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My job security is a breach in the human psyche, when external factors regularly have tremendous pressure, leading to the destruction of personal qualities and perceptions. In this article we describe the main reasons that cause professional deformation, as well as take a closer look at this phenomenon, using examples of police officers, health and education.this is my job security

What this is

My job security is a distortion of the personality structure that develops gradually. The main reason for the occurrence of PDL (professional deformation) - the specifics and scope of work. If this violation leads to changes in all factors such as behavior, communication, perception, characteristics, prioritization.


According to statistics, since PEPS are faced by people who have dedicated their lives to health care, military and public service pedagogy. Let's consider the main reasons my job security of the person:

  • First, excessive workload and excessive demands from the authorities. To the list is the heavy work schedule, no weekends and vacation days, the need to work additional hours and to perform tasks belonging to other employees.
  • Second, the absence of load and, therefore, no foundations on the workplace. Overconfidence, lack of discipline, permissiveness lead to the development of PDL.
  • Third, poor working conditions lead to irritability, nervousness and psychosis. To the list applies and the small wages, lack of basic conditions (bathrooms, first aid kit), excessive demands, abuse of authority.
  • Fourth, the reluctance to visit a workplace. This can be caused by a lack of motivation, incompetence of the employee or of the authorities, desperate situation.
  • Fifth, incorrect choice of profession. As a rule, many employees simply do not understand any of the specifics, nor her features. So often people faced with difficulties, makes job security employees

Signs of predeformation

My job security is the period when a person loses all interest in his career. In people, this phenomenon is called simply professional burnout.

  • Aggressive behavior. PDL leads to drastic changes in mood. During the weekend people can smile, have fun and enjoy life, but while working to lose his temper at every little thing to raise your voice and even attack other people.
  • Apathy and depression. Lost all desire to educate himself, to improve their intellectual abilities. Gradually changing the appearance of employees. The my job security leads to that people cease to follow him: to wash and style your hair, take a shower, buy new clothes, apply makeup.
  • Reduced efficiency and indifference. Mistakes, suffers and the reputation and position of the firm. Because PEPS often occurs in people who work in difficult conditions directly with the community, they lose control over the situation. Such people simply do not realize that their work can to hurt anyone.aggressive environment my job security

Here is an example: due to the lack of working conditions, reduction of wages, reduction of employees, fines, and increased extracurricular hours specialist can systematically late for work, rude to customers (patients, students, subordinates).


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Memo to the boss: how to prevent

My job security is the mental state of the person, so the employer must understand that for the most part, his actions may lead to cognitive distortion. It is important to carry out prevention, in order not to cause disgust and hatred as and to the authorities.

First and foremost, the Manager needs to reconsider their behavior. Excess of authority or, on the contrary, lack of discipline can lead to PDL. You also need to conduct a thorough analysis that will tell you whether the staff have time to complete all the tasks or need to hire some more professionals.

Do Not forget about the events. Studies have proven that regular corporate events and competitions improves mood, has a motivational impact and unites the job security of the individual

How to fight on their own with my job security

Aggressive environment can lead to the development of disorders in the psyche, so at the first signs it is important to take action. In the first place to take a short break holiday or weekend at your own expense. Possible, symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, and apathy is just another burnout. The rest should be complete: do not take the weekend to avoid predeformation, but all the free time to spend on household chores. Entrust cleaning, cooking and construction to someone else or postpone the case until better times.

People need to understand why it starts to fade. The main reason - difficult working conditions. In the 21st century there are plenty of options that offer decent wages and with better conditions. As a rule, many can't quit for one reason - lack of confidence. Low self esteem alsoaffects the development of predeformation, therefore, conducting the analysis need to be as honest with yourself.

Tips for medical professionals

My job security of health workers is a frequent phenomenon faced by psychologists. In particular, PDL applies to those working in surgery, intensive care, ambulance, Oncology, and the morgue. Medics - people who are not willingly miss out on all the patient stories through you. Coupled with difficult working conditions and low wages developing psychological job security of the prison staff

Prevention. Be aware of the simple truth that we are not able to help absolutely everyone. So does it make sense to worry and blame myself that medicine is still not stepped forward enough to completely cure all diseases? And you also need to understand that working 7 days a week, 13-17 hours a day is a sure way to predeformation. Learn to appreciate your work and efforts that you apply to accomplish the tasks assigned to colleagues, wasting non-billable hours.

Tips for teachers

My job security teachers, like healthcare workers, a fairly common phenomenon. This is not surprising because in Russia, the work of specialists in education and health care are not rewarded with decent pay. Teachers are frequently subjected to pressure from colleagues and superiors. Almost all after-hours are not paid, and the workers the standards are increasing every year.

Prevention. Do not abuse power, if are more professional and experienced employee. You should not shift your job and the jobs of younger teachers who are eager to teach and develop young children's minds. It is important to appreciate their work and realize that work for food and payment of utilities sooner or later will lead to the development of PDL.

Tips for police officers

My job security of police officers has a negative impact on the work of the whole Department and the whole system of law enforcement. Scientist P. Sorokin found that professional burnout is exposed to those persons who regularly interact with a large number of people. The reason is simple: there is an emotional overload where regular stressful situations lead to cognitive distortion. The main feature of this phenomenon that affects my job security for all employees of law enforcement job security medical staff

Prevention. Not surprisingly, due to the more rigid structure in the workplace COP eventually cease to care, becoming more callous and aggressive. This leads to reduction in motivation and vitality, there is apathy. You need to learn how to develop professional immunity, which would allow to adequately respond to all situations of conflict. Try to change the psychological climate in your Department, and you need to constantly evolve, improve their skills and seek career growth.

Tips for employees UIS

My job security of employees of UIS its structure is similar to burnout in police officers. However, first you need to understand, you are talking about. The correctional system is the penal system, which includes the staff of detention facilities, judicial bodies and other state organizations.

Prevention. It is important that staff clearly followed the Labor code and were aware of their rights, responsibilities and obligations in the workplace. In this case, as in the police, they must develop professional immunity. But the authorities plays a role. They should motivate their employees to be competent, fair.

In conclusion

Every person, in order to avoid the development of professional deformation of the individual must realize that his attitude towards work in the future will affect the mental state. It is important to understand what tasks upon his shoulders, and strictly follow these principles. Always be prepared for change and realize that slavery was abolished a long time and only work for food is job security of a teacher

Conduct regular maintenance - at least 2-4 times a year. Namely: don't forget about self-development, attend spiritual and cultural centers, do not overdo it and give yourself the opportunity to relax, be at the same time strict and kind to yourself. Realities as a person and grow. Direct your energy into those areas of life that bring you any joy. For this you can read books, do not forget about your health, to abandon unnecessary things, to be able to say "no" and to improve their skills. Otherwise professional deformation will become a real challenge to lead a full life.

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