How to lose 5 pounds without dieting? How to lose weight without dieting in a month?


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The Number of people suffering from obesity is steadily increasing. Despite all the efforts of modern pharmaceuticals, which constantly offers new tools to combat obesity, the problem persists. Surprisingly, but to effectively lose weight, do not need expensive drugs, doctors, nutritionists, gym and Spa treatments. You do not need to buy special foods for unique diet complexes, to starve and to feel discomfort. In fact, all you have to do is really want to become slimmer. Many people consciously reject weight loss, because I believe that this is due to the huge load, severe restrictions and discomfort. Today we will talk about how to lose 5 pounds without dieting. There are a number of rules that can be easily fulfilled and overfulfilled the to lose 5 pounds without dieting

Why diet has no effect?

Today We are talking about how to lose 5 pounds without dieting. Moreover, this result can be achieved painlessly and naturally. Why don't we offer you another diet with stunning results? Because no one diet does not achieve a lasting effect. As we go on a diet? For a long time, overeat, get on the scale and decide not to eat more, really. The body perceives this as a direct threat and decreasing the income of the food goes to the economical consumption of calories.

Accordingly, for the entire period of torment you shed quite a bit, but the most interesting still ahead. When you return to regular eating, the body still for some time continued to work in slow motion. So, all the dropped pounds quickly come back, and even with the appendage. And this usually works for those who are after a diet is watching portion sizes. So, the other option, but to go on a healthy diet and start to move more, you do to lose 5 pounds without dieting


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Tricks in front of a lot of work

You Need to psych up not for short-term changes in diet and lifestyle change. The only way to lose 5 pounds without dieting and keep the result for a long time. It is not necessary to immediately impose a lot of restrictions, it will only hasten the breakdown. Try each week to introduce a new rule. For example, to add to the daily diet of 5 fruits and vegetables next week to stop drinking soda and alcohol, and another seven days to abandon the empty carbs. So, before starting to eat without bread or replacing the daily cake after lunch for an Apple, you can per week to lose about 0.5 kg.

Try to give up fried foods, giving preference to cooked in the oven or steamed. Avoid fatty sauces, replace them with lemon or tomato juice, mustard. Modern diets offer quickly and easily lose 10 or more pounds in a week. Why do we look at how to lose 5 pounds without dieting? Because, it is revising its system of power, you can achieve lasting results. And the abundance of diets that supposedly has helped many people, powders, tablets, beverages leads to the fact that the person is gaining weight, is this very calmly. He was confident that, once taken, quietly returned to its former harmony. And then starts going through all the advertised methods, convinced of the futility of their efforts.

Before we talk how to lose 5 pounds without dieting, again, that you cannot use an exhausting power and excessive exercise. Any diet is a big shock to the system. You voluntarily enter it into a state of stress, and then wonder why so drawn to sweet and delicious. It is a natural antidepressant. Let's try to first understand why we gain weight, who's to blame. Only the realization of his mistakes can help to fix them, and so to gain a slender figure.lose weight in a month how to lose weight in a month 5 kg

Why the weight starts to grow?

To answer the question of how to lose 5 pounds without dieting, you need to clearly understand why we still gain weight. There are a number of myths about hormonal disruption and other justificatory arguments. Genetic predisposition, metabolic disorders, age, sedentary, office work, sweet tooth. In fact the main cause is a disorder of the inner balance of metabolic processes in the body.

What is a metabolic process?

In order to function properly, our body requires a number of nutrients and energy resources that come from food. All the vitamins and minerals to perform their tasks, and metabolic processes are perfect. What is the food? It is the energy for every cell in our body. However, we eat because the food is delicious, flavorful, and so forth.

It is particularly important to note what we eat. Usually not the products, which will provide us a full set of microelements. It often happens that the menu we have repetitive, overloaded with fats and carbohydrates, which the body has nowhere to go but to postpone into fat. We eat bread and butter, potatoes, flour, and fatty meats. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products and cereals sidelined, although it isthey are necessary to us every day. As a result, the metabolism slows and weight increases. This does not mean that you will not be able to lose weight in a month. How to lose weight in a month 5 kg, we will consider in the to lose weight quickly in 1 month on 5 to 10 kilos

What is the secret to losing weight without dieting?

A Child is born with a natural need for food. He eats when he needs it. However, parents are diligently trying to get him to feed but if the baby refuses to eat soup or porridge, are beginning to offer cakes, cookies and cake, encouraging frequent snacking. So formed improper eating habits that will result in problems, as soon as rapid growth.

Delicious food – this is a real problem of modern man. A lot of it, it is everywhere. But you must remember that you have a limit of calories consumed, which cannot be exceeded. Candy, cakes and desserts are high in calories, and it means that you have to severely limit myself in the rest of the diet. For example, cake "Napoleon" is 600 calories per 100 grams. It is difficult to resist and not to eat twice as much, which is almost the daily norm of calories for a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle. For comparison, the same number of calories make a sandwich with butter, a bowl of meat soup and a serving of pasta with grilled chicken. Not too healthy food, and that is also difficult to hold all day.

