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A Sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, overuse of sedentary work or transferring heavy loads often impact negatively on our neck or back. And the pain that periodically occur in the lower back and neck, forced us to seek the most comfortable posture, which further aggravate the situation. To solve the problem helps a yoga therapy of the spine. What effect is it having? How is? And able to relieve the pain symptoms?

yoga therapy of the spine

Why yoga?

Yoga therapy of the spine and of the cervical known for quite some time. The story of its origin is rooted in distant antiquity. Yet it has long been an excellent tool in the fight for healthy joints, the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system was yoga.

But the fact is that yoga promotes harmony of body, emotions and energy balance. And when one reaches this harmony, it is possible to not only get rid of salt deposits and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

What can be achieved by regular yoga?

According to the ancient yogic tradition, with regular practice you can expand and improve physical capabilities. For example, some people, yoga practitioners, managed a few inches to increase your height. And this is because during training they used a lot of exercises aimed at stretching the spine. the

Many people through yoga has made substantial progress in restoring posture, got rid of the warps in one direction or another, lost frequent headaches, normalize respiratory and nervous system. To achieve this they have been helped yoga therapy. A healthy spine and restore mobility of the joints – is not a motivation to begin to practice therapeutic exercises at home?


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 yoga therapy a healthy spine

At the time of therapy change aspects of their physiology

From a scientific point of view, yogaterapiya of the spine is a rather complex biomechanical process. In the process of daily training of the person practicing yoga, not just develops flexibility throughout the body, but also strengthens the muscles, thereby changing your physical health for the better. His spine straightened and strengthened, and, consequently, starts a chain reaction aimed at the General improvement of the whole organism. So, strengthening the metabolism and the endocrine system.

Moreover, yogic therapy improves the blood circulation. This means that improving the delivery of oxygen to your organs and tissues. Also, it is believed that many asanas that includes a yoga therapy of the spine aimed at improving mental alertness.

What diseases and problems relieves yoga therapy?

With the right approach, professional yoga therapy helps to get rid of the following health problems:

  • Scoliosis.
  • Salt Deposits.
  • Trouble with the joints.
  • Tifoso.
  • Degenerative disc disease of the thoracic, cervical and lumbar.
  • Posture Disorders of varying severity.
  • Diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system.
  • Vascular dystonia.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Varicose veins, as well as many diseases of the internal organs.

All these issues helps to solve professionally selected yoga therapy of the spine. Exercises designed to combat all these troubles as well as the treatment are selected individually.

Artem Frolov yoga therapy of the spine

Appeal to instructors of yoga therapy or self-treatment at home: which is better?

Despite all the benefits of yoga, the performance of a certain set of exercises aimed at addressing symptoms of pain and providing a restorative effect, it is necessary to do under the personal guidance of instructors or logoterapia.

The fact is that each case, and the kind of disease or problems are purely individual. This means that the total video with a short briefing are not suitable for everyone, who in one way or another interested in yoga therapy. A healthy spine – this is a great incentive, allowing strives for the best. However, this effect cannot be achieved without prior consultation with doctors and professional instructors of yoga therapy. They will select a set of exercises suitable for your particular case.

Instructor of yoga therapy Tatiana Dudina: the principle of treatment and feedback

One of the instructors bloggers giving their advice and recommendations in the video, is Tatyana Dudina. “yoga therapy, a healthy spine with Tatyana Dudina!” Is the name of a program that does this instructor and therapist. This cute and prepossessing young woman for more than 10 years practicing yoga, and the last 4 years she is engaged in professional therapy and helps people.

In the Arsenal of Tatiana a few free introductory courses, in which she talks about the benefits of certain yoga exercises. And, of course, the emphasis she makes on paid videos, many of which are designed to relieve back pain and to treat osteoarthritis and other diseases. Them and offers to buy everyone instructor Dudin. “yoga therapy: a healthy spine” is one of those video tutorials. Also the instructor has other videos, for example, “a Quick way to get rid of back pain”, “Yoga therapy from back pain for elderly people”, “Yoga therapy for back pain with no load on the knees” and many others.

Among the many user reviews you can find not only custom, but real. For example, some of them claim that according to the video they were able to partially remove the pain symptoms in the neck and lumbar. Many are interesting presentation and easy exercise.

Tatiana Dudina yoga therapy a healthy spine

Instructor Artem Frolov: “yoga therapy of the spine. Traction equipment”

Another instructor, who unlike the previous offers to buy your video tutorials, shares his tips absolutely free here is Artem Frolov.

In his blog, he pays great attention to the concept of "traction". It indicates the effect on the injured or diseased organ with the help of the reaction force. As these forces can be used by special cargo and the weight of the person.

Dudina yoga therapy a healthy spine

Under the action of all these forces, according to the author, there is a tension and stretching the spine. All the exercises offered by the instructor to do, great for a home run, and does not require special equipment. Here's how it works, according to the author, a yoga therapy of the spine. Frolov describes in detail several variants of asanas aimed at getting rid of pain in the back, waist and neck. Consider some of them.

Exercise to improve posture and eliminate pain symptoms version of the Frolov

One of the exercises, which proposes to do, the author is “polikopa” or “Ardha of Bhujangasana”. It is believed that it helps to strengthen the thoracic and lumbar spine. It performed the following:

  • The Practitioner lies on the floor so that his belly was leaning against the floor, and the back towered over the entire body.
  • Then, you should clearly put your hands under shoulders and lift upper body resting on the elbows and hands (at the same floor you touch only the lower ribs).
  • Head is a continuation of the spine (she throws back and rests on one level back).

Next, you need to push off with your hands from the floor (but not to tear them as in the position “Sphinx”) and at the same time to stretch them forward. This should get the impression, if you want to drag his lower body across the floor.

Despite the simplicity of the movement, it's not so easy. According to practitioners, in the process of training very hard to stretch and at the same time stay in place. At the same time, it is a very effective yoga therapy. The lumbosacral spine in this exercise, you are actually resting and not perenapravljaetsja. This exercise should be repeated 2-3 times at a time, increasing the delay time in the pose in stages. You should start with 5-10 seconds, gradually bringing up to 25-30 or more seconds.

can you lose weight from yoga-therapy of the spine

Exercise for treatment of cervical

To strengthen the cervical you can perform a simple exercise from a standing position or sitting. To run it you will need a special block for yoga or a fist. It performed well:

  • From a standing position or sitting raised up a fist or a special brick for yoga.
  • Fit it well under the chin.
  • Then, you start to press his chin on his fist or a brick.

This exercise can be repeated 10-15 times, 2-3 approach...

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