Parliamentary road

In 1986, Zhukov was elected a Deputy of Baumansky district Council of people's deputies. So begins his journey into politics. In 1994 Alexander Zhukov goes to the State Duma of the first convocation - it was put forward by Preobrazhensky district of Moscow. It is included in the Committee on taxes, banks and Finance, working in their field, carefully avoiding to get involved in inter-party discussions. In 1995, 1999 and 2003, Zhukov was again elected Deputy of the State Duma. One of the election campaigns was managed by his wife who says that her husband has charisma. In the Duma, Zhukov is working on a specialty - by the Chairman of the Committee on budget and Finance, headed by the budget Committee in 2003, became the Vice-speaker.

Duma of the fifth convocation works without Zhukov, but in the sixth he was again elected from the Kaliningrad region on party lists «United Russia» and became first Deputy Chairman and member of the Committee on budget and taxes.

wife of Alexander Zhukov

The benefit of the state

In 2004 in the country there is a new statesman – Alexander Zhukov biography and professional activities which are now linked to the interests of the country. It invited the government of Mikhail Fradkov, whom he had known since 80-ies, they also worked together in “Avtotraktorexport”. He became Deputy Chairman of the government of the Church Executive power was welcomed by many political forces, for example, representatives of parties of LDPR and “Apple”. It's understandable that bugs has an undeniable talent – to find a compromise. In 2004, it was not the first invitation into power, before he was called to the command of Yevgeny Primakov in the government of Sergei Stepashin, but Alexander didn't see himself in these positions.

The government of the beetles included in the Commission on legislative activities, for humanitarian and technical assistance for the preparation of administrative reform. In these years it is included in the composition of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways and even some time it is headed.

In 2005, Zhukov became Deputy Chairman of the presidential Council for national projects, while remaining Deputy Prime Minister. In the same year, Fradkov konkretisiert duties performed by Alexander D.: the coordination of work of Executive bodies in the sphere of laws, economic activities, migration, monetary and fiscal activities. In fact, Zhukov receives an extremely wide range of work, but the basis -still the economy and budget. New Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, has retained him in office, concentrating in the hands of Zhukov in the field of socio-economic development of the country, as he remains in his place, and when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In 2010 Alexander Zhukov was elected to the position of Chairman of the Olympic Committee.

In 2011, Zhukov returned to work in the State Duma.

For his efforts, Alexander D. twice awarded the order «For merit" of the order of Friendship and Alexander Nevsky, gratitude and an honorary diploma of the President of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Alexander Zhukov

Social activity

An example of a politician leading an active social life, is Alexander Zhukov, a photo of which can be seen in photos from sports events, anniversaries, concerts. He from 2003 to 2009 he headed the Russian chess Federation, was the initiator of the football team of the State Duma, often performs the role of a commentator of football matches. Zhukov is a member of the editorial Board of the Great Russian ENCYCLOPAEDIA.

Private life

Obama family

The Politician is married and has a son. Wife of Alexander Zhukov, charity, supports children's homes. The media found out that Ekaterina Zhukova is the founder and co-owner of several companies, including “Studio Image”. The son of the couple, Peter graduated from the Higher school of Economics and went on to pursue training in London, where he got involved in a scandal story. He was sent to court for being drunk and disorderly, the father did not comment on this event. The son was later paroled, and more in the media about it did not appear.

Alexander Zhukov in his spare time he likes to play football.

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