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Often in life people have something to lose. It can be anything: family, favorite things, time, money, credibility and more. Most often, the loss can not be returned, but you can try to replace it with any benefit to mitigate the pain of loss. Such a change is called compensation.

Types of possible compensation

In fact, compensation – this is the kind of opportunity to bring back the lost, just in a different capacity. Benefits may not be quite equal. But “something” is better than “nothing”. All known compensation can be divided into four types:

  1. compensation isPositive compensation – it is a reward that a person receives in return for something lost or missed. It must be something pleasant and positive. Only in this case people will be able to accept it. In addition, the remuneration must correspond to its interests and desires.
  2. Negative compensation – this is a negative response to certain actions and deeds. It lies in the fact that a person's behavior instantly can cause a reaction of protest the entire team or management in particular. As a result the person commits a negative action, will know that in response to necessarily follow a negative response.
  3. Specific punishment. In this situation, in terms of production guidance makes clear to the employee how not to behave. Otherwise undesirable action will have its own specific consequences.
  4. Excluding compensation – is the ability to suppress unwanted actions in the manner of behavior of a specific worker. For example, a person from school used to openly show their superior knowledge and to Express a personal opinion on any issue. In terms of the educational process, teachers were treated to this positively. But in the workplace these people do not favor. No wonder they say that the most thankless task – to give advice where they do not ask. To reason with this person, you can just not respond to his words. The lack of approval will play the role of brakes and make a person more likely to keep their opinions to themselves.

Refund money

cash compensation


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

Sick Pay provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular TC and FZ No. 255. In addition, some rules are governed by the provisions of the civil code. Any employee upon the occurrence of a certain disease should contact a health f...

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employee certification for compliance with the post: purpose, procedure, result

Employers perceive the order of certification of employees as a formality. Regulations intended for commercial organizations, were not issued. Certification is required only for employees of the organizations designated in the laws of the spheres, le...

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Registration of vehicle: procedure, sample application, certificate

Every person who buys a car needs to do its registration in the traffic police. It is necessary when purchasing new or used cars, as well as no matter whether the seller of natural persons or legal entities. Check the vehicle is in the traffic police...

In some cases, the employer needs the workers but could not provide them with everything necessary. In such a situation the employee have additional unexpected expenses, which the company is obliged to return. Compensation is usually made in cash, and the amount of fully or partially corresponds to the incurred costs. This return form has received the name of "monetary compensation". For example, an organization hired an employee to work in another city. After moving he will have to live somewhere. However, the employer cannot provide him with a separate apartment or a place in a hostel, and the employee is not able to buy it. In this case, he will be forced to rent or to rent housing. But these costs require considerable resources. Therefore, the company assumes the obligation to pay him compensation for the forced hiring of premises. The funds paid monthly in the amount stipulated by the legislation of the country. The employee in turn to confirm the expenses must provide the management company a copy of the employment agreement.

Holiday cash

compensation for unused vacation 2013

In accordance with the labour legislation, each employee has the right to a well-deserved vacation. Article 115 of the labour code fixes the duration of the main holiday in the amount of 28 calendar days. There are a variety of additional leave provided in excess of the statutory. An annual time of rest increases, and the employee could recover for subsequent work. The calculation of the length are made without regard to after hours and weekends, and the amount is determined on the basis of average earnings. There are times when an employee requests leave early to get to work or even retiring, not using their right to leave. In such a situation, the company has the right to reimburse him for the days in monetary terms. Compensation for unused vacation 2013 is almost no different from previous 2012. The employee upon written request may receive compensation for all days in excess of twenty-eight, established by the state. In fact, it turns out that the money to reimburse only additional leave. Upon dismissal the person receives compensation in the last day of work along with final settlement. Otherwise, payment of the cash amount is made on the basis of agreement with the employer.

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