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Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin… What does this name mean for you? This «our all», Russian Shakespeare or boring poet that still require to study in schools? In 1999, the anniversary year of Alexander, foreign Newspapers wrote: “Russia has embraced “Pushkiniana”. The inhabitants of the country memorize huge passages from his works, and topics associated with the work and biography of the poet, dominated the radio and TV, and print”. And do you know some interesting facts about Pushkin? May be it is better to talk about them suffering over “Eugene Onegin” children to the poet to flesh and blood, became close and clear? Try?

Interesting facts about Pushkin: childhoodinteresting facts about Pushkin

  1. The Poet has always suffered from its “African American” appearance. It seemed to him that thick lips, black curly hair and bulging eyes spoil it. No wonder the school of the future author of the great poems teased “monkey”.
  2. When Sasha Pushkin was 4 years old, he first saw his namesake, the Emperor Alexander I. the Meeting nearly cost the baby's life. The monarch was made on horseback, and “black boy" I almost fell under the hooves of his horse. Fortunately, the Emperor was able to cope with the horse, the future “the sun of Russian poetry” was not injured, but the nanny nearly fainted.
  3. In the famous Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum-a privileged school – Pushkin got acquainted. Rubbed it there uncle, also, the poet Pushkin, only Vasily Lvovich.
  4. Poetic gift of Sasha's childhood. Otherwise, he might not become proud famous for brilliant graduates of private pension, as he graduated from the school, showing the third (from the end) result.

Interesting facts about Pushkin:


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  1. According to various reports, the poet took part in 29 matches, he was summoned to a duel 9 dozen times, but he “had thrown down the gauntlet” and more – about 150 times.
  2. Pushkin's Wife, Natalya Nikolaevna Goncharova, was above the poet to 10 inches, and he was embarrassed.
  3. A month before the tragic duel with Alexander Pushkin, Baron d'anthes married the sister of Goncharova – Catherine, so that the duelists had each other brothers-in-law.

Interesting facts from the biography of Pushkin: a little about the benefits of superstitionsinteresting facts from the biography of Pushkin

Says that the great poet was very superstitious. He believed in the mystical power of stones and on each occasion wore special rings. Once the foresight (or intuition) saved his life. On the eve of the uprising on the Senate square, Pushkin was under house arrest near Petersburg, but was going to go to a meeting of a Secret society in the capital. However, the way the road ran over a hare (a bad sign), then met the priest (also a harbinger of troubles). The servant who went with Pushkin, suddenly overcome by a strong fever. In the result of superstitious poet returned home, and at night I saw strange dream: 5 missing teeth. The next day 5 leaders of the revolutionary society were arrested and executed.

Interesting facts about Pushkin: a sharp mind

Despite the poor performance, he had a stunningly sharp mind. He reacted instantly, always found the exact answer, often immediately he was clothed in a brilliant rhyme. Sometimes his epigrams and impromptus was sarcastic and offensive. Perhaps not all understood, close to genius how big they are privileged to live.

Alexander Pushkin interesting factsOnce the poet Zhukovsky said that not attended a friendly dinner, as he had a stomach upset when guests came in the writer. Pushkin immediately responded with the lines:

"So was I, my friends,
Kuhelbeker, and sick..."

Poor Kuhle generally often battered by Pushkin. However, he himself was given the reins. So, in high school he tried to drown himself after poems by Pushkin, which met the line: “Wilhelm, read their poems, so I fell asleep soon”.

But the poet brilliantly and wittily respond in any situation. He even Emperor Alexander I wrote:

"Afedron you fat your
Wiping a pair of shoes;
I sinful hole
do Not spoil children's fashion
And Khvostov hard one
Though marsusa, Yes, true."

The Joke of a poet at times been on the verge of decency or out for her. But it was incredibly funny. This great talent shone today on the stage of KVN! This Is Alexander Pushkin. Interesting facts connected with his biography and creativity, you can list dozens! He had a bunch of gambling debts. To pay them, he sometimes in one night wrote a poem. For “the fountain of Bakhchisarai” he received 3,000 rubles – no poet hitherto not received the same amount for their creations. He infectiously laughed, was afraid of nobody, was similar to the child (African roots, whether that affected?). It was endlessly in love with women. And how to resist, if he was able to write:

"I'm in love, I adore,
in other words, I Goncharova…"

Of Course, it was brilliant. Want to and schools talked about the different facets of the life of the poet, and not painted watered-down, boring to yawn portrait.

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