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Today Naama Bay is one of the most popular resorts in Egypt. Here every year to spend their holidays thousands of Russian tourists. Of course, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay, including numerous hotels and luxury resorts. And quite a good reputation managed to make the hotel Continental Plaza Beach.

Quite naturally, many travellers are interested in more information about this place. Where is the hotel? What are the living conditions? Is it possible to go here with a child? Well say tourists? The answers to these questions will be of interest to many readers who are going to relax at the seaside.

The location of the hotel complex

continental plaza beach

A Large resort Continental Plaza Beach Hotel is in Sharm El-Sheikh, one of the most popular tourist cities of Egypt. It is worth noting that the location is quite profitable. The sea hand — to reach the beach in just a few minutes. The heart of the Old town with all its historical, architectural and other attractions is 8 miles away. The picturesque Naama Bay is just 7 kilometers. The nearest international airport is 10 kilometers — to reach the hotel very easily and quickly, the more that can be arranged transfer.

Brief description of the territory and infrastructure of the hotel

Immediately is to say that Continental Plaza Beach Resort is a large resort complex that can accommodate thousands of tourists. The hotel was built in 2002, and the last thorough restoration was carried out in 2008, after which this place has become even more convenient for foreigners.


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continental plaza beach hotel 5

The Hospitality area which, incidentally, is 140 thousand square meters, is divided into two areas called “coral” and “Firouz” (the area around pools). The hotel consists of a main three-story building and 26 small two-storey buildings for the guests.

Of Course, there are pools, restaurants, playgrounds, places for rest and entertainment. The whole territory is divided comfortable, manicured walking paths and decorated with palm trees and exotic plants.

Accommodation: room description

On the territory of the hotel Continental Plaza Beach Resort 5* 600 rooms of different categories:

  • 283 Standard Rooms;
  • 163 Standard Sea View Rooms;
  • 10 Suites;
  • 40 Family Rooms;
  • 4 Junior Suites.

There are separate rooms for smokers and non-smokers. In addition, on site there is a so-called connecting rooms, ideal for accommodation for large families or companies.

continental plaza beach hotel

The rooms Themselves are simple, elegant and cosy. Floors are covered with ceramic tiles and large Windows give the room sufficient light. By the way, the room has a terrace or balcony depending on the floor. As for the view from the window, everything depends on the location of your room. There are rooms with sea views, and there are those that are facing the courtyard or the garden.

Guests receive a set of necessary furniture and household appliances. There is a separate air conditioning and a TV with satellite channels (there are some Russian and English), telephone (calls outside of the city to be paid separately), and a safe. On request the cleaners can deliver to the room iron and Ironing Board. A Minibar — upon arrival guests receive a bottle of drinking and sparkling water and juice. Filling will be charged separately.

The Bathroom is equipped with a functioning plumbing. There is a tub, sufficiently spacious shower and sink, large wall mirror, toilet, a set of clean towels. Of course, there is a set of personal care products and cosmetics, which is very convenient. Bathrobes in the room are not included, although they can always be ordered, the prices are not too high.

Cleaning and changing bed linen every day. In the rooms is maintained the maximum level of cleanliness.

Power Scheme on site

The Resort Continental Plaza Beach Hotel 5* provides its customers with all inclusive. This means that the rate includes breakfasts, Lunches, dinners and desserts and snacks throughout the day, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the local manufacturer. Fresh juices and imported drinks must be purchased separately. In addition, once a week guests can enjoy local Italian restaurant.

continental plaza beach resort 5

Meals can be arranged on site the main restaurant where you will be served by polite and attentive waiters. As evidenced by the responses of tourists, the choice of dishes is large enough — fresh fruit, vegetables, meat dishes, side dishes, cold snacks, fish, seafood, and homemade cakes, ice cream and sweet desserts.

In addition, at the hotel Continental Plaza Beach 5* there are three restaurant “a La carte” where you will find a huge selection of classic dishes of Italian and Indian cuisine as well as BBQ facilities. Services of these institutions are paid separately, and places should be booked in advance. There is also a cosy café with views of the sea, four bars and hookah cafes where you can have a good time.

Beach and water recreation

The Resort Continental Plaza Beach Resort 5* is located right on the beach — the sea can be reached in a few minutes. The beach here is private, so foreign tourists are bothering you. Soft sand and clean, warm water — all of this awaits the traveller in the territory of one of the most famous in Egypt bays.

continental plaza beach 5

For the entrance to the sea convenient built pontoon. In addition, there is a small section of the coast, completely cleared of corals, — here you can also swim. On the beach in neat rows loungers with mattresses and umbrellas. There is a bar that serves cooling drinks and light snacks. In the rental you can take a free beach towel.

If you like a more active holiday, on-site Continental Plaza Beach you will not be bored. The most attractive attraction here is the coral reef, which is located almost at the coast. This place is very popular among diving enthusiasts. There is a diving center where you can rent equipment you need. Beginners can also enroll and make your first dive in the company of professionals.

In addition, the beach has a volleyball court. For an additional fee you can ride boat, water ski, banana, as well as boat and catamaran. This coast also favored by surfers. And if you are one of them, or just want to try something new, rent a Board, wetsuit and accessories are available here, on the beach. You can also go parasailing.

Conditions for children's activities

Today, many parents traveling with children, so it's important for them is the question of the existence of certain conditions for a family residence. So what can offer the hotel Continental Plaza Beach most tourists? In fact, here is everything you need to make children's holiday unforgettable.

continental plaza beach aqua park

Immediately it should say that on request, your room will take a cot. The restaurant has a special children's chairs for feeding. A special children's menu here, but among the abundance of dishes you will definitely be able to find something suitable.

The complex has four childrens pools of different depths, where children can have fun. What else can offer the hotel Continental Plaza Beach? Aqua Park (water Park) with water slides, located on the territory of the hotel — a place that will definitely appeal to your child. By the way, it works almost the whole day.

The hotel has a beautifully decorated children's Playground with various swings. For children of preschool and younger school age children's club, where they spend time talented animators and experienced educators. Here your child can make art, learn dance steps, take part in theatrical productions and sports competitions. If necessary, you can take advantage of Babysitting services, which are not included in the price. From time to time in the evenings for children organize performances and discos, so bored they simply will not have time.

Does the hotel Continental Plaza Beach Resort additional services?

Of Course, the hotel complex offers all facilities needed for a fun and comfortable stay. On the territory of the Continental Plaza Beach Hotel 5* has a small Parking, which is convenient if you travel by transport. By the way, there is also a car rental service — if VA...

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