Healthy food does not give too many calories. For example, a bowl of buckwheat and cottage cheese, oven baked mackerel, a portion of chicken breast, a kilogram of fruit and vegetables – all of this gives no more than 1500 calories a day, and you certainly are not threatened famine.

From all this we conclude, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet, choose the right products and not to exceed the limit of calories consumed, so it is possible to lose weight in a month. How to lose weight in a month 5 kg, let's make out to lose weight in a week for five pounds

Mechanism of weight loss without exhausting diets and physical activity

The greatest attention should be paid to what we eat. Based weight loss without dieting are two main rules – balanced diet and consumption of smaller quantity of calories than you consume your body. Normal person spends about 2,000 kcal in physical and mental work a day. If you are engaged in heavy physical labor, this figure will rise to 3500-4000 kcal. However, if you want to maintain weight at the same level, but also to drop those extra pounds, will always have to be a bit on the downside, using 2000 and 1500 kcal. Now understand about how to lose weight fast in 1 month by 5-10 pounds. These rules seem simple, but many people make a lot of mistakes.lose weight in a week 5 pounds a week at least dieting

Main challenges

Usually this is extreme. People deciding to lose weight at any cost, starts to sharply restrict your diet. This is wrong, the body cannot move quickly. Imagine that you poured into the machine 92-th gasoline and suddenly decided to switch to a different brand or diesel fuel. It is hardly possible without the training and improvement of the engine. The body – an even more complex system that will respond to nervous disorders, skin disorders and digestive problems.

So, how to lose weight in a week for five pounds? You need to consider your menu, to calculate the number of calories and slowly reduce it. Too high-calorie foods should be removed from the diet or replace with less harmful. The lifestyle which you have practiced until now, has led to weight gain, then it is wrong and it needs to gradually to lose 5 pounds diet

How to tune in to losing weight without dieting?

The more you limit yourself, the more the temptation to give up. It is known to all. That's why we show you how to lose weight without dieting in a month. First undress and look at yourself in the mirror, it is desirable in full growth. This will give the opportunity to accurately determine whether you need to lose weight. If Yes, then proceed to develop a menu for a week, so it will be easier to get used to the new diet. There are several principles which you can plan your meals

  • Favorite foods have to stay, only to replace them with low calorie. Milk and cottage cheese-low fat, pork on a chicken breast. Even the most problematic category-desserts - can be easily corrected. Apples or pears baked with honey or caramel, successfully replace the cakes.
  • Go to the store on an empty stomach, so you will be easier to resist the temptation.
  • Take your time while eating, chew every bite.

Control the amount of portions

We Often think that not eating enough, even though our portions are very impressive. So, for example, a portion of meat or fish is equal to 85 grams, fits in our palm and is 160 calories. A piece of butter the size of a fingertip is 40 kcal, and a strip of cheese the size of your thumb – 100 kcal. Increase the portions at the expense of vegetables and fruit instead of high-calorie foods.

Weekly diet: experts

None of the nutritionists do not approve of the rapid methods. However, in exceptional cases, you can use them to lose weight in a week 5 kgat least. Weekly diet – it is always a great stress to the body, however, if there is a Grand event, and you don't fit in the dress, the choice is obvious.

The Most effective are mono, when the basis is only one product. It may be buckwheat, apples, rice. A good result will give the use of only vegetables, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, zucchini without salt and bread. Don't forget that more than 7 days this mode you can not endure, and during the diet you should take vitamins and minerals in capsules. After completing the course return to the principles of healthy eating, so the result is preserved for years to come.

There is an easier option, how to lose weight by 5 kg. Meat diet is close enough to the basics of healthy eating, so it will be easier then to continue to adhere to its principles. The maximum duration is 7 days, the result is 6 kg. Daily menu should include up to 500 grams of fresh vegetables, except potatoes and carrots. Protein foods (meat, fish, eggs) - not more than 450 g. you Can drink water, unsweetened tea and coffee. Daily caloric content should not exceed 1500 kcal. Other foods are off - limits, it is impossible to fry foods, only baked or steamed. Fats must be excluded, salads need to fill with lemon juice, not oil.

To Summarize

To lose 5 pounds, you only need to review your way of life and menu. You can still eat delicious cakes, but be aware that this is junk food that does nothing for the body. Choose a pre-defined days that can be consumed fat and sweet food, and calculate the rest of the diet is based on calorie intake. Surely the day the body asked the normal, healthy food.

In General, consuming slightly less than you spend, you very quickly begin to lose weight without exhausting yourself with diets. This is a good chance to lose weight in a month. How to lose weight in a month 5 kg, we told you, now it's your turn.

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