Life balance wheel or a system of values. What is the life balance wheel?


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People tend to regret the past and worry about the future. All these negative experiences prevent to live happily in the present moment. In the end, we lose our most valuable resource-time. In order to return to their seats and begin to live in harmony with itself and its plans, you should operate the life balance wheel.

life balance Wheel or a system of values

The Concept of coaching

Coaching – English term for a specific kind of training. In this process human – client – directs and accompanies the coach. He is a specialist in helping others in any problematic situations where you need to prioritize and start moving towards the goal. The content of the work is very close to the psychological counselling and training activities, but separately this profession does not exist. The coach can be engaged as personal issues of a particular person and professional activity of a whole company or organization. Coaching can be defined as the art of self-development and achieving results.

life balance Wheel-strategic planning of life

What is the life balance wheel?

Coaching has many techniques to accomplish tasks. One of his methods is the analysis of the most significant spheres of life. Decided to allocate the following areas: career, finances, health, friends and family, familiar things and the house or space, entertainment and leisure, personal growth and spiritual development. You can select any other items important to a particular individual.

life balance Wheel

So, the wheel of life balance – is a powerful coaching exercise that will help:

- determined with the current events of your life;

- clearly identify the desires and needs;

- plan for the future;

to assess their personal and professional success;

- to draw conclusions, promote positive change in life.

Main ingredients

Let us Consider in more detail the typical categories included in the life balance wheel. Self-actualization – one of the main higher needs as human beings. It is manifested in:


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1. Health. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness and well-being needs to be in the first place. Taking care of yourself and your future can also be seen in the attention to his own body.

2. The family and friends. Loved to draw power, they are part of you, your support. Communication, relationships and the whole environment have a strong influence on the person, to a large extent define his own views of life.

3. Work. Employment not only generates income, but is a necessary part of life, begins, skills, abilities and talents. An important part of the balance – the physical satisfaction and love.

4. Everyday life. From everyday life can not escape, but at the same time household responsibilities should not be a burden. It should be given a reasonable amount of time, which will be enough to keep its own house in order and clean.

5. Vacation. As soon as I have some free time, you can go on nature, meet with friends, just relax to calming music and get away from the noise of the city. To gain strength and switch from active weekdays will help any kind of creativity-knitting, drawing, making postcards, etc.

6. Personal and spiritual growth. Without self-improvement and development man cannot exist. It is impossible to stand still, make to the diversity – gain new knowledge and gain experience.

What is the life balance wheel

Draw your own life balance wheel

The whole process may take an hour or more. But in any case do not hurry, you need to spend this time. Putting aside the extraneous matter, you focus only on yourself and on understanding what is the life balance wheel, what are its elements.

First, you need to take a white sheet of paper and draw on it a circle divided into eight parts. Then sign which sector to which sector of life it relates, and give it an overall rating on a 10 point scale. Evaluation criteria – satisfaction (from work, family relations, etc.). Better for clarity to use colored pencils or markers that can shade a certain area of the figure.

The Second option exercise

The Proposed task can also be performed using a computer program. So, the wheel of life balance in Excel is done as follows. You need to pre-write on paper the names of spheres and obtained numerical values. Specify the number of sectors in the columns of the Excel spreadsheet. Then click on the “insert” in the dialog box and select "radar chart" or "pie bar chart". The most important thing – make the data and do not forget about their signature, to make it clearer what the picture is.

Interpretation of the result

All fields are connected. If they represent an equivalent development, in life there is a necessary harmony. We can say that if you are successful in your profession which brings good income, but health is poor, it is likely that work takes too much effort. Need to revise the schedule, to devote more time to leisure. Can suffer and the spiritual realm, and in contrast it to actively develop cultural and entertainment side of life. Then the person is also inattentive to themselves – not interested in their inner world. The balance is disturbed, which in turn leads to negative experiences and further apathy.

life balance Wheel

The Benefits of this method

The balance Wheel of life - strategic life planning. So it is possible to call it differently. This means that your life is in your hands, and everything goes this way, because the man himself has set such goals and to choose a scheme of action. Life balance wheel only shows what you have achieved at this point, and also leads to conclusions about what needs to change to more fully realize their potential or solve the current problems in any fields.

Integrated approach

The life balance Wheel (or value system) is a great way to organize and structure their lives due to the fact that there is a fairly detailed assessment of those areas where people. The more serious will be relevant to the process, the more likely a positive effect. After the pattern is ready and is composed of opinion about marked on it areas of life, it is advisable to answer a series of questions that will help you to understand whether there is in your life balance. Which sectors have low levels, and why? Are you satisfied with the current state of personal and professional life? What can be done to greater harmonization of the spheres?

life balance Wheel - self-realizationIn the future when interacting with the coach, you can use the life balance wheel. The programme of work is subsidiary in terms of resolution of different kinds of problems and issues, both independently and with a specialist. You need to understand the main principle of: know little, you must act to do something to change. Now in your hands data with which to work-to set goals, identify prospects, and, eventually, to build a new life.


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