The tale of Charles Perrault's "Riquet with the tuft": summary, main characters


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“Riquet with the tuft” is one of the most famous fairy tales by the famous French writer Charles Perrault. It was first published in 1697 in Paris, in the collection of the author. The work occupies a special place in his oeuvre, as it was not the artistic treatment of folklore works, but according to most critics, is a separate tale. However, the text displayed clear references to folk motifs and legends, as will be told below. After all, the writer has studied demotic stories, which formed the basis of most of his works.


Tales of Charles Perrault are of great significance for the literary development of the genre. In fact, the writer was the first who seriously took up magic stories created a rich folk imagination. The merit of the author is that the published works contributed to the growth among the intelligentsia of interest in the genre. He had many followers, among them – such famous names as the brothers Grimm, Andersen and others.

Riquet with the tuft

The fact that in the 17th century when he lived and worked this wonderful author, folklore was considered a low genre, and among the academic community it was fashionable to study ancient literature and philosophy. So tales of Charles Perrault literally gave the green light to writing works of this kind, but also serious analysis, gathering and collating.


In 1697, the writer released his collection, which later made his name famous all over the world – “the History of mother Goose”. The collection includes eight works written in prose (the author puts this above the genre of poetry, considering it a successor to the ancient Roman).


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the tales of Charles Perrault

However, it also included several works of poetry, written by him earlier Novella and two stories. The collection, which also includes a work called "Riquet with the tuft”, was a huge success and contributed to the fact that many intellectuals have become interested in fairy folklore. Currently works books are popular, evidenced by the numerous film adaptation, theatrical performances and ballets.


Scientists unanimously agree that this tale does not have folk roots. However, it is not of course an original essay. The fact that one French writer Catherine Bernard for a year before the release of the considered works in the light of published his version of the tale, which is much darker and more serious than the book Perrault. “Riquet with the tuft” in this respect compares favorably with the said works happy ending, humor and unobtrusive morality, therefore, has become more widespread. It also has similarities with the fairy tale “the Yellow dwarf" another French writer Marie d’Onua.

ø Perrault Riquet with the tuft [

This book ends tragically: the couple were facing the evil wizard in the palm trees. Not surprisingly, the option Perrault so much fond of children, unlike the listed works, which were of a sinister plot and some rude humor.


The Tale called "Riquet with the tuft” has a traditional beginning, which can be found in many other works of this kind. The author briefly informs about the birth of two kingdoms children – of the Prince and Princess. First appeared terrible ugly: judging by the meager descriptions of the author, he looked like a scary dwarf with a hump on his back. Mother is very grieved, however, to it came the good fairy and promised that the boy is very smart and will be able to make a smart girl love more than anything. This promise calmed down a bit unfortunate Queen, especially since the child is really growing up very smart and intelligent.

Riquet with the tuft, who the main characters

On the principle of opposition wrote the tale of Charles Perrault. “Riquet with the tuft” is a work, which has mirrored the plot. In another Kingdom was born extraordinarily beautiful Princess, so her mother was very happy and proud for my daughter. However, she gave birth to another girl, who was, on the contrary, very scary. The Queen was for her to do, but the same fairy promised her that the little Princess would be smart, as beautiful, on the contrary, will remain stupid. When the mother began to ask a little bit crazy and the eldest magician said that nothing can be done for her, but promised that one day will be able to endow with the beauty of the person will love.


The Tale called "Riquet with the tuft”, a summary of which is the subject of this review, is based on the same principles as other works of the author. After the above introduction, the author briefly informs about the lives of their characters. The Prince rose and, being a freak, nevertheless showed so much intelligence and ingenuity, that everybody was surprised by his wisdom and knowledge. The fate of the sister-princesses were completely different.

the moral of the story Riquet with the tuft

As the Junior has evolved and over the years umnel, older beauty,on the contrary, became every day more and more beautiful, however, it was't dumb down so that even parents sometimes could not resist not to scold her daughter for distraction and slowness. “Rica-crest” – a fairy tale with a deep moral morality, which the author argues that it is not appearance that determines the inner world of man.

Comparison of heroines

The Writer emphasizes the difference between these girls, describing formal receptions, during which all initially sought to look after an older beauty, but almost immediately abandoned it due to the fact that she could hardly associate a few words. Indicative of the fact that the author draws the reader's attention to the fact that she, being stupid, still have realized the limitations of their mental abilities. Despite his short-sightedness and sluggishness of thought, the Princess was aware of all that is happening and, conscious of their backwardness, strongly wanted to get at least a little bit crazy, even at the expense of its extraordinary beauty.

