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A Variety of arguments and unspoken resentments seriously spoil our mood and relationships with others. How to avoid conflicts, can we learn this? To continuously radiate positive is not so easy, because at every step we await the unpleasant surprises and attacks other people. But to deal with all this negativity is simply vital.

Why is it important to stop fighting?

How to avoid conflictsThe Main reason to consider how to avoid conflicts – your own mental health. Remember the last fight, where you had a chance to participate. Dissatisfied with skeptical expressions quickly become very real screams. But you and your opponent have already gone and you are still shaking a good half hour. Focus on anything is impossible, and it only remains that scroll in my head all the insults and think which of them deserved. But really, if anyone around you will always treat you contemptuously, over time, self-esteem can be significantly reduced. Have you ever seen men whom the old sawing wife or colleagues at work, decide to take up serious projects, because the boss always says that they can't handle it? Of course, a bad peace is better than colorful war. Always good to have polite neutrality or friendly relations with all friends than to make enemies. And this is the second reason to open confrontation the situation better not to bring.

Learn to understand and respect

Universal advice on how to avoid conflicts – to learn to respect all others. It does not matter who is in front of you: a homeless man trying to beg for alms or the head of a large company. Each of these people, and if you had to speak, maintain a friendly tone of communication. Often conflicts occur because of misunderstandings. Listen carefully to the opponent, do not interrupt, ask additional clarifying questions. If you think that the other person is wrong, or says some nonsense, teach all that he understood from what he heard, asked it if it wanted to say. Never take critical information, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


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Never start a conflict first

How to avoid conflict at workThink about how often you provoke conflicts? In order to start a fight, enough is sometimes one careless word. If you provoke openly inciting the interlocutor's statements, insulting him personally or beliefs that he has, it's time to think seriously about their behavior. Perhaps you need a personal reminder “How to avoid conflict”. Remember that it is always easier to smooth over the situation, quarrels are not useful, your goals need to be able to pursue the way of peace.

Think positive, wish good

Never save up the evil within. Popular Council of psychologists, how to avoid conflict at home or work – just keep quiet. In practice it really often works. But even if the quarrel will not happen, resentment will linger in your soul. Did you know that many people suffering from serious diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, prefer to remain silent? All claims towards others should speak, but at the appropriate time and in a friendly manner. It is the pledge of happy family life. If home rarely help you, don't make a scandal, and simply point out their mistakes and ask for help. Similarly, you can find a way out of many situations leading to conflict.

How to avoid conflicts in the family

Don't spread gossip and criticize consciously

Such Is the nature of human nature that, in the absence of friends in common we love to talk about them. To “the washing of bones” tend not only women but also men. This habit should be get rid of. If you have someone to blame, say it to my face man. Climb into your personal life, if you are not devoted, at least uncultured. Unkindly to respond back on those with whom you communicate personally well – this is a real meanness. Categorical comments about third parties should refrain at all. If the situation requires your comments, try softly, but clearly to tell the person in the face as it is. Is it possible to avoid conflict, if you want critique, but don't have solid arguments? Of course, Yes. Suffice it to say that all your words are your personal opinion, and listen to it or not, it's up to the opponent.

To Argue or not?

How to avoid conflicts with parentsSome people – a natural-born debaters, they like to prove their opinion. It is not the result but the process. How to avoid conflict with friends or loved ones from scratch? Learn to respect the interests of others. Let's say your wife loves green tea without sugar, and you prefer a sugary Cup of coffee with cream. Are you going to swear? Rather, each will brew a Cup of your refreshing drink and with pleasure drink. So why stoop to insults and cries because of musical tastes, politics or religion? The most useful thing in advance to note the list of topics it is better not to speak with a specific person.

Agree... and do my own thing!

A Common cause of conflict at work – teachings and guidance. The most difficult to resolve the situation, when you are sure that everything is done correctly, and less competent person offers a different sequence of actions. If you try to defend the truth, conflict is inevitable. This is the situation when the attacker it is important to emphasize your credibility. If the boss “teaches” you work correctly, but that the results are satisfactory and today, it is not necessary to try to point out the error of his judgment. Rare boss recognizes that not have sufficient knowledge and really came up with utter nonsense. Listen carefully, agree, promise to fulfill. Wait for the right moment and continue to work in the usual algorithm. This Council is an eternal theme: “How to avoid conflicts” will help at home. Put on a hat before going out in may, so as not to upset the parents. Or promise my wife not to drive faster than 80 km/h. As soon as you turn the corner of the building, headpiece can be removed and how to drive a car – it is your own business. But all were pleased with each other, and the mood at the height of each potential participant of a quarrel.

If the scandal started...

How to avoid conflict with friends

There's a Whole branch of psychology is busy breeding a universal formula as to avoid conflicts. The rules do not always work. And if you got in a showdown, your task as quickly as possible to stop the quarrel. Focus on the problem and try to find a compromise. The most important thing to figure out and understand what he wants the second side. Don't ever click on offense and did not remember about the past, it is advisable to abandon the General statements. This is the main secret of how to avoid conflicts in the family – never say “you always say...” or “you always do...». Such criticism is dangerous, phrases of this type, the addressee perceives as the most rigid criticism. Summarizing, you give to understand that it is always dissatisfied with the behavior of his interlocutor and treat it as unworthy of man.

Good mood – escape from scandals

If you don't know how to avoid conflicts learn how to remain calm in any situation. Don't raise your voice and keep a friendly tone. It is also useful to keep the face relaxed smile. When you are criticized, listen carefully and sincerely thank. If you are dealing with someone standing above you (boss or parents), emphasize the authority of the speaker. Recognize that without his guidance and advice self never would have thought. You say, "But why obey your parents in adulthood, if it took all his childhood?" Really know how to avoid family conflicts, it is useful to everyone. Appreciate your close relatives, minor concessions to prevent the argument from your side – this is nothing in comparison with the well-being at home and warm atmosphere.

Tricks of life without scandals

Reminder on how to avoid conflictTo Please everyone and always very difficult. It is one thing to remain silent during an argument and dress up once a month as your mother wants. But it is quite another – to devote my life to unloved profession, or to abandon their own desires. When you are going to someone something to give, try to assess how this act will harm your life? To be able to defend their interests - it is also an art. In some situations it is better to survive the fight, but to continue your journey to the existing landmark. Is there any universal way how to avoid conflicts with parents if they wanted for you a totally different life? Of course, you should try to explain their position and come to an understanding. But if talking does not work, CL...

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