Orienteering and planning a sprint race in orienteering


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Before proceeding to sporting events, read the basic information!

The First thing to choose is the area

  • Bare Park.
  • Overgrown forest.
  • Urban area, where many tall and large buildings.

Among the options that appears should give preference to more complex

To Organize "tracks" on the terrain with the choice and the false data is not so difficult, because it may become a highlight of the sprint race. Such events cannot be organized at any place, because the quality of the race requires appropriate track. Even if you don't have a particularly large goal, still you should consider some tips that can diversify the race (or make more interesting orienteering).

OrienteeringChange of pace

Mental exercises orientirovana should always be running, because for the successful completion of the competition will require all the ingenuity and speed of decision making. In these competitions the athlete must move constantly to make decisions and find the right path in a short period of time. That is, throughout the race you need to keep a high pace.

When the athlete is a lot of time orienteering postponed for the second plan, and begins to translate thoughts on foreign objects, losing concentration.

sport orienteeringChange of direction

  • Turns more needs to be done. Experienced orientirovat prefer to keep the map in the direction of motion, so you should do more twists on the way. For a seasoned athlete this will be easy, but if the competition comes new to this business, then he will have hard times. Sports orienteering, with such manipulation, suffers greatly, because the turning of the cards takes time. In addition to the intentional changes of direction, it is necessary to pick up stations on the road, which would have been around, again, changing direction.
  • The Effect of obstacles. Orientirovat with experience focused usually by means of corners, and the angle of rotation of the card, it defines the angle connecting the CP lines. But even orienteering can be confusing. When approaching the CP (checkpoint), you may need to run up to the barrier in the form of a building or at the beginning of movement from one control point to another might require initial change of direction. All these actions can bring orienteering to an unexpected result, since there is disorientation.

Orientation of lines on the groundHidden prism

The Average person will see the prism from a distance of several hundred meters, but this is only the average length between control points. So really this is the orientation of the lines on the ground – just look in the wrong direction, which has the next pointer? It is not so simple, because the following guide is usually hidden so that was not visible to the even part of (KP).

The Transformation of the guidance in marking is not desirable

It is Recommended to hide KP in terrain or corners of buildings, but do not hide them in small micro-objects. You can find a couple of places where participants "happened" to be on about KP – in which orienteering is like another group.

If the path of the athlete to meet a small hill, then do not miss orientirovana fun to climb on him on the very steep slope. You can also place a couple of KP in public places, which will give athletes the opportunity to sweat profusely.

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