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A Mountain bike, or MTB bike (mountain bike), — this is definitely the most common form of transport today. It's ergonomic and has great maneuverability (will give odds to modern SUVs premium) and allows you to experience unique. It is very affordable. Mountain bike — is a way of life.

The history of the emergence mountainbikes

There are many legends about how did the Bicycle MTB. As it happened in the era of corporations and industrial society, everyone who can pulls the blanket over himself, so the exact ‘pedigree" of the mountain bike to be impossible.

The Most common theory is that a mountain bike appeared due to the fact that the ski resorts are idle several months of the year. And here's a Harry Turner, the founder of the brand GT has created a bike with thick wheels and a powerful frame, based on the ordinary road Builder. But this bike could only successfully come down from the mountains, but not climb. So, mountain Biking MTB has got a kind of transmission.

There is Also another legend of the origin of mountain bikes. She States that the appearance of these two-wheeled wonders mankind owes cyclists in California. Cabs, both old and young loved to ride in the mountains on the bike, but once on the initiative of ecologists riding in natural areas to motorized vehicles were prohibited, and more and more people began to use bicycles. Roadies of those times started gradually to mutate into rock climbing. At the forefront of these processes was Joe breeze, mark Vendetti and Otis guy — the avid cyclists at the time.


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Whatever the truth may be, and brought all to the fact that about 1979 coined the term ATB (all-terain bike-all terrain bike), which was later turned into a MTB (mountain bike-mountain bike).

Structure and classification of mountain bikes

bike mtb

The MTB Classic bike has slightly reduced and thickened wheels — 26 inches in diameter and two inches in width. Frame mountainbikes designed in such a way that from the pedals to the ground as possible greater distance to be able to overcome various irregularities. In addition to all this, mountain bikes equipped with disc brakes and an extended amount of gear (on all occasions). Created a bike for the mountains, and broke a universal on which and on the highway to fly, and mountains to conquer. This explains the enormous popularity of the “breed” bike.

Modern mountainbike are divided into categories according to type of suspension. The first type, which we consider to be rigidity — bespodvalnyh bike. He is not shaken by the suspension during drive, and has a remarkably easy movement. The professionals appreciate it, but newcomers and Amateurs should look at other types of suspension configurations, for rigidity, they may seem too hard.

Bicycles MTB, the photos listed below are the different types of suspension. In the first case it bespodvalnyh rigidity.

mountain bike mtb

For Example, hardtail. This is a bike with only front suspension. According to reviews, this is perfect for riders of all classes. They are light, cheap and easily manageable. Additional attenuation will improve the ride comfort, while not violating the ergonomic features of the bike. Amateurs and professionals agree that a hardtail — the most balanced type of bike.

bike mtb 26

There is another option with two pendants (so-called — the suspension), but frankly, cyclists dislike them. Reviews indicate that the strong attenuation creates a strong swinging frame, which is very difficult pedaling and rapidly wears out the chain. And they are heavy (20 to 23 kilograms of suspension — a classic) and honey. Yes, there are cheap, but they are made from clay metal which is falling from one fall. Expensive suspension — the perfect bike for all occasions, but it must be really expensive. You will never hear a professional complains about the bike rigidity, but the suspension has already acquired a lot of negative feedback.

bike mtb Biking

Selecting and running bike

Mountain Bikes MTB very complicated in its design. Therefore, before proceeding to the choice of “horse”, you should still look at other aspects of it.


There are only two types — classic rim V-Brake, so to speak, neo-classical disc brake. We consider each of them separately.

Brake V-Brake is lightweight and cheap. It is simple to fix. Users say that the details can be found in any town. Disadvantages - the fragility and the possible deformation of the rim. Also when installing brakes of this type should take into account the size of the wheel (and not all sizes can be found brakes). But on the classic Bicycle MTB 26 inch there is always. Reviews suggest not to use this type of brakes to the extreme, but for peaceful walks on the highway and light off road they will fit perfect.

mtb bike photo

Disc brakes — it's the complete opposite rim. Theyexpensive, heavy, difficult to operate (especially hydraulic) and ultramarine: stop the wheel tightly. In addition, disc brakes are very durable, and once properly set up, it will be possible to forget about them. When driving on hills and bumpy forest roads without brakes can not do, but for normal road riding it will be expensive overkill. Reviews of bike enthusiasts on this kind of brake is not too flattering, because once accidentally damaging them, you will have to prepare to spend money and, as a rule, the nerves.

bikes mtb dirt


Here everything is much easier. Professionals trust the transmissions of the companies Shimano and Sram. From these manufacturers you can find “sleeve” (the so-called transmission) in all price segments.

Cyclists say that the number of speeds for the Amateur ride is not important — enough for 12 on all occasions. For a more sophisticated and extreme driving will take 21-27.

spare parts for mtb bikes


The New bike will not behave as we would like. Brakes may fail, the transmission can chirp like a cricket, and much more. Usually the reason that details has not yet got used together.

Experienced cyclists warned: don't go on a long journey the next day after buying the bike! Ride on it with a week to the nearest territories, to items as to be used together.

The drives

Depending on the purpose of your future car should pick up its equipment.

Off-road bikes — these are the bikes that we see every day on the street. They can have a little bit of everything. On such it is possible and on tour to his native country to go to the mountain vastness of the cut. Spare parts for MTB bikes of this type get easier.

Cross-country bikes more expensive than their “relatives”. They have a durable lightweight frame and, as a rule, two pendants. Their main purpose — fast driving on rough terrain. Oskar Jetix bike MTB 26 — a brilliant representative of the budget class cross-country bikes.

oscar jetix bike mtb 26

The Following type — downhill and freeride. These bikes are very reliable and unwieldy. They are ideal for downhill, but for everything else they are very bad. Before you go down the mountain, this Bicycle need her to drag.

Summing up the opinions of experienced cyclists can advise the following: the Bicycle must be extraprogram, because he will have to survive a collision with multiple bumps at speed about 100 km/h!

Bikes MTB Dirt, despite his “dirty” name, adapted not to swamps. Their purpose — jumps and stunts.

Bicycle frame

Outset that the peaceful and long-distance travel worth to buy MTB bike with steel frame. It is cheap, durable and never breaks down suddenly: about the impending failure of the steel frame alerts the owner cracks.

Aluminium — a great alternative to steel. It is lighter and a bit more expensive. Residents of apartments should think about an aluminum frame.

Actually select a bike

  • Less than 300 $: for the money it is worth buying or rigidity, or hardtail bike MTB. But it is better to have in reserve another $ 50, because, most likely, some items will need to be replaced. On a bike like this category is a week to go and then replace what fell off. This way you can save some money with their time and to quite fit the bike.
  • 300-900 $: this range is inhabited by all kinds of bikes that we discussed above. For this money you can buy a nice and light hardtail or rigidity with high-quality components. On these bikes you can safely go to travel long distances. Buy suspension is only recommended at $ 500, and then you need to carefully look at every detail.
  • 600-1000 $: this bike polapremium class. They fully meet the requirements of your class. MTB bike-bike for this money to be easy and reliable. It will require minimal maintenance, and it will always be ready for the most different tour: even in the rain, even in the heat, even in slush. This is the limit of Amateur, then there are professional bicycles.
  • 1000-2500 $: bikes for competitions and demonstrations. These horses are ultra-light, durable and fast. For professional sports buying something cheaper is just ridiculous and irrational.

Experienced cyclists are taught: the lower limit of the price of a decent mountain bike is at the level of $500.

spare parts for mtb bikes

Before buying, do take a test drive, as well as $ 20 on the repair kit! Godspeed and smooth sailing!

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