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In recent years, pension reform changed the size and terms of retirement. It affected all areas of activity, including the interior Ministry. Now the pension of the Ministry of interior depends on two key parameters: the salary of the position and salary rank. In addition, the Ministry of interior pension depends on years of service and indexation,.Pension MIA

Retirement of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs

Normally people retire at age 55 (for women) and 60 years (for men). There are people for whom the pension is awarded before reaching the retirement age. These include military retirees, medical workers, teachers, employees of hazardous industries, etc. the police Officers must have the seniority for calculation of pension at least 20 years. Moreover, depending on the situation, can be assigned not only the pension of the Ministry of interior for years of service, but for disability, loss of breadwinner.

For the appointment of pensions to pensioners of the Ministry of interior shall not be less than 20 years of experience in police or other structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs and age younger than 45 years. If at this age will not have the experience of 20 years, then the employee retains the right of early retirement, if the following conditions are met: the General seniority of a police officer is twenty-five years, of which half of the period falls on a work in the interior Ministry.

If this condition is not satisfied, the experience is no more than 15-20 years, you have been assigned social benefits.

Registration for retired police

The Policeman is entitled to apply for the appointment of pension provision for the three months before the intended date of dismissal. To do this he must contact the personnel Department at the place of work and confirm years of service.


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If the police enough time for registration of the pension age but under 45 years of age, he has the right to pass a military Commission to reach a conclusion about the suitability for the conduct of further service. The employee can accept the bad, to confirm disability.the Seniority for calculation of pension

Documents for registration of pension police

The personnel Department must submit the following documents:

  1. A statement from the employee of the interior Ministry. Pensions are awarded on the basis of this document.
  2. Cash certificate.
  3. If necessary, is discharged from the ITU.
  4. Need to be served information about the family composition of future retirees.
  5. A copy of the document confirming the right to benefits.

This is not a complete list of the necessary papers. To know more details what documents you must provide and in what form, can be in the order of MIA №418 dated may 27, 2005.

After you open the pension business check. In the book of records of HR Department records and send a document for review. Certified business authorized by the interior Ministry, then the Bank is sent notice of retirement appointment.

The calculation of the pensions of police officers in Russia

Calculation of pensions of the interior Ministry, depending on the seniority and status of the recipient. When calculating the amount of allowances, awards, achievements are not taken into account.Pensions to pensioners of the interior Ministry

With a length of service 20 years employees are entitled to receive a pension equal to half of the amount of remuneration. When you experience more than 20 years the pension will be administered at the rate of 3% of the amount of allowances for each year of police work. Maximum amount of interest when reaching experience of more than 20 years can be 85%, but no more.

If the experience of more than 25 years, the calculation of pensions of the Ministry of interior will be somewhat different. The employee receives an amount equal to the half of the remuneration. For each subsequent year, the authority is charged 1% of the amount of the allowance.

The Minimum pension of the Ministry of interior can not be less than half of the cash salary of the employee. This necessarily takes into account the indexation of payments.

For people with disabilities is continuous improvement of pensions of the interior Ministry. The total amount depends on the disability group, which was awarded to the citizen who served in the police. The law includes military injuries, existence of injuries received while working in the organs.Increase of pensions of the interior Ministry

Pensions for the disabled of the Ministry of internal Affairs

If during the service a police officer was injured, which he was awarded disability, the pension is calculated differently and depends on group disability.

Also, a disability pension can assign laid-off employees, who after his dismissal was no more than three months. However, to assign a pension of the Ministry of interior, the disability must be obtained in the following cases:

  1. The Wound.
  2. Concussion.
  3. Injuries in the line of duty.
  4. Diseases obtained while working in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Timely submission of the documents the employee is assigned is not a simple pension, and security disability.the Pensions of employees of the interior Ministry

The Loss of a breadwinner working in the police

In that case, if the breadwinner died during service in the interior Ministry, and not later than three months after dismissal, may apply for a pension related to the loss of a breadwinner.

In some cases, the appointment of payments and possibly after the employee was fired, but only from illness or injury, wounds which he received at the time of service.

The Formula for calculating the future pension of a police officer

To see the size of the pension you can use the following formula:

RK x (SDD x PC), where SDD – the amount of allowances that the employee turns in the police, PCs – the reduction factor to a monetary allowance, RK – the estimated coefficient.

Define RK easily. You can do one of the following ways:

  • If the length of service for calculation of pension for 20 years, then RK = 50%;
  • Service life of more than 20 years, then each subsequent year gets 3%, the maximum of RK = 85%.

the interior Ministry pensions

Example of calculation of pensions for working police

A police Officer retiring at the rank of captain and seniority of 22 years. The calculation of the pension will consist of the following:

SDD = 30%x(11000+9000) = 26,000 rubles



It Remains to substitute the values in above formula:

(26000х66,78%)х56%=9723,17 rubles. This will be a monthly pension from the Ministry of interior. It will be awarded different bonuses.

Premiums future pensions of police officers

From status, age, marital status and pension amounts depend on future premiums. When you receive allowances for years of service at retirement include the following types of allowances:

  • If the age of pensioner 80 years of age, he charged an additional allowance equal to 100%;
  • If the family pensioner has dependents, the unemployed, the pensioner will receive 32% for each person with three or more dependents, the increase to pension is 100%.

In the calculation of the pension provision is taken into account the possibility of obtaining benefits, and other allowances.

The Increasing seniority of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs

Not so long ago began to think about increasing seniority which the pension of the employees of the interior Ministry will be appointed, not with 20 years of service and 25.

This bill will come into force in 2019. But the government does not want to stop. There are proposals to increase the length to police officers with 25 to 30 years by 2025. The bill has already been drafted but not yet adopted.

Benefits to pensioners of the Ministry of interior

The Final pension amount will be given privileges. They can be divided into the following types: major, tax, transport, medical.

Benefits given to all citizens, leaving to retire, but their size, the amount depends on the Agency which will pay you a pension. Priority positions are occupied by military and police officers.

Upon retirement officers are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Housing. Retired, not having their homes has the right to the apartment.
  2. Benefits for the taxes provided at the regional level.
  3. Benefits for medical care, treatment, providing of medicines.
  4. Travel Privileges.

The state Also provides benefits to close relatives of pensioners of the interior Ministry.

Among all the benefits provided retirees often use the housing and those that are exempt from paying taxes. But you should know that senior interior Ministry don't get their utility payments.

To draw benefits, you must provide the appropriate authority with the following documents:

  1. Passport pensioner.
  2. A Document confirming that the citizen is a pensioner.
  3. INN.
  4. Documents for real estate, vehicles, land and other evidence proving the right of ownership.

After providing these documents, the tax authority will conduct a recalculation and will not continue to accrue taxes to the retiree.the Calculation of pensions of the Ministry of interior

Medicine for seniors MIA

If a former employee of the interior Ministry to seek medical help, it should be given to him for free, but only if the medical institution belongs to the interior Ministry-SIS...

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