Mikhail Mikhalkov is the brother of the poet Sergei Mikhalkov: a biography


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Mikhail Mikhalkov is a Soviet poet, prose writer and publicist. His works came out in print under a pseudonym. Basically he was signed as a Meadow or Mikhail Mikhail Andronov. With this popularity has not won, left in the shadow of his brother, the famous poet Sergei Mikhalkov.

Biography writer

Mikhail and Sergey Mikhalkov

Mikhail Mikhalkov was born in 1922. He was born in Moscow. At the age of 5 his parents moved to Stavropol Krai. First the whole family lived in Pyatigorsk, then in Georgievsk.

Mikhail Mikhalkov, whose biography is in this article, were trained at a special school of the NKVD, eventually became a border guard.

Sergei Mikhalkov

When the Great Patriotic war, the hero of this article served in the special Department of the southwestern front, which later became known as SMERSH. In September 1941, Mikhail Mikhalkov was in Kiev, where he was captured by German fascist troops. He was transferred to the pow camp. He perfectly knew German, therefore, has gained an enviable position in the kitchen in the second SS Panzer division. He introduced himself as an ethnic German from Ukraine.



Soon he managed to escape from captivity. Mikhail Mikhalkov moved to Hungary. There he was able to get a part time job to a foreign entrepreneur. During the war, worked in several countries: Switzerland, Belgium, France, Turkey. Then managed to cross the front line in Latvia, disguised in the form of the murdered captain of the third division of the SS.

Once on the Soviet side, he immediately came under suspicion of having links with the enemy.


By the Soviet authorities, the brother of the poet Sergei Mikhalkov, Mikhail Mikhalkov, was arrested. At first because of the stress and anxiety he couldn't even begin to talk in Russian. He needed a translator to communicate with that employees of domestic law enforcement.


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The Brother of Sergei Mikhalkov, Mikhail managed through an interpreter to convey to the Soviet command with valuable information on the location and planned movements of the German garrison. However, he claimed that in 1941, served as a Soviet officer, being a brother of the famous Soviet poet. When his identity is officially confirmed, he was flown to Moscow.

In the capital, he began his career in the inner prison of the state security, which was based at Lubyanka. Mikhail Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, whose biography was so fascinating, was a secret agent.

He was in prison, but in reality only fulfilled the role of a prisoner. From prisoners, he gradually extracted the valuable information carefully and passed to the NKVD.


Mikhalkov SS officer

It Soon became clear that the story of the miraculous salvation Mikhalkov believed not all. He was accused of espionage in favor of Germany. He remembered many suspicious and strange in his biography.

For Example, that in 30 years, when he studied in the Soviet school, German was his native language so that Misha could barely make herself understood in Russian. He had to carefully study the language of the local people, only then he was admitted to the exams, as well as to the study of education.

Michael claimed that it happened due to the fact that their family waited on the housewife who was German by nationality. At the same time, very little information about his childhood. There is a theory that he was not raised in their family. Though he left memoirs, claimed that his older brother was starving and wore several years one coat to feed the family, there are other opinions.

For Example, some biographers claim that in 1930, his father sent him from the Stavropol territory to the aunt, whose name was Maria Alexandrovna Glebova. By that time she already had five sons.

Mikhalkov Himself has repeatedly said that it has received a quality primary education home, so when he moved to Moscow, he was immediately sent to the fourth grade. Almost all the students at nearby desks were older than him by two years.

The legend

the book about the the film

Researchers who are trying carefully and meticulously to restore the biography Mikhalkov, Jr., noticed that at various times he gave different information about how has been his fate. Because of this, currently there are many versions.

At the same time in 1940, he managed to become the graduate school of the NKVD. After which he was sent to serve in Ishmael. There is reason to believe that Mikhalkov himself surrendered to the Germans captured in the first days of the war.

Four years of the great Patriotic war, which he spent in enemy territory, he describes briefly:

"Fighting... the environment... the fascist camp. Then the escape, the shooting... Again a camp, again and again escape the shooting. As you can see, I'm still alive."


But in the extended version of his biography talks about these miracles, which met in those years. About it he writes in detail in his autobiographical book, "In the labyrinths of deadly risk."

He claims that after he managed the first escape, he was sheltered by the family of Lucy CVAs. She was able to help him to produce documents in the name of her husband Vladimir. This allowed him to become a translator in Dnepropetrovsk, to start to earn some money.

Going in the direction of Kharkiv, the hero of our article stumbled upon German troops. So he was in headquarters company of SS Panzer division "Great Germany". The company commander Bersh he told his next story, which virtually invented on-the-go. Mikhalkov claimed he is a student, a sophomore. Moreover, the German native origin, of which the Caucasus was sent to her grandmother for the summer in this place.

Bersh believed the story and asked the young man to supply with food it. So Mikhalkov began to go to the villages and barter with locals products of gasoline and other valuables. Now we have to admit that what he did Mikhalkov in the occupied territories, called "Jivi". It refers to the auxiliary employee of the Wehrmacht.


the Brothers Mikhalkov

Typically, this maloprodejna mission, but Mikhalkov has managed in a short time to go to the mountain. Even at the time when Panzer division began to retreat to the West and regroup.

Mikhalkov claims that the Romanian-Hungarian border, he managed to escape, hoping to join the partisans. But find them he failed. His fate changed dramatically when in Budapest he met a rich man from Geneva, a millionaire, who is Mikhalkov himself introduced himself as the son of a Director of a large German group, located in Berlin. The rich man even thought to give the young man his daughter.

Mikhalkov says that during this time he managed to meet a lot of famous people, even Otto Skorzeny. He States that participated in the French Resistance fought the Nazis in various territories, and often changed the names.

The killing of the captain of the SS

The SS Officer, the brother of gymnophiona, Mikhail Mikhalkov pointed out that all these years have sought to be as close to the Soviet border to return to their.

When chance came, killed Mikhalkov SS captain who had served in the division under the name "Dead head". He took his uniform and weapon. The resulting outfit was for him a real opportunity to cross the front line. Being in the rank of SS captain, Mikhail Mikhalkov went round the neighbouring parts, figuring out their location. This information he then shared with the Soviet command.

One day When he demanded documents, the hero of our article was not them. He was arrested as a deserter, to determine the identity. He was in custody, but soon escaped again, this time successfully turning the front line.

Many believe that he is already in 1942 he began to serve in the SS division 3. Mikhail Mikhalkov is likely soon began to serve as a Punisher. As a result, on suspicion of espionage, he was convicted and spent five years in Lefortovo prison. From there he was sent to a camp in the far East.

After Returning from prison, he eventually achieved rehabilitation. He was even awarded the order Patriotic war of the second degree. Died Mikhalkov in Moscow in 2006. He was 83.


In the labyrinths of deadly risk

The First publication of the hero of our article began to appear in the 50-ies, when he achieved his rehabilitation, returning from the camps. For two decades he exploited the military-Patriotic theme, has released many propaganda works in the field.

For this he was awarded honorary diplomas, insignia military and naval units. Received awards and diplomas at the prestigious all-Union competitions. Got more and more popular in the first place as a poet. He managed to publish about four hundred songs, some of which became popular.

The Most famous of his prose work saw the light much later. It was an autobiographical book called "the mazes of the risk of death", which was published in small editions, but it drew attention to many of those who were interested in the theme of war, as well as pedigree Mikhalkov. She opened many secrets of his personality, although we can not be sure that he was completely honest.

As argued by Mikhalkov himself, he also read lectures on hypnosis, telepathy, the institution of marriage, even the nature of service in counter-intelligence and intelligence.

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