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Russia, as almost all countries in the modern world lives in a market economy with the existing principles of free employment. The economic crisis that resulted in the elimination of many unprofitable or loss-making industries and businesses, increased the gap between labour supply and demand. Encountered problems of the labor market are especially relevant today. In the system it what documents are needed for a labour exchangeThe regulation of labor market occupies a special place, providing protection and the interests of the most vulnerable people in society – the unemployed.

The History of labour exchanges

The First such institution in Russia was created with the city governments of the largest industrial cities in the early twentieth century to organize an active migration of population in case of big constructions. For example, the laying of rail tracks and the subsequent construction of the Ob bridge in 1893-1896 years has brought to life a new settlement provoked the growth of the resettlement movement inhabit surrounding villages of the peasants, arriving on the scene in large numbers. This migration caused a lot of problems with employment and support. To address these questions we created the first resettlement points, then between 1915 and 1917 – labour exchanges on a parity basis.

In post-revolutionary Russia the problems of labor and employment was considered by the Russian leadership as one of the most important tasks that require immediate solutions. The result was created the people's Commissariat of labour with an extensive network of local institutions to regulate the market and labour conditions, to promote the resolution of conflicts between workers and employers, implement the statistics through the establishment of labor exchanges, identical to modern employment centers. However, in October, 1930 the labor exchange in the Soviet Union was abolished by the decree of people's Commissariat of labour in connection with the offer exceeding the demand for labour.


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The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the entry of modern Russia to market relations required a different approach to the protection of the rights of unemployed citizens, and this was justified to register with the labor exchangeThe adoption of the law "About population employment in the Russian Federation" in April 1991, the main purpose of which is to regulate the activities of employment centers and providing assistance in job search. So, we define the order of activities and the list of documents required in order to register at the labour exchange.

Who is assigned the status of unemployed?

Confirmation of such status is registration in the employment Center no later than 11 days from the date of submission of documentary evidence of temporary inactivity. Recognized unemployed citizen:

• of working age;

• with the lack of work and earnings;

• registered in the employment service for job search;

• looking for a job and capable to start.

Who cannot be considered unemployed?

There are certain categories of persons for whom registration with the labour exchange is impossible for the following reasons:

• has not reached 16 years of age;

• they are retired for old age, years of service, including early appointment;

• for 10-day period from the date of registration in the employment Center refused two offers of permanent or temporary work;help for labor exchange

• for 10-day term from the date of registration previously not working and do not have a profession refused two proposed options for training or work;

• documents submitted for registration, contain unreliable information;

• during the 10-day period from the date of registration without a valid reason failed to appear to the inspector of the Center to explore the available job opportunities.

Documents for registration

For registration status of an unemployed person must produce documents to labour exchanges:

• passport;

• work book or its duplicate;

• the document about the existing education, proof of professional qualification – diploma, certificate, certificate, etc.;

• a certificate from the employer in last place of work of the average monthly earnings for 3 months.

Features in providing documents in different categories of job seekers

There are some additions to the list necessary for registration of documents:

• applicants who are dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs or military service, must present military ID and extract from the order of dismissal.

• the members (founders) must present the documents on liquidation of the company or withdraw from the owners as well as a confirmation in the change of their status from the IRS and rosreestra;documents required for labour exchanges

• employees of unincorporated business signed by both parties a contract of employment with confirmation of payment of insurance contributions to extra-budgetary funds;

• citizens of other countries - residence permit;

• enrolled in evening or correspondence: a letter of an educational institution that is updated twice a year;

• internally displaced persons are obliged to confirm their status by presenting the relevant certificate of registration at the place of stay.

If the applicant is seeking work for the first time, the documents required for labour exchanges are limited to a passport and confirmation of education.

Benefits to citizens, laid-off staff

Having Defined what documents are needed for labor exchanges, pay attention to the applicants, dismissed in connection with staff reduction. By registering within 14 days from the date of dismissal, they are entitled to receive retirement benefits from a former employer in the amount of one or two monthly wages, if within 10-day term from the date of registration of employment has not occurred. The difference in payments of this nature due to the company policy last employer. Sometimes organizations set established by the Collective agreement benefits the redundancies and provided timely registration, and make payment of additional severance in the amount of two average monthly salaries instead of one.

Help to labour exchanges

Figuring out what documents are needed for a labour exchange, not to mention the special role of information on the amount of the average monthly wage. In different regions of Russia such certificates are executed on different forms. Sometimes employment services posing on the labour exchangeDeveloped special forms of this document. Therefore, it is advisable to collect documents to consult about what documents are needed for labor exchanges, in particular, on the form of this reference, and, if such form is a necessary condition of admission, require it and provide the employer to fill.


The Most burning issue for the unemployed is not only an opportunity to register at the labour exchange, but also the size of the sums involved.

Period and the size of the benefit is determined based on work experience of the applicant, the grounds for his dismissal and previous working conditions. Statutory allowances are:

• 75% of the amount of earnings specified in the certificate, paid the first 3 months;

• 60% the next 4 months;

• 45% of the remaining months, without exceeding the maximum level (4900 rubles) and no less than the minimum amount of benefit (850 rubles). Established by the Government of the Russian Federation minimum and maximum size allowance applied in 2010, and while indexing could not be.

Applicants for the first time engaged in a job search, dismissed for culpable actions and the long-term unemployed pay the minimum amount of the allowance.

documents to the labour exchange
the benefit Period is 12 months. If you cannot work during this period, the applicant has the right to extend the period of job search by receiving financial support from the employment service. The maximum benefit does not exceed 24 months.

Of Course, the loss of a job – a difficult moment in life, but he may also become a turning point. Find out what documents are needed for labor exchanges, presenting them and by signing up, you cannot stand still, we must go further, seeking new reserves. It is possible to undergo retraining or to start their own business, on the labor exchange.


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