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Christopher (Chris) Lowell – a well-known figure of cinema, expressing himself as an actor, writer and Director. The worldwide popularity brought him a part in the filming of the cult TV series "Veronica Mars" sitcom “Recruited”, the spin-off of ‘grey's Anatomy" and show “Private practice”.

Start a career

Chris Lowell was born in mid-October 1984 in the city of Atlanta in the southeastern state of Georgia (USA). Even while studying in an international school Atlanta boy became interested in cinema and theatre, however, the fascination has not received further development. The young man continued his education at the University of southern California, where from the first course showed nedyuzhy athletic ability and was placed in command of beach volleyball.Chris Lowell

Thanks to innate talent Chris Lowell easily passed the casting of the series "puberty", which was filmed during the 2004-2005 Best debut for an aspiring actor to think hard. The project has received laudatory reviews, IMDb rating - 8.00, and the performers involved in the production – excellent career start and valuable experience of the skill transformation.

As an actor

After the successful debut of Chris Lowell throughout the year, starred in the third season of the legendary detective television movie “Veronica Mars”. His character Stosh (Piz) Piznarski was named in honor of producer - pilot M. Piznarski. The goal of the project appearance in the character of Lowell, is a friend of the main character, to a middle class among the key figures of the project.


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The year 2007 was eventful in the life of Chris, have been released two full-length films with his participation – “Here and now” and “Prom”. Work on the production of pictures, the actor has managed to combine with the shooting in “grey's Anatomy" of where his character was William (Dell) Parker. This character is so fond of the audience that migrated to the spin-off project called “Private practice”. Already during the filming of the final episodes of the indefatigable Chris Lowell manages to star in a tragicomedy D. new York “up in the air”. His on-screen companions at this time be the stars of the first magnitude - George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Zach Galifianakis.Chris Lowell movies

When an actor takes part in the production of another feature-length fiction film, “Servant” and returned to the series.

One of the most significant milestones in the career of a contractor is considered the series "Young hearts”. Chris Lowell in this project was translated to the screen Peter. Director Danny Mooney is specially invited to the shooting is amazing, not plain oskomu ensemble cast. It seamlessly and Chris Lowell. Films with the participation of the actor in the majority belong to the genre youth drama.

Also, the contractor had the opportunity to demonstrate his acting talent during the creation of a series of strips “Recruited” and “Bright star”.

As a Director and co-writer

Since childhood, being fond of Amateur filming, in 2011, Chris Lowell gets to work on his own masterpiece. In collaboration with Mohit (Mo) Naranga he is making a film "still waters". Romantic Comedy gets mostly positive reviews from film critics and two main prizes of film festival Austin Film Festival. Moreover, because of the modest funding creators lacked the funds to pay for the creation of musical accompaniment for the film. Then Chris launches campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter, the result of the collected amount of $ 200,000 allows novice creators to successfully finish the project.young hearts Chris Lowell

Private life

Lowell in the Bohemian environment has a reputation as a one-woman man, since the students he builds relationships with artist Chaney lane Trotter.

Chris Also, having a personal view on topical issues in the modern society, often interfere in different kind of discussion that occurs among colleagues. For example, he recently in a media interview said that extremely upset with how the film depicts representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation. According to him, gays in most of the paintings stereotyped as a caricature, dressed, loud-mouthed characters, which is not true.

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