Meet the characters

One of the most famous works of the writer is the tale called "Riquet with the tuft”. Who are the protagonists – this is a question that shows its similarities with other works of a similar nature. The author's attention concentrates on two characters-the Prince and Princess.

fairy tale Riquet with the tuft main idea

Both accidentally meet in the woods, and from the conversation the reader learns that Rick went in search of a beautiful Princess because he loved her and wanted to marry her. The girl in the conversation the Prince told him that she is very worried because of his stupidity. In response he promised to give her mind, and she gave her consent to marry him after a year. After this meeting, the Princess was very clever, and her life took a big change.

New Princess life

The moral of the tale called "Riquet with the tuft” presented by the author with a very subtle humor. The main idea is that not appearance that determines the inner world of man, but of his moral qualities. This idea sounds during the second dialogue of the characters. But first you need to say about the changes that happened with the Princess. She was very smart and reasonable. Since then even the king sometimes consulted with her on various public issues, and sometimes arranged meetings in her room.

comments Ricky the tuft

The girl had a lot of fans who excitedly asked for her hand. After all these changes the Princess had forgotten about the promise he had made to the Prince. However, one day she wandered into the forest, where a year ago I met my fiancé, and saw an unusual cooking underground residents, who informed her that their Prince is this day getting married and they are preparing the wedding feast.

Second meeting of the heroes

The Tale called "Riquet with the tuft" of the main idea which is that true love and no magic can change people, it reveals the actors during their dialogue in the woods a year later. The Prince reminded the Princess of her promise to marry him, but she says him that now, having become intelligent, become simultaneously apparent. She asks his forgiveness and says that now he could not fulfill his promise, as someone else a great Prince, and common sense tells her to accept his offer. In response to Rick she argues that since we are talking about life and happiness, that he intends to fight for his bride. He further informs her that she at will can make it beautiful. The Princess who loved her fiancé, everything except the appearance, and immediately wished that he became a beautiful young man, and the desire of the girl was immediately executed. In conclusion, it sounds the morality of the author that the magic fairies in this case played no role, just the characters loved each other and could give each other what they lacked.

The Image of Prince

Fairy Tale “Hohlik” is the story of two characters. The main character is Rick himself, who, having ugly appearance, nevertheless attracts others with his mind and prudence. In the work there are two scenes with his participation-is a two character conversation with the Princess. On the basis of their conversations, the reader can get an idea of what it was for. He was observant, as immediately notices the sadness of the Princess because of her folly and understands the reason for her feelings. The Prince is sociable and friendly, in a conversation with a girl he's polite, even during the second interview, when she initially refuses to fulfill his promise and marry him. Rica rests with disarming simplicity: he starts the conversation with the Princess, as with her old friend. The Prince is very noble, as he does not require or insists on, the girl fulfilled his promise and joined with him in marriage, although entitled to it. As an intelligent man, he first clarifies the reason for her refusal and offers to eliminate the obstacle to their happiness. So the ending is especially touching, especially when the heroine, convinced of his arguments, he admits his feelings.


The Author pays great attention to the disclosure of this character. The girl is interesting because she changes during the narrative. First, the writer draws the reader's attention to what she though stupid, but has the ability to introspect. The Princess is aware ofhis mental condition and was aware of all that is happening around. At her first meeting with Rick the reader can notice that she likely not have the vocabulary to clearly Express their thoughts than the mind and reason. In the mind of the girl, of course, there is an active work, but she is unable to Express it out loud and articulate their ideas.

Meeting with Rick changes everything. And in this case it is again not magic. The sympathy of the heroes led to the fact that the girl gained the clarity of thought and the capacity for normal speech. The fact that Rick talked to her in a way no one before. No wonder the author emphasizes that all around could not maintain a conversation with her and even loving parents from time to time reproached her for distraction. And the Prince talked to her as you would treat a very ordinary man: simple, open, friendly. This gentle and respectful treatment and led to such an unexpected change in Princess.

Changes in the nature of the heroine

Their second dialogue reveals character from the other side. This time she talked to Prince on an equal footing. The girl tried to convince him to their cause, but she failed: she now she listened more to the voice of reason than your own heart. However, under the impression from talking to Rica the girl confessed to him that he loves him. Realizing that does not prevent her to marry him only ugliness, she wanted to become beautiful, and her wish was fulfilled. This point is interesting because in this scene the Princess managed to overcome the prejudices that allowed her to see Rick completely on the other side.

Opinions about tale

Readers may be wondering what this product received reviews. “Ricky-crest” positively received by all those who are acquainted with the work of Perrault. Users say is light and yet deep storyline, credited to the author that he managed to create interesting characters. But the main advantage of the tales they see that the writer expressed the idea that true love can completely change a person both internally and externally.

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