How to build the latissimus dorsi muscle the best way


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The latissimus dorsi is often called simply “wings”. Indeed, with good development, they resemble the wings of birds. To learn how to build the latissimus dorsi, you need to understand what they are doing, and what load will be optimal for rapid development. Only an understanding of what you are doing will enable you to perform the exercises with maximum efficiency.

How to work the latissimus dorsi

The latissimus dorsi are responsible for all kinds of pulls and pull-UPS. They play an important role in such sports as rowing, gymnastics and martial arts. Besides these muscles are not used, because their application requires the use of hand.

Therefore secondary, but necessary role in the “wings” perform biceps and forearms. If the flexing of these muscles is not isolated, most often they are used in combination with “wings”.

Once we understand the mechanism of this muscle group, you can move on to the question how to build the latissimus dorsi. Because their good study will require considerable effort.

The Most common exercise for “wings”

As with most major muscle groups, there is quite a lot of variety of exercises to pump «wings». But the best of them at all times was considered a normal pullups on the bar. However, in the modern version of such exercise for the broadest muscle can be replaced by thrust blocks down on the power simulator.


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If you choose the bar, then grasp it with your hands at a distance of 1.5-2 shoulder width apart and begin lifting. Moreover, the body should always be smooth, you can't help yourself with the help of jumps or bending. For example, during the General physical training in the army instructors sometimes put on the shoes of a soldier of the leaf. When performing exercises it should not fall.

Pull down on the simulator similar to lifting, but to create tension in the muscles is used not your body weight, and the weight of the blocks themselves. While the body must be fixed using the clips the knee.

Other exercises for “wings”

By Understanding how to pump up the latissimus dorsi, the most common method, you can move on to other, equally effective exercises. One is the thrust rod in the slope.

If you have mastered the basic exercises, work with weights in the slope should not burden the lower back. This is very important because the quality of leveling will have to use quite a lot of weight.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend their knees. Bend over and take the rod. The back should be smooth to avoid injury of the spine. Lift the bar up to your chest, elbows maximum sliding ago. Then lower it and make the required number of repetitions. This same exercise can be done on a military simulator, where instead of the rod will be used with a counterweight of blocks.

Now it's time to learn how to build latissimus dorsi by using pullover. To do this, pick up a dumbbell of moderate weight and lie down on the blades across the bench so that the head hung down on one side, and the lower back and legs were on the other. Well bend, lift the dumbbell with two hands over the chest and bend your elbows about 15 degrees.

Slowly lower them as low as possible behind your head. It does not change the angle of the elbow bend. After reaching a peak, slowly raise them back up. Exercise is good considering not only the back but also the upper chest muscles and triceps. In addition, the use of additional weights will allow you to pump the back deltoids.

We discussed the basic exercises for the back that are used in the gym. But if you don't want to go to the gym and want to understand how to build the latissimus dorsi at home, it is not so difficult. Just install in the yard or in the interior doorframe of the bar, and every day pull up a few dozen times. This will help to strengthen your back is not worse than health training at the gym.

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