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Today we will try to figure out how to make land in the property. In fact it is not so difficult process. Especially if you prepare. Yes, cases in which the documents will occur according to different algorithms, a lot. But consider they have to the fullest. Because only then it will be possible under any circumstances for the issue of land in private property. What features of the process should pay attention to? What you need to know the future owner on our current manipulations?how to make land in property

When to register

The Order of granting the land plot in property a variety. But the similarity between different instances is still there. The first thing to understand when a citizen has the right to apply. After all, not always you will be able to do this. In Russia now it is possible to obtain private property in land.

  • The contract of gift;
  • Inheritance (by will or by law);
  • When resolving perpetual use;
  • If there is a sale of land;
  • When a municipality or government signed a lease contract;
  • "dacha Amnesty".

As you can see, the scenarios very much. In fact, most of the land without problems transferred to private ownership to citizens. Just need to properly carry out the procedure of collecting and submitting documents to implement the process.


It is not always possible to obtain the right to land. In some instances, you under no circumstances can't produce the paperwork. Russia has a small limit on this. What?

So, the first scenario is an attempt of registration of land in reserve status or cultural/historic heritage. In this case, you must be denied. Not in the private property to the earth, which is considered a nature reserve or historical and cultural value.

The Second option - a ban on the process in the case of land belonging at the mercy of the security services of the Russian Federation. Or if the site can be useful for educational/military activities of the Armed forces of the

No significant restrictions. No matter garden plot you place in the property or country. The fact remains - depending on the situation, you should collect a list of documents and present it to the relevant authorities. The possibility of obtaining land in private ownership.

Get the inheritance

The Most common case is a process carried out directly when the transfer of the inheritance to other persons. No matter in what form - by law or Testament. How to make land in the property under such circumstances? This is not so difficult as it seems.

The First thing you have to open the legacy and join him. On the implementation of the process according to the law you have six months. During this time, you must go to a notary and write consent to receive land from the testator in the property. Once this is done, you can go to collect the documents, which then are passed to obtain a certificate for membership in the inheritance. It will be useful in the formulation of real estate registration in the registration/cadastral chamber on record as your property.

So, the notary must be present:

  • Cadastral passport for the land plot;
  • The results of the valuation of real estate (invited evaluator);
  • The reference from the last place of residence of the testator;
  • Agreement to conduct evaluation activities;
  • Document the relationship with the former owner of the land;
  • Extract from the unified state register;
  • Will (if the inheritance is obtained, not by law);
  • For garden sites is required certificate of incorporation.

Additionally, you need to take permission for registration of land ownership from bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if the role owner is a minor. And tax authorities need to obtain information, if your ancestor once received land as a gift and as an in ownership free of charge

The Above list is transmitted to the notary. Don't forget to make copies of documents. The notary will issue you a special certificate, which will determine the acceptance of the land as an inheritance. It will have to work on.

Final phase

How to make land inproperty? As soon as you have on hand will be the document of the notary as soon as possible to contact companies house. Or in the multipurpose centre, providing services to the public. Show there:

  • Written statement of ownership of land (for registration);
  • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Certificate from the notary of inheritance;
  • Documents confirming the death of the testator.

Additionally you will have to pay the state duty for registration of land as private property. At the moment, will have to give 1 000. Attach proof of payment to the application. The collected package of documents necessary to include in the registration or cadastral chamber. Do not forget about the copies - they are also necessary in the necessary order. In return you will receive a statement that will allow at some point to obtain a certificate of land ownership.

As soon As the time comes, return to the MFC or Registrar to complete the process. Grab your passport and a Bank statement, which you have given when applying for the issue of land ownership. Get help and new cadastral certificate. That's all.

Turnaround Time

What else should pay attention? Before considering the remaining cases, it would be nice to know how much lasts the recognition of the right of ownership of the land. Generally, the timing varied. A lot depends on which way you was brought to life.statement on the ownership of land

On average, the process needs to spend about two months. It's a given collection of documents and addresses to the notary. And here is the answer from companies house usually comes in about 2 weeks. In some cases, asked to wait a month.

The Most lengthy process is the case of registration of land ownership if the lease agreement with the municipality or government. In such circumstances you will have to wait for the approval from the administration. The waiting period is on average from 1 to 3 months. So please be patient. If you will collect in advance, you can reduce the process of registration for a few weeks. So be prepared!


Also one of the most popular methods of obtaining ownership is drawing up a contract of donation. Donation to families helping to resolve a variety of incidents and grievances, as well as the division of the estate after the testator's death. Donation of land is exactly the same as any other property.

To start, the giver needs to make a contract. He then collects the documents in the apartment:

  • Cadastral passport;
  • A plan of subdivision;
  • Extract from the BTI;
  • Certificate of absence of debts;
  • The General plan of the earth.

