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List of movies about escape from prison will be useful to the audience, busy looking exciting, dynamic paintings. A film with similar scenes shot in a variety of genres-from Comedy to thrillers, enjoy the public continued popularity. So, what heroes decided to follow the example of the unforgettable count of Monte Cristo and to regain lost freedom?

List of movies about escape from prison: retro

Project “the Count of Monte Cristo", filmed in 1953, a classical representative of this group of paintings. List of movies about escape from prison, the perfect Edmond Dantes, the main character's romantic history, in the future, repeatedly replenished. However, the best is still recognized by the French film adaptation, in which the prisoner takes the role of Jean Marais.

a list of movies about escape from prison

Fans of Russian cinema may admire the troubles of Edmond Dantes, including the Russian version of Viktor Avilov. The plot of all the film adaptations follows the basic events of the novel. A young sailor is unjustly accused of espionage, finds himself in the fortress d'if, from which there is no escape for the living. However, the hero manages to escape, and then begins to take revenge on those who ruined his life a forged letter.

If you carefully examine the list of movies about escape from prison, existing in the moment, it is easy to understand how often the creators take the story in “the Count of Monte Cristo”. The most favorite audience Edmond Dantes remains Jean Marais, surprisingly accurately conveyed the internal suffering of the character.

“the Shawshank redemption”: the classics

In 1994 came to light the most poignant and memorable story, subordinate to this subject. The film “the Shawshank redemption” with Tim Robbins made a lasting impression on viewers, critics ranked him as one of the classics of cinematic art. The Central character of the strip – banker jailed after his wife was found dead with her lover.


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the movie the Shawshank redemption

The Film “the Shawshank redemption” is devoted primarily to the difficulties of life for prisoners who stay in prison. The main character will exist in a cruel world, every second to fight for his life, trying not to forget about human dignity. Andy is sentenced to life imprisonment, can only proceed to the invention of a plan that will help him to regain freedom.

Attentive viewers will be able to detect in the story are many references to the history of the count of Monte Cristo. First, the main character is imprisoned for a crime that may not have made. Then he finds the original escape method, suddenly acquires a large amount of money. However, a small plagiarism is not a reason to refuse to watch the exciting picture worthy to head the list of movies about escape from prison. The film received many awards, and was even nominated for the «Oscar».

Is it Possible to escape from Alcatraz

The Picture, which develops in the darkest American prison, was shot early history of exemption of redemption – 1979. “Escape from Alcatraz" - a film in which the Central role went to Clint Eastwood. The actor had to get used to the way a Bank robber who wants to break free from prison.

escape from Alcatraz

Prison located near San Francisco for 29 years, is famous for its reliability. Even the famous mobster al Capone had visited within its walls. However, the brash Frank Morris does not intend to adhere to the decision of the court after the prescribed period behind bars. Even the best movies about escape from prison does not offer a daring plan to free than invented by a resourceful criminal method.

Viewers who watched the 1994 movie, may think that another story about the prisoner who dreams of freedom, can be ignored. However, the picture is fundamentally different from each other. “Escape from Alcatraz» feed, are less focused on the inner world of the characters. In the spotlight is a way to escape from prison.

History about the Hatch

Most movies about fighting the system prisoners, recognized as a classic, filmed in the last century. Is no exception and ribbon «cool hand Luke", which appeared on the screens in 1967. The main character in a crime drama-American, Luke, who lost his freedom after the stupid antics committed in a state of alcoholic intoxication. However, imprisonment did not break the man.

cool hand Luke

Cool hand Luke – a nickname given to the indomitable human companions in misfortune. His reluctance to obey the rules became the reason of negative attitudes of prison officers. Luke tried to get out three times without giving up his intentions even after severe punishment. Of course, the inmates recognized him as a hero.

From all of the prisons you can escape

“escape Plan” is a relatively new film, presented on court of spectators in 2013. The picture interesting in the first place participation of two heroes "old guard", which became the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The Creator of a dynamic Thriller with elements of ThrillerMichael Hafstrom known to the public at the famous painting of "1408".

sentenced to death or fled the spirit blows where it wills

The Profession of the main character connected with sophisticated security systems that are invented specifically for prisons. Quite unexpectedly ray hits one of them, the victim of betrayal. Unfortunately for him the place of conclusion is the strongest jail, designed specially for the most dangerous members of society.

Will ray overcome numerous traps, high-tech institution, called the prisoners “Grave”, to regain freedom? Will help him in this existing development skills such obstacles?

Russian movies

Not only American criminals escape from prison, the Russian prisoners were not far behind them. The film “Gentlemen of fortune", released in 1971, is the most striking example of this pattern, produced by national cinema. Viewers not watched a Comedy that has become almost legendary, will be surprised by original plot. This is the only tape of all these, where the escape of the bandits organized by law enforcement agencies.

The police, decides to release two prisoners, hoping to discover valuable relic. The helmet had belonged to Alexander the great, was stolen and hidden by the bandits. To not lose the criminals out of your sight, to them is attached a kindergarten teacher, was surprisingly similar to the leader of the gang. The picture gave the world a lot of amazing quotes.

A TV Series about the escape from prison

For those who like to watch the misadventures of favorite characters, there are serials that are subordinate to the topic of interest. The most famous mini-series about the escape from prison released in 1989. This "Bangkok Hilton", made famous Nicole Kidman starred.

the best movies about escape from prison

A Young Englishwoman becomes the victim of a random boyfriend-a drug dealer who throws in her belongings a large shipment of cocaine. It happens in Thailand, where the merchants of prohibited substances provided the highest measure. Girl caught with drugs at the airport that leads her to Bangkok Hilton. Only prompt flight could save the cat from imminent death.

More view

“Condemned to death escaped, or the Spirit blows where it wills" is a Thriller created by the French in 1956. Despite the fact that the film is already more than half a century, an interesting story is still able to intrigue the audience. Reasons to watch great picture, there are many. The main one is that “Condemned to death escaped, or the Spirit blows where it wishes» feed based on events that occurred in reality.

escape plan

Lyon is the castle Monluc, during the Second world performing the role of a prison by the Gestapo. It is from that time, the escaped hero of the French Resistance captured by the Germans.

Those viewers who are not familiar with most of the films from the list, you can start browsing from any of them.

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