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“frost” - a tale that has a lot of different plot types. Classics of Russian literature loved this genre, and so did his treatment of subjects. Known treatment “frost” is and Leo Tolstoy. Two options were written in the book «Russian Folk tale" by A. Afanas'ev. The first version he recorded in the province of Novgorod, the second – in Kursk. In the story, “frost” was even withdrawn from the wonderful children's film of the same name. Researchers estimated that this tale is in every region sounds different and there are somewhere around four dozen Russian versions of Ukrainian - only thirty, Belarusian – eleven.

summary Morozko

People's little stories

Before, the peasants feared supernatural forces of Frost and almost until the nineteenth century, sought to appease him with jelly. But then, when was this mythical creature gradually lost the interest, but the form of fairy tales were not forgotten. There is another option “frost”, the book was written from the words of a peasant-of the storyteller Anna Feodorovna Dvorackovej. Collectors of folklore found out that in their family in the evenings during spinning or weaving work tells the tale. This interpretation was included in the book “Tales and legends of the Pushkin places" (1950).

Morozko fairytale

Short contents of “frost” in the treatment of Tolstoy

There Lived an old man and woman. The old man had a daughter, and the old woman had a daughter that did all her Pat on the head, and stepdaughter all went, she and the horse looked and the furnace stoked and the house cleaned all my dirty work carried out on the house. But the old woman angry and grumpy to please just was impossible, and she decided stepdaughter our world to be the death.

Once she commanded his weak and spineless man that he brought his daughter into the woods on a bitter cold if only your eyes didn't see her. The old man Samoil and began to cry, but his grandmother was afraid of more than death and even to cross her could not. Then he harnessed a horse, put in a sled with my daughter and took her to a stray in the woods. And then threw her right into the snow near the big spruce.

Russian folk tale Morozko


Summary “frost” can continue on that poor girl sitting under a tree and shivering her sneaks. Then she sees - Morozko from branch to branch pokachivaet, putrescine and snapping. And soon he found himself near the girl and began slyly ask about heat do to her? She humbly answered him that she was very warm, and called him affectionately - Morosuke.


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Then the cold began to sink lower and crackle more than ever. And again the girl asked, not frozen? But again she responded in kind, calling him father and Morozumi, and assured him that she is warm. Then frost fell even lower and stronger cracked. And again turned to her with his questions about the warmth of her, the red girl? And the girl can barely speak and was completely numb from the cold, and then, turning to him, out of kindness, a friend, Morozumi called again and reassured him that she was very warm.

the main characters of the fairy tale Morozko

Rewards for good

Then frost took pity on her, threw on her warm coat and warm duvets.

Summary “frost” tells us that at this time in the house of the old woman's Wake is in full swing, she bakes pancakes and sends his grandfather to get him stiff daughter from the forest to bury.

The old man Arrived at the scene and sees that his daughter is cheerful and rosy, in a sable coat, in gold and silver, and near full box with rich gifts. The old man very happy, put his daughter in a sledge, loaded all her wealth and drove home.

Morozko reviews


I saw the old woman that Starikov daughter in silver Yes, in Zlata's carry, then immediately ordered the other to harness the sleigh and carry her daughter to the same place. The old man did so, he took his stepdaughter into the woods and dumped it again under the same tree.

Sitting girl, freezing, teeth knocking. And frost in the forest, crackling and snapping Yes Starukhin daughter glances. And then asks, is it warm to the damsel, and she replied that she studeno and Oh so cold! Frost below the falls, and more than ever snapping crackles Yes, and again asked the girl about whether her heat. Then she screamed that her arms and legs othersl. And frost really grabbed and hit harder. Girl really moaning about that damn frost vanished and disappeared. Then he was angry Yes, so much enough that the daughter, the old woman had completely ossified.

Ends with a summary of the content “frost” that morning at dawn the old woman calls to his man, that he immediately went for her daughter but brought her in Zlata and silver. The old man hitched up the sleigh and drove off, and the dog under the table yelps that Starikov daughter grooms soon to be wife will take, and Starukhin daughter in the bag pits driven.

When the grandfather came back, ran the old woman to his sleigh, lifted his Mat, and there her daughter lies dead. Screamed the old woman, but it was too late.

a sense of fairy tale Morozko


This Russian folk tale is included in the school curriculum for literature. The main characters of the fairy tale “frost”, as expected, are both positive and negative, otherwise, it would be interesting to read. The plot is a variation of the story about a driven man (stepdaughter), which comes to the rescue of a lovely assistant (Morozko) and for his kindness, meekness, humility, and diligence awards. And another person (the daughter of the old woman), proud, selfish and malice that he was punished.

Stepmother, of course, in this national work - the main evil and the instigator of it's reward. Her husband is a man under authority, who can not resist because of the weakness of his character, his fate, too, is not offended.

This story is obviously educational and moral character, which is very easily read. A sense of fairy tale “frost” is that justice is sooner or later bound to come, and each will receive recompense according to his works, as they say, who as you sow so shall you reap.

Fairy Tale “frost” reviews:

The End of the tale quite tragic, not to say cruel. Russian folk tales, “frost” including povestvuetsya on behalf of the people, who in all ages have condemned envy, greed and oppression of the defenseless. For reviews, the behavior of negative characters such as the stepmother and her daughter, brings to mind reading the rejection of injustice, and the punishment is perceived, on the contrary, as the triumph of justice.

Actually, a lot of debate cause the Russian folk tale, “frost”, for example, like many others, supposedly very bloody and cruel, which are approved by the dubious ideals of humility is assertiveness, and the emphasis on material goods.

To protect the child from unnecessary cruelty, according to some parents need not to give children to read such stories. Negative main characters of the fairy tale “frost” sort of serve as a bad example to follow.

However, we must understand that this is our ancient heritage, so to speak, the folk belongings, and the plot is so conditioned by the realities of the very primitive and dark time. Then, such violence was justified, as it aims to instruct the younger generation, and the brighter the paint, the deeper was the educational effect.

Wisdom of the ages

It is Necessary to note the main thing in this topic: tales always kept the centuries-old wisdom of the people, and the task of modern educators is not to cut the thread that binds generation to help the young reader to read, to understand and be respectful to the folk wisdom of fairy tales, invented by our ancestors.

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