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Mansur Isaev-member of three world Cup (2009/10/11.). Outstanding Russian judoka, Olympic champion 2012 in the weight category up to seventy-three pounds. Master of sports of the international class, the bronze prize-winner of the championship of the Russian Federation until twenty-three years old, European champion among young people. Winner and medalist of international tournaments “masters”, “Grand Prix”, “Grand slam”, the stages of the world Cup.

Childhood and youth

Mansur Isayev, a photo of which can be seen in this article, was born the twenty-third day of September 1986 in the city of Kizilyurt (Dagestan). The father of judoka Mustafa Isaev – Avar by nationality. Mom, Asiyat Isayev – kumychka. Judo Mansur started with eight years. In a section of the sport's future Olympic champion gave the father.

The First coach of the boy was D. Magomedov. Mansour since 2006, became an advocate for Chelyabinsk oblast, to train him at that time began A. Miller. Being fond of sport, Dagestani judoka did not forget about his education and enrolled at DSU. In 2009, he received the diploma of the economist.

Mansur Isaev

International tournaments

Mansur Isayev, whose biography is closely connected with the sport, participated in three world Championships. Debut for him in the world Cup was held in Rotterdam in 2009, the athlete was able to take third place and got bronze medal. In 2010 and 2011 prizes failed to take.

At the European championship 2012 Isaev and all showed the seventh result. For the period from 2010 to 2012 judoka competed in three major tournaments. First in Japan at the tournament «Grand slam”, then in Holland «Grand Prix” and “masters” in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In each of these competitions he was up on the podium.Mansur Isaev


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Olympic champion

After a successful performance at the London Olympics Mansur Isaev shared his feelings. He said that he feels calm in the soul, as believe that is the best judoka of the planet (at the time).

Was He really something to be proud of, because at this Olympics Isaev won the final battle in the category up to seventy-three pounds from a Japanese competitor Riki Nakaya. Thus, he became the Olympic champion, received a Golden medal.

And before the final he defeated the Spaniard U. Uematsu, Azerbaijani, R. Orujov, the representative of Mongolia N. The Korean sainjargal and V. Chung. Should semi-final match against Korean judoka. He was a two-time world champion. It was their seventh meeting on the Mat. All six previous Isaev lost and then were eager to rectify the situation.

Mansur Isaev photo

Opponents rushed at each other, fingers spread, trying to hit a backhand and hold a good grip for the belt. Isaev retreat, the Korean continued to increase the tempo. At one point the Koreans have forgotten about vigilance and rushed to the Russian athlete, not caring about the balance. Isayev took advantage of the moment, made the trip and threw the Korean to the Mat. So he got the victory in the semifinal fight.

In the final, Mansur Isaev had to meet the Japanese Riki Nakaya. The meeting began carefully, in which athletes were not. Isayev first spent quite a dangerous attack, which was unsuccessful. By the end of the fourth minute Mansur had a good reception and earned advantage which was able to hold until the end of the fight. As a result, he is awarded the victory.

To the credit of the Russian judoists, after the victory, he did not become conceited and behave with restraint. He only said that he was confident. It should be noted that it was the second victory of our wrestlers at the London Olympics. Prior to that, our athletes did not manage to take Olympic gold medals (in judo) as many as thirty-two.

The Emotions of an athlete

Mansur Isayev did not use big words and only expressed his gratitude to the coach E. Gamba. He later said that was adjusted only for the Olympic gold. Noted that he was happy to win the finals, the Japanese athlete. That Japan is the progenitor of the sport. So to win the judoka from the country – a great honor.

It was Later revealed that Mansur played at the Olympics with an injury. But it did not prevent him to become the gold medalist.

Mansur Isaev biography


The Minister of sports of Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko said that all Russian athletes won at the Olympic games in London gold medal, received four million rubles. Firstly, all work should pay, secondly, a good stimulation no one has hurt, according to Mutko. It was also revealed that some Olympic athletes received the award not only from the state but also from the heads of their regions. Businessmen also refused to congratulate and thank the Champions. Mansour is not cheated, and he found his reward, becoming a millionaire.


In August 2012, after the triumph in London, Mansur Isaev was given two honorary awards. The thirteenth of August he received the Order of Friendship. Handed him for his contribution to the development of sport and physical education and high achievements on the Olympic games in London. A week later, Mansur Isaev received the title of honored master of sports of the Russian Federation.


Mansour sport – lifestyle. Judo helps him to shape the character and discipline. He admits that it is sometimes lazy and does not comply with the regime. In competitions he help the coaching attitude and a good mood.

In his spare time he likes to relax with friends. From the culinary preferences allocates miracle with sour cream – the mountain pies, which are made with various fillings. His favorite movies "Gladiator”, “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”. Actors like Monica Bellucci, brad pitt, will Smith, Scarlett Johansson.


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