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Vysokovskiy Zinovy Moiseevich often expressed the idea that his childhood was marred by war, and old age-adjustment. The meaning and truth of these words can be understood only by the older generation. Vysokovsky was born in 1932 in the city of Taganrog. He was always a straight-a student and all educational institutions or graduated with honors, or with distinction.

Vysokovsky-excellence - axiom!

The son of the chief accountant of the Taganrog factory of brick was studying at school named after A. P. Chekhov - one of the best educational institutions of the city. After graduating in 1952 with honors, Zinovy Moiseevich went to Moscow at the Theatre school. Schukin. Zinovy VysokovskyTo Enter a prestigious Moscow University just does not work (say because of the 5th column), and in the same year the gold medal goes to Academy of his native city. After receiving a diploma, becoming a rocket engineer, he is making a new attempt to enter the coveted “Pike" and in 1957 becoming one of her students.

The Best scenes of the capital

Brilliantly after graduating from drama school, where he studied with Benjamin Smekhova, Zinovi Vysokovsky becomes the actor of the Moscow theatre of miniatures. It should be noted that Vladimir Abramovich Etush recruits students only once, on the only course studied Vysokovsky. Now the Theater of miniatures known as the «Hermitage», which is the artistic Director Mikhail Levitin. And then it was headed by its founder, Vladimir Polyakov. This theatre is often called “school for clowns”. I understand why Zinovy Moiseevich comes there – a person with a great sense of humor, who later became a master of conversational genre, went to serve wherever you were, of course, demanded (he worked there together with mark Zakharov). This fact speaks about his talent – the visitors after graduation it is difficult to gain a foothold in Moscow. In 1967, Zinoviy vysokovskiy is transferred to the Theater of satire, in which he served 20 years and left it only in 1987 after the death of Anatoly Papanova and Andrei Mironov.


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Landmark roles

On the stage of the satire Theatre, he played many great roles. Especially he remembered the audience the role of the wise Pharmacist who spoke with an Odessa accent, in the play “Intervention” Lev Slavin, and the role of Bartolo in ‘the Marriage of Figaro" and Schweik in the film, the play “Schweik in the Second world war" (1969).Vysokovsky Zinovy Moiseevich

Across the country, Zinovy Moiseevich became known as the pan Zuzya from “Zucchini 13 chairs" (1968-1981). Phrase of the writer-graphomaniac scattered around the country. And now the spectators of the senior generation remember him “all Kind a party!”. Loved all the regulars “Tavern”, releases, waited so that even the hero of the novel “one Hundred years ahead” of the future rushing home to the TV, because at 20: 00 starts “Tavern”.

The flip side

For the 10th anniversary of the transfer of all artists depicting regular customers, including Zinovi Vysokovsky, was awarded the title of “Honored worker of culture of Poland". Transmission ceased in 1981 due to the political aggravation in the country. Had a shooting in “Pub” and negative sides – the main Director of Theatre of satire V. Pluchek, known for his difficult character, being jealous of the actors to such a popular program (which was loved and Leonid Brezhnev) in the theater did not give them any significant roles. There were also filmmakers, because the names given to the actors in the “Pub”, stuck them firmly. And in “the Living and the dead” Zinovi Vysokovsky played their role perfectly and are very memorable to the audience. Good he was in all his movie roles, although there were many of them, a little more than 10.

Free bread

A Very intelligent, accommodating, with a great sense of humor, a mild man, had quite a decisive character. He left a well-paid job engineer rocketeer in Rostov and went to Moscow, where all the years of training received 22 rubles scholarships. Then he left the Theatre of satire, where he had a lack, but a guaranteed payment, and left “nowhere" and under the Soviet regime “rogue” were not welcomed. Odessa says Zinovy VysokovskyTo ensure their favorite women-wife, daughter and granddaughter – he has worked on radio and toured with a concert, the script for which he wrote himself. And not always, these concerts were only a humorous character-he knew a lot and well performed poetry K. Simonov, R. Gamzatov, V. Vysotsky, who was on friendly terms.


In 1985, he along with Director E. Kamenkovicha created the show “the Fifth side of the world”, which was a success on the stage of the Theatre. Transmission «Odessa" Zinovy Vysokovsky was on the radio (“Humor FM). He knew a great number of anecdotes, many of which were invented and masterfully told. This column at the radio station he invented himself, and thought about her after working on the image of the Pharmacist from “Intervention”. Unforgettable were his monologues in the image of the drunken intellectual who calls his wife (the famous Cradles) from the drunk tank. Very good he was with monologues “sitewide”. In short, who saw and heard performances of Z. M. vysokovskiy, remember and love him.

Zinoviy vysokovskiy Odessa told jokes great, although he does not Odessa. He gathered and classified.

Happy people

His work on radio and in the theatre did not go unvalued – people's artist of Russia he became in 2003. A lot of statements, became airborne and went to the people. In the last years of his life he returned to the Theater of satire. In 2002 he released the book “my Life – joke”.Zinovy Vysokovsky Odessa jokesZinovy Moiseevich was a wonderful loving family. Daughter Catherine became a journalist and radio host, and beloved granddaughter of the beautiful Sofia followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, with whom she was inseparable. Died Zinovy Moiseevich in 2009 from kidney failure. He is buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.


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