History of the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary and tradition


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In Orthodox icons made to represent the Archangel Gabriel holding a flower — a symbol of good news. That is given to him by God to bring people joyful, and to say otherwise — of the good news. Therefore, Archangel Gabriel — always a welcome guest. But the good for all people in the world news he brought two thousand years ago, the young virgin Mary. The messenger of God announced, that from Her womb would come the Savior of the world. But with these words begins the story of the feast of the Annunciation.

The betrothal of the blessed virgin Mary

the History of the feast of the Annunciation

In ancient Judea people were growing up early. Adults were considered already under the age of fourteen. That the blessed virgin Mary, barely parting with childhood, and brought up from an early age in the temple, had by law to either return to parents or to marry. But once given a vow of perpetual virginity would close Her way to a simple family happiness. From now on, Her life belonged only to God.

Her mentors — the priests of the temple, where she spent Her childhood and youth, found a simple and wise decision: the virgin Mary was betrothed to a distant relative, eighty-year old man named Joseph. Thus, the life of a young girl was financially secure and were not broken the vow It to the Lord. After performing the marriage ceremony of Mary settled in the town of Nazareth in the house of his betrothed. Under this title was included in Sacred Scripture St. Joseph — the guardian of the purity and virginity of the future of the virgin.

The appearance of the Archangel Gabriel to the virgin of Nazareth

Four months he lived in the new house of the blessed virgin, devoting all His time to prayer and reading the Scriptures. Because of that pious activity and found it the messenger of God — the Archangel Gabriel. The rustle of his wings he proclaimed to the astonished maiden on the greatest mission entrusted to it by the Creator of the universe.


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This event was called — the Annunciation of the blessed virgin. The history of the holiday could not be complete if you do not pay attention to why It stopped the Lord Your choice. The answer is simple — exceptional purity, chastity and devotion to God singled Her from a great many other girls. For such a great mission, it took a genius, Which had no equal since the world began.

Ready to do the will of the Creator

the Feast of the Annunciation story

To understand the significance of the gospel events, it is important to consider here is which side of what happened. In this case, as always, the Lord gives to his creation-man complete freedom of choice of action. Please note how important the angel Gabriel answer Mary and Her voluntary consent. There's no hint of any coercion.

The Messenger of God says about conception, which should happen in spite of human nature that should cause skeptical reactions, but the strength of the faith of Mary is so great that She unconditionally believes everything you hear. The question of how She can conceive without the knowledge of her husband, merely to desire to know particular upcoming. Her willingness to realize your destiny is clear from each row that describes the great Biblical event-the Annunciation.

History of the holiday, briefly about the most important

This event became the subject of study of many scientists. As is evident from their works, in the centre of which lies the story of the feast of the Annunciation, to establish the date of the celebration used simple logical reasoning.

the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary, the history of the holiday

If you count the time the Immaculate conception is the day when the virgin Mary in response to the words of the Archangel Gabriel said: “let it be according to your verb”, it is only natural that this day should defend from the day when Jesus Christ was born, that is from Christmas holiday, for nine months. It is easy to calculate that in this day, Orthodox Christians on April 7, and West — March 25.

Open to the Holy equal to the apostles Helena

The Feast of the Annunciation, the history of which goes back to antiquity, according to historians, began to celebrate in the fourth century, although images of the scene of this event was discovered during excavations of the catacombs, Dating from the III and II centuries even. In the IV century was the most momentous in the life of the whole Christian world event — ravnoapostolnaya Elena opened places of the earthly life of Jesus Christ and began the construction of churches in the Holy land.

Naturally, this caused increased interest in everything connected with Christmas, Sunday and all other events of the earthly life of the Savior. It is not surprising that this period saw the emergence of the holiday. Thus, the history of the feast of the Annunciation has a direct relationship with the discovery of this great ascetic.

The Celebration of the Annunciation in the Byzantine Empire and the West

Following on in chronological sequence, it should be noted that the history of the Orthodox feast of the Annunciation has its origins in Byzantium. In the VII century it has become among the most celebrated days of the Church calendar. However, I must admit that in the historical documents of the preceding two centuries there are separate mentions of it, but, apparently, it is only isolated cases.

the Annunciation, the history of the holiday for kids

In the Western tradition the story of the feast of the Annunciation starts at about the same period that in the Eastern Church. Pope Sergius I (687-701) included it in among the three main feasts commemorating the blessed virgin Mary. It was celebrated quite ceremonially and was accompanied by a festive procession through the streets of Rome.

Historical names of this holiday and its status

Curiously, not always, this feast was called the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin. The history of the holiday and remember the other names. For example, in the writings of some ancient authors it is referred to as “Day greetings” or “Shout”. The name that is used today, was derived from the Greek word "Evangelismos". It first found in historical documents of VII century.

At that time, the holiday was considered equally and the Manor, and the Marian, but time has made some changes. If in the Orthodox tradition of the East it still remains one of the most important events of the year, in the West its role is somewhat diminished, leaving him with only the secondary place of the holiday.

The Celebration of the Annunciation in the Orthodox world

In the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church, he is among the twelve great, great, neperehodimyh holidays. As in the time of worship of other Marian feasts, the clergy on this day, put the clothing blue. You can call a number of circumstances, indicating that it is of particular importance in the Orthodox Church is the feast of the Annunciation.

the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary, the history of the holiday, traditions

History of the Ecumenical councils, in particular, indicates how much attention he was paid by the fathers of the Church. At the 6th Ecumenical Council, held in the year 680 in Constantinople, was the document under which the day of the holiday, despite the fact that he is on the calendar falls during lent, serve the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, and not of the Presanctified gifts, which is an indication of its exceptional value.

About the importance of the feast of the Annunciation says in his writings, and John Chrysostom. He calls him “his” and even ‘root holidays». Today, on this day, prescribed the weakening of the post. In particular, allowed the eating of fish and oil (oil). In people, it is one of the favorite, embodying peace and joy, because it is based on the good news, that is news, full of the Grace of God.

The Revival of Orthodox culture in Russia

In our days, when, after many decades of state atheism, the Orthodox Church regained its rightful place, many of our compatriots are filled with desire to return to the spiritual roots of its people and to know more of what until recently was closed to them. In particular great interest is the Orthodox holidays, and among them the Annunciation. The history of the holiday, traditions and customs — everything becomes the subject of inquisitive study.

Another important aspect of modern life is the study of basics of Orthodox culture among children. This is important in order not to repeat the tragic error of the past, when an entire generation in our country has grown and entered into a life of separation from the faith of their ancestors. And in this respect, in our days work. Many Biblical events and festivals served in a kid-friendly version.

History of the Orthodox feast of the Annunciation

Teaching the basics of Orthodox culture to the children

This also applies to the feast of the Annunciation. The history of the holiday for children is set out so that, despite the adaptive nature of the text remains unchanged and child-friendly sense of the event. This is, of course, the complexity of the task. History of the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary, brief, but informative set out should be the most blessed way be deposited in the children's minds.

An Invaluable role...

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