Once the paper copies are the owner, you must work with the donee to go to the notary. Don't forget your passport! Further, the notary verifies that the data about real estate and the contract of donation. If there are no complaints, the parties sign the agreement. In return for it the notary will issue a statement of the transition property to the new owner. Then you will have to proceed by analogy with the inheritance - treated with the previously listed documents to the registration chamber, and then at the appointed time to pick out a new cadastral passport of the land plot and a certificate of ownership. Only instead of a will when it is necessary to have the deed of gift.right to land

Perpetual usufruct or rent

More time-consuming is the process of registration of land ownership in perpetuity or lease agreement with the state. In this case, you will have to incur certain additional expenses. What awaits the future owner? How to make land in the property?

For starters, you have to order surveying and General layout of the land. Then you will have to contact your city (or district) to make a claim rights of ownership of the site. To do this, write this document and attach:

  • The plans for the land;
  • Cadastral passport of the land plot;
  • Acts of transfer of real estate in ownership;
  • Copy of passport.

Next, we need to wait for a response. Should pay attention to one feature of the process. If there is a perpetuity, no additional costs would be required from you. But when the lease will first have to buy land from the administration and attach the relevant documents on the purchase to the statement. How much is the weaving of the earth? The price depends on many factors. What is needed, therefore the cadastral passport - it gives you the area of land and the cadastral value. For this price isredemption.

The response

What to do next? If the administration gave the nod to decoration, it is possible to implement the idea. The worst is behind us. It is now necessary to produce the so-called land and put the land on the cadastral registration. Further, property rights registered. Privatization of land is now limited to an appeal to the Registrar (or MFTS) documents:

  • Passport
  • Cadastral plan and the appropriate passport;
  • The basis for the transfer of rights of land ownership.

Additionally you are required to pay the state duty in the amount of 2 000 rubles. Next, you will receive a document stating when you can return for a certificate of ownership. Don't forget to bring your passport. Remember, the land plot in property for free, no one can make. Some expenses you will still need.

Getting the cadastral passport

Now it is clear how to formalize land ownership. It is actually not as difficult as it seems. Without the cadastral passport you will not be able to act. But how to get it? What will it take?passport of the land plot

Nothing special. First, it is recommended to pay a fee for the receipt of the document. For legal persons is 600 roubles, for physical - 200. Payment confirmation is required in the original to bring with you. Next, go to the land registry house and write an application for a passport. It identifies all the accurate data about the site. Don't forget your passport is also required.

That's all. Now it remains only at the appointed time come for the ordered document. On average it will have to wait up to two weeks. Don't forget ID. By the way, instead of cadastral chamber you can go to the MFC. However, the waiting period of the document in this case will increase.


In recent years, many land plots in property of citizens is passed. And you have one day to put the land on the cadastral registration. How is it done? The process is a little different from getting the same passport. To start collect the documents. We are talking about:

  • Certificate of ownership (each owner);
  • The contract-based transactions (gift, bequest, perpetual use, sale and purchase of land, the testimony of the notary);
  • Passports of the owners;
  • Boundary, General and geodetic plan of the site.

Additionally have to pay a fee for obtaining a cadastral passport of the land (600 and 200 rubles for legal entities and individuals, respectively). Write in cadastral chambers application and attach the above documents. When some of the owners of a minor, you will need to obtain permission of the guardianship for the operation. That's all. We can wait until you issue a new cadastral and issue.

The 'Dacha Amnesty'

In 2006 was adopted the so-called dacha Amnesty. This kind of amendments that facilitate the process of registration of private property expressed by the earth and objects on it. Certain problems may arise from citizens who do not have the cadastral passport and documents-grounds for transferring of the site.

First, prepare all the relevant documents. Among them are:

  • The Declaration for the building;
  • Cadastral plan and passport;
  • Documents confirming the receipt of land ownership;
  • Civil passport of the future owner;
  • Payment order confirming payment of state duty (1,000 rubles);
  • A statement on privatization.

Next all of this is provided in the DCP or to the Registrar. Garden plot (country, vegetable), in partnerships, can be issued as the property of "dacha Amnesty" until 31 December 2020. But in all other cases you will have to hurry. Because you have to meet until 2018 to 1 March. Otherwise, the privatization of land has not occurred.the recognition of the right of ownership of the land

Also note that if there is a lease, and without the "dacha Amnesty", you have to pre-buy the land and objects on it. How much is the weaving of the earth? Price, as already mentioned, is set different. But it will take the market and cadastral. It should be the ransom. Nothing difficult about it.

Now it is clear how to formalize land ownership in a particular case. Keep in mind, now you will not receive a certificate of rights on land. With the recent changes, as confirmation of a finding of property in the ownership of the citizens, is now given only an extract from the unified state register. It works indefinitely, but have to constantly order it. After all, it only indicates that at the time of issuance are you sure you had the rights of the owner. As you can see, the order of granting the land plot in property a variety. Depending on the situation you are waiting for certain features. But if you pre-collect all the necessary documents can easily cope with the task.

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