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Not everyone ever heard of such a term as "rewriting". What it is, you can tell even fewer people.

About the meaning of the term

The Word "rewriting" in translation from English means "copying". In this case, the essence of this work fully reveals the meaning of the term. Rewriting - work, which implies a transformation of the original text into a new by its reformulation in your own words.

rewriting it

Rewriting: what is it really?

In modern conditions everyone is trying to earn enough cash for a full life. Unfortunately, it is not always possible on the main job. Now for most people, especially young people, rewriting is a great opportunity to make extra money, in the comfort of your own home.

To work in this area almost every. For many rewriting, along with copywriting, has already become no additional, and the main source of funds.

rewriting work

What you need to get started?

One of the most simple from the point of view of workplace equipment areas of activity is rewriting. What this fact means? To do it can be very many. For this they need a regular computer. And is suitable for this kind of work even its old model. It is also necessary to get a good provider that will provide uninterrupted connection to the global network.

In order to do rewriting, do not need such a high linguistic abilities, as in the case of copywriting. The fact that the essence of this work is not to develop a new text, and paraphrasing of the already existing.

rewriting examples

Advanced rewriting for beginners

The Main difficulties for the novice freelancer who decided to work in this field, meet him at the start of his career. First the problem will be to find orders. And in the beginning most often choose to rewriters don't have. He will be forced to take even very cheap orders to get some experience and rating employers. In the future, if customers will see that people fairly accurately and meticulously performs the work for them, they will offer higher pay for rewriting. Prices in this case can reach the level of a few dollars per 1000 characters. Of course, this payment assumes do quality work with adherence to deadlines and strict adherence to technical specification. Naturally, the written text, the level of the payment for which is so great, should be almost ideal from the point of view of spelling, vocabulary and punctuation.


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It is easiest to start your reiterska activities with registration in one of the content exchanges. There is always a large number of customers. In addition, this online platform allows virtually eliminate the risk of fraud on the part of the customer and the contractor.


The Problem at the beginning of any rewriting becomes the abundance of incomprehensible terms. One of the main is such a thing as a "keyword". This term means a word or a combination of both, which must necessarily occur in the text. The customer specifies which type and number of keywords should be present in the work performed.

Another important term is the concept of "encore." It is a key word, which should be located approximately in the middle of text.

It is Also very important to remember the term "nausea". Under it is commonly understood as the frequency of occurrence of certain words in relation to the text as a whole.

Many people hesitate when they heard the term "content". In fact, it means just this or that information placed on the sites. The content may not necessarily be a text document, but also image or even a downloadable media file.

rewriting prices

What is success?

The Basic rule in this field as in many others, is the constant desire for productive work. If a novice rewriter with full responsibility in performing even the most simple and low-paid orders, then his work will definitely appreciate. He, most likely, after a few successful works will offer a more interesting orders, for which, respectively, above and payment.

Currently not so difficult to master rewriting. Examples of the most successful performers can always be found on niche sites. After reading several texts in this format to the beginner will start to come to the realization that it expects it to the customer.

The Most successful rewriters are those who do not just paraphrase a text. A good specialist in this sphere is able to produce great content on the basis of information collected from different sources. While he recounts not just read the texts, but also changed their structure, but the main point should always be preserved.

programfor rewriting

Advantages of the sphere of activities

So rewriting has several advantages. First and foremost she can do from the comfort of your own home.

For those who do not want anyone to obey, the ideal work - rewriting. What does it mean? The first is that nobody is going to call the employee into his office and berating him for not being in a period of complete order or present to him any penalties. It is not necessary to think that similar violations really go unnoticed. The fact that it is unlikely that the customer will be re-cooperate with unscrupulous rewriter. So his reputation should be protected from the start.

rewriting for beginners


The Main drawback of such activities is the fact that one of those areas where just need a huge motivation, is rewriting. What does it mean? Here no one is forcing anyone to work. There always have to tune it yourself. In addition, in order to qualitatively carry out orders, you need to have certain skills in writing compositions. Thus it is necessary to clearly understand the texts, what kind should you use more digression and artistic revolutions, and where necessary an abundance of "dry" facts.

Also of the drawbacks of this activity it should be noted that now the developers are trying to develop a service that will automatically paraphrase text. A similar program for rewriting necessarily significantly reduce demand for the author's work. In the end, most professionals in this field will have to seek new employment.

How to improve your skills or rewriting?

Even an experienced worker of this field should always try to learn new skills. So its content will remain relevant to customers. However, as practice shows, advanced rewriters earn ten times more than their less directed counterparts.

A Great way to improve skills in rewriting is to visit different kinds of seminars that suit you the most successful specialists in creating high quality content. To visit such an event will need to spend money (usually the cost of entry ranges from 500 to 1500 rubles), but people will get priceless data that will help him earn hundreds of times more.

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