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Myanmar on the map travel of Russian tourists still a white spot. And for good reason. In terms of the richness of cultural attractions and natural beauty of this country is not inferior to its neighbor Thailand. As for the level of service, formerly Burma already said goodbye to my dark paramilitary past and becoming a tourist Paradise. Of course, not as fast as Vietnam, but every year the number of people wishing to visit Myanmar is steadily growing. And that is to see in this country? The mere list of attractions would take several pages. Ecotourists attracted to unspoilt nature, lovers of Asian culture, will delight old Bagan and the beautiful Shwedagon pagoda, and ordinary beachgoers are not worse than in Thailand, will be able to relax in first-class resorts Ngwesaung and Ngapali. Learn more about the attractions of Myanmar read below.sights of Myanmar

Travel – practical tips

Organized tours to Myanmar – still exotic for Russians. So many tourists trying to get to the country. Direct flights from Moscow or in the present-day capital of Naypyidaw nor in the former, Yangon, no. Most travelers fly with stopovers in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. From the capital of Thailand in Yangon every day, go six or seven flights. The same busy message with Myanmar and Malaysia. But from India or China to Yangon, followed by two-three flights a week. Recently, the air carrier Vietnam Airlines launched a new route from Hanoi to the old capital of Myanmar. To visit this mysterious country in South-East Asia the Russians require a visa. Moreover, Myanmar still remain very strange customs rules. For example, you cannot bring in mobile phones, even personal. Cell will have to leave the Luggage at the airport. And out of the country categorically banned products and Souvenirs depicting Buddha. Tourists also do not recommend buying jewelry, although they are in Myanmar, cheap and decent quality. During the customs control can select.Tours in Myanmar


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Things to do in Myanmar

Russian operators slowly learn this is an interesting direction. At this time clients are offered a tour, combined with a beach holiday and new year tours. Usually travel in Myanmar lasts for two weeks. But you can extend the holiday to three. The cost of tour package per week of stay, costs about two thousand dollars. For the money the tourists go across the country, stopping for a few days in each interesting city. Beach holidays in Myanmar with several tours would cost two and a half thousand dollars. Resorts on the Indian ocean Ngwesaung and Ngapali emerged recently and meet all international standards. Very popular are the tours with river cruise. You can enjoy the journey from Bagan to Mandalay (four days) or from Yangon to the enchanting beauty of Inle lake (the road up there and back will take ten days). Myanmar map

Climate: when to go

Myanmar is situated between the tropical and subequatorial zones. This means that the weather in Myanmar to determine the monsoon. These wind and divide the country's climate for the next three seasons. For Europeans, it is better to visit Myanmar in November and the winter months. Then on the coast and most parts of the country set is very comfortable weather. The air temperature ranges from 21 to 26 degrees in the shade. But in the interior of the country during this period, dust storms occur. November-February – “high season" in Myanmar. To little to save money and avoid crowds on the beaches and sightseeing places, reviews suggest to come here in the spring. However, this season is too hot. Closer to may the daytime temperature does not go beyond the point of +32 degrees in the shade. And when not to go to the country this summer and the first half of autumn. If in Thailand or Vietnam, there are areas where “season” appears lightly greased, in Myanmar there is no such place. Pours as from a bucket, from June to October.Myanmar tourism

Where to stay

A New industry that still plays a significant role in the economy of the state of Myanmar tourism. Hoteliers do not adhere to the classification of hotels as it is done worldwide, and hang as many stars on the facade all they want. So the reviews suggest to study carefully the services and the equipment of the rooms, not to be trapped. This does not mean that in Myanmar there are no good hotels. Just “five” may be a hostel, but a hotel without a single star – a great place. Reviews are advised to carry currency in cash. And not to change more than a hundred dollars or euros at a time.


Myanmar, sights which are very diverse, amazing European all-pervading religiosity. Temples, pagodas, monasteries towering on every step. Particularly rich in this sense Bagan. This ancient city contains four thousand Buddhist temples! And in Mandalay – another tourist centre – there are seven pagodas. But Yangon justifies its title of cultural capital of Myanmar. In this city located a gold-in the truest sense of the word - the Shwedagon pagoda. It towers in the same temple complex. According to legend, inside the 98-metre pagoda is stored eight hairs of the Buddha. The Shrine is covered with sixty tons of pure gold leaf, embellished with precious diamonds and bells. Reviews suggest to spend five dollars for the entrance to the temple complex, to admire the splendor. You can make your personal contribution to the decoration of the pagoda, buying at the kiosk finest gold plate and nalepil it on the wall of the pagoda. In addition Shwedagon tourists advise to go on a pilgrimage to the monastery on the volcano Pope. It's supposed mythical Naga.Mandalay Myanmar

Mandalay (Myanmar)

The Interesting sights of this second (after Yangon) city in the country are so numerous that we confine ourselves to the General list. Mandalay-the last capital city of the kings, and because he was adorned with rich and in a big way. All seven hundred pagodas, one more beautiful than the other, is unlikely to visit for a week. Suggest where to go that is “must see” in Mandalay (Myanmar)? A must to visit are the monastery of Mahagandayon and the Royal Palace of Amarapura temple and unique Buddha Mahamuni and “Book of stone” of 729 marble slabs – the biggest in the world. Near this are Kuthodaw of Paya pagoda Salamouni and the magnificent shwenandaw monastery. Pilgrims must climb the steps 1730 Michalickova of the hill to see the sacred relics-the bones of the Enlightened one, Gautama Buddha. And to improve their health, go to the pagoda the Maha Muni. The Golden Buddha statue is surrounded by six bronze sculptures of warriors, lions and elephant. Touching him, said to have a therapeutic effect.Mengunci bell

Mingun and Bagan

Myanmar, places of interest, which reaches age of more than two thousand years, has the ancient capital. Its definitely worth a visit. This is the city of Bagan. He keeps so many stupas, temples and pagodas that became a sort of Buddhist Mecca. In addition, living here is an amazing nation the padaung. The local Canon of beauty requires women to have a very long neck. To make the girls attractive, mother they cling to the brass ring or spiral. For a small fee, these beauties will gladly pose for you for a photo. Mingun is located eleven kilometers from Mandalay, if we move upstream the Irrawaddy. This city is famous for its stupa and pagoda Pongamia. Tourists are also attracted Mengunci bell – the biggest in the world. It weighs ninety tons. While bell operates, that is ringing.Shwedagon Pagoda


This is the direction being developed in the state of Myanmar. Sights of nature here is so amazing that in this country of Southeast Asia often go many ecotourists. Why should only the Inle lake! It is located in the depression between emerald mountains. Resting in one of the villages on the lake, it seems that you are living in the time of the Buddha, long before modern civilization. Here, not only women but also men wear skirts-loggia. It's a long piece of light material, fastened at the hips a fanciful knot. Among the rice plantations on hilltops towering numerous abode of Buddhist monks.Vacation in Myanmar

Seaside resorts

Beaches – that is what attracts a wide range of tourists Myanmar. Ngapali attractions – the cleanest strip of fine white sand. The whole first strip, this resort offers magnificent hotels that meet the requirements of "five stars”. But there are more modest hotels. The highlight of this resort is that it is not farmed out to wealthy foreigners. Beach berth fishing boats and local people, as if nothing had happened, begins to re...

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