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Many fans of mixed martial arts this year literally shuddered when I learned that he died one of the “pioneers” MMA-fighter Kevin Randelman. The disease was brought to the grave of this soldier almost instantly, and this fact became public with more horror. Still many of his fans can't get used to the idea that their idol was gone, and now just forever. But the memory of it will live long, so let's look at his life as fully as possible.


On August 10 1971 born Kevin Randelman. The disease for him in childhood was the unknown, because originally he was healthy and strong. A future champion was born in Ohio, city Sandusky. In sport he was a student at that University, where he actively engaged in wrestling and twice was the winner of the championship among students.Kevin randelman illness

Sports career in the UFC

Kevin Randelman (a disease for him in the early years performances were rare) was one of those who in the forefront has got to world's best MMA promotion. He played in semi-heavy and heavy weight. In 1999, the American fought for the title with the Dutchman Basem the Ruten, but at the end of all five rounds still lost the judges ' decision. Soon the Bass ended his career, and Kevin has once again become a participant in the battle for the belt. This time, he fought Pete Williams. The fight again went the full distance, but with a positive result for “Monster” (the nickname of the sports Rendelman).

In the Summer of 2000 year, Kevin defended his title in a fight with Brazilian Pedro Rizzo, but during the second protection lost to Randy Couture by knockout. This defeat prompted him to move our hero to speak on the category below. In the new division, Kevin started with a loss to Chuck Liddel. However, in the next battle, he came back and defeated Renato Sobralia.Kevin randelman disease causes


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Fighting for Pride

Pushed into Oblivion by the Japanese promotion was for the American something like a swing. He then won, then lost again. His first fight in this organization, Kevin held in September 2002 year. The debut was successful. In the same year he won two more victories, after which received the status of official contender for the title. At that time the champion was Wanderlei Silva. But the management decided otherwise: it brought Rendelman with Quinton Jackson. In this fight “RAM” knocked out “Monster” in the seventh minute.

After this fight, Kevin Randelman (illness at the time served already the first signs) suffered another defeat from Kazuki we're accepting. After that, the American returns to the heavy weight and takes part in the Grand Prix. In the first battle Kevin met with the favorite – Mirko Filipović. The outcome of the match – Croatian was knocked out in the second minute.

In the next round of the tournament Rendelman met with the Russian Emelianenko, who lost painful reception on a hand. In this match Kevin held is just crazy throw, which to this day comes in many some videos of mixed martial arts. As it turned out, Fedor after the fall she received a broken rib, but still managed to win the battle.

These losses gave rise to a whole chain of subsequent defeat “Monster”. The last defeat in the promotion he received in October 2006. As his abuser was made by the Brazilian Mauricio Hua.fighting Kevin randelman

Performances in Sengoku

Almost half a year was forced to rest from fighting Kevin Randelman. The disease, whose causes – the use of enormous amounts of anabolic steroids and other chemical substances, did not allow him to train and play at full strength. But, nevertheless, in may 2008, he defeated D Kawamura by unanimous decision. Subsequently, he was scheduled to fight “Monster” against Monson, but due to a shoulder injury Kevin battle did not take place.

In November of the same year was held the tournament for Sengoku 6, which American has lost to the Bulgarian Stanislav Nedkov judges ' decision.

Navigation in Strikeforce

By the time of the signing of the contract with this fight the best fights of Kevin Randelman was already behind. In the first fight against Mike Whitehead the American made is extremely unconvincing. In the first two updates “Monster” clearly lost in the third tried to take the initiative in their hands and even was able to shake the opponent, but in the end to finish off the tank, he failed. The result is another defeat on points.

In may 2010, Kevin faced Roger Gracie. The Brazilian was able to strangle the American, which drew a line under the performances of the latest in MMA fights.biography of Kevin randelman


Biography of Kevin Randelman says that he was a member of several having a wrestling matches. His first speech in such a show he held in 2004 under the auspices of the Japanese organization HUSTLE. In 2009, the year the American took the fight to the representative of the organization WWE Kofi Kingston.


In the Spring of 2009, the year Kevin officially legalized his relationship with his girlfriend Elizabeth. The couple raised two children: son Calvin and daughter Jasmine.


Unfortunately many people today longer with us there is no man named Kevin Randelman. The disease that is Staphylococcus aureus, has done its work of destruction and just “ate” the athlete's body. For many years the internal organs of a soldier slowly ceased to work normally. For the most part it was because Kevin took a lot of drugs that are now prohibited. But in those days any full-fledged doping control and speech could not be, so each fighter has to survive.

According to the Grappler, it is quite often been to the hospital, as any abrasion and injury received as a result of the training, allowed to become active infection. Needless to say, that infinitely long this situation could not last. And in the end, 12 Feb 2016 Kevin was in the hospital with pneumonia, which caused heart failure. It was she who was the cause of the death of the famous athlete.Kevin randelman disease called

The news of the death exploded the fighting world. Many of his former ‘colleagues" expressed his condolences and very respectful comments about Kevin as a person, sincerely regretting that he is no longer with us. Even the head of the UFC-Dana white-announced that Rendelman was one of those who did the fighting without rules as they are today, and can be considered one of the founders.


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