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Artist Ivanov Victor Ivanovich is a well-known figure. Many beginners and successful painters strive to grasp the style that saturated the work of the author. Ivanov is an artist in every sense of the word. All his life he devoted to painting. In this article we will tell you some facts about his life for those who enjoy his lovely works.

Victor Ivanov: a biography

Victor IvanovMaster of his craft, the future painter Ivanov was born in the city of Stavropol in 1949. In 1969 he graduated from art school in Tashkent. Then he entered the Moscow art school. Of all departments of the school Viktor liking monumental decorative painting. He studied at the famous Studio of people's artist of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of G. M. Korzhev In 1977 Victor graduated from College and soon went to Stavropol. The entire creative life of Victor Ivanov tied to their country and partly Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Ivanov artistWork it well know not only in Stavropol, but also in the Caucasus. Viktor Ivanov – an artist of high professional level, and the residents of Stavropol are very proud that such a great man was born, lives and works in the same city with them. Ivanov's paintings are distinguished by a specific style. They are imbued with the special spirit that reflects the feelings and sentiments of the author, his vision of it.

Types of work

Viktor Ivanov biographyVictor Ivanov is not only a landscape painter. Although most of his work – it is the scenery. He created many other works, among which are portraits and still lifes. Special spirituality, present in each work, does not leave anyone indifferent spectator. The artist sees something special in those things that seem boring and mundane at first glance. His portraits make us feel the character and understand the mood of the portrayed person. Creating a piece called “self-portrait with a bird”, the artist for a long time makes us reflect on what feelings possessed him at the time when he wrote it.


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Landscape paintings

As already mentioned, Ivanov, Viktor has a lot of landscapes among my works. This is largely caused by the fact that the author had to travel a lot around the country and abroad. Young, Victor was in Asia, then studied in Tashkent. It was at that time he wrote many landscapes where we can see beautiful gardens with flowering trees, expanses of steppe, the majestic Pamir mountains. The artist managed to convey in his paintings the magnificent exotic beauty of the East. Warm Oriental tones came into his work, style, soaked through them and remained there forever.

While Victor Ivanov was in Moscow, his work took on a new form. Now add a cool touch to the middle part of the country. Beautiful pictures of lakes and steppes convey the mood of the artist is so vivid that it seems that he speaks to his audience through pictures. While in the Caucasus, the author has published a lot of landscapes with the image of mountain rivers, gorges and mountains of the Caucasus. This variety of works made Ivanov a very well-known landscape painter, although he did not consider themselves as such, and finds a master who can do different genres.

Style of work

Ivanov, ViktorIvanov has the unique ability to feel the nature. Applying his skills and craftsmanship, he skillfully conveys this beauty on canvas. He doesn't just do the drawing and srisovyvanie what he sees around. He passes the picture through itself and adds its feelings and emotions. Enriching the picture of his vision, he sends it as is in my head. Speaking of favorite destinations of the artist, it is impossible to say with confidence what types of paintings are his favorite and he likes to draw more and what is less. He is able to convey the mood of autumn: autumn cold, goes well with the splendor and variety of colors. The play of colors and the combination of warm and cool tones, and show the power of the skill of the artist.

One of the features of his paintings is the tendency to distant future. He masterfully depicts the tracks or paths that tend into the distance, beckon, evoke the desire to go through them and think about the meaning of life. Many who had the pleasure to see the paintings of Ivanov in real life agree that his paintings make us think. They urge to get closer to nature, to find solitude, to feel peace and quiet, so that people need in our tumultuous time. A picture of Ivanova were sold to individuals and now not decorate one house with their beauty and originality. Having in their collection at least one work of Ivanov, we can safely boast that you are an owner of paintings by the great artist.

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