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Over the last decade on a professional Boxing ring, a host of bright and loved by the public Champions who were born in the Philippines. One of these outstanding fighters is Nonito Donaire – proslavery athlete who managed to win and many times to defend several titles. About it we'll talk more in the article.Nonito Doner

Basic information

Nonito Doner was born November 16, 1982, little known to the General public the city called Tagbilaran city, located in the Philippine Islands. The growth of an athlete is 168 cm and arm span is equal to 173 centimeters. The fighter nicknamed "Filipino flash". Currently, the place of residence of the boxer is a San Leandro, California, United States of America.

Amateur Career

Nonito Doner 76 times went to the square of the Amateur ring 68 and again he went out a winner. In 1998, he managed to become the silver medalist of his homeland in the division up to 90 pounds.

A year later, the athlete took the first place at the youth Olympic games. In that tournament he managed to beat Manuel Perez, date Nguyen and James Kirkland.

Go Pro

The Professional debut of boxer took place in early 2001. For the first few years of his career he fought in a number of categories from 41 to 55 pounds. The results of the fighting it was overwhelmingly positive for him, except for the second game in which he unexpectedly lost almost an unknown opponent named Rosendo Sanchez.results


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First title

For the fifth fight Nonito Doner was able to win the title of champion of Asia under version WBO, however, the zone fighter is not awarded. In 2005, athletic have won a very serious opponent in the person of Colombian, Ilido Julio. A year later Filipino separate judicial decision defeated Karen Harutyunyan and took his belt of the champion of North America in the second Flyweight division.


July 7, 2007, Nonito went down to one category below to meet the then-current world champion under version IBF Darchinyan. Before the battle Armenian very arrogantly behaved when a very unflattering remarks about the applicant on its official website, putting on what is sure to knock Donare. However, the result of the battle very badly shaken by all the fans and received the status of «upset of the year”, and all because in the fifth round, Pacquiao punch to the jaw literally destroyed Vakhtang. Armenian tried to rise to his feet and continue the fight, but his opinion and the current of blood from his nose signaled that the championship was irrevocably over.nonito donaire

Security title

In late 2007, Nonito Doner fought the mandatory Challenger for the WBC belt Louis Maldonado. The entire fight took place under the dictation of the Filipino, and in the end of the seventh round he did and was able to send the Mexican down, but he was able to embark on a 4-m Interchange of the match occurred in the 8th round, when the champion literally unleashed a hail of crazy punches on the Challenger and beat him to a technical knockout.

Navigation in the Bantamweight division

At the end of 2010, Doner publicly underclass of ex-world champion Vladimir Sidorenko. The fight lasted 4 rounds. During the fight Pacquiao had an indisputable advantage, which eventually transformed into a technical knockout of the Ukrainian.

Just two months after Nonito has held important championship fight with the owner of belts WBC and WBO Fernando Motylem. For the second round the Mexican was knocked out. This fight got the title of “knockout of the year” according to experts of the magazine “Ring”.

Career in super Bantamweight

The results of the fighting of Doner in this category was also good for him to meet with Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux. But before that, there were two significant victories. First was defeated Vazquez Jr. in a very intense fight, thanks to what Pacquiao received a champion belt under version WBO. And then was the triumph over Jeffrey Mathebula, who owned at the time the IBF belt.weight in box

Humiliating defeat

In April 2013, Nonito was found in the ring with Rigondeaux. In that match, at stake was several belts: WBO, WBA, The Ring. Despite all the predictions of respected professionals and the public, still the fight did not end in favor of the Filipino. And this despite the fact that Cuban throughout the fight has been knocked down in the eleventh round. However, after all 12 allotted three-minutes of the fight judges gave the victory to Guillermo.


After the defeat Rigondeaux Doner won two fights and lost again, but the Jamaican Nicholas Walters. And this defeat was premature, what was even more unexpected. Further, the Filipino has issued a series of four victories, after which lost again. His abuser was the American Jesse Magdaleno.

23 September 2017 Nonito, weight in Boxing which has always fluctuated between the different categories, triumphantly returned to the ring. The stubborn fight he was able to beat Mexican Ruben Garcia Hernandez and thereby won the vacant WBC Silver title. This Doneru was needed all 10 rounds.

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