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Mowgli – the famous hero of the same name by Kipling. Children reading this book in primary school age, it supplied a great cartoon, the name of Mowgli became a household word. The so-called children, who for some reason are brought up apart from human society. However, usually they are not brave and clever Mowgli, who was able to use both human and wolf language, freely existed in the jungle and was able to settle in the village community.

banderlog whoIn "Mowgli" for the hero, there are two worlds: the forest and the village. And in the forest live in the most noble and interesting characters, while in the village – mostly gray mass of people. The people at Kipling deprived of nobility, dignity, behave almost like banderlog. Who they are, did not know Mowgli for a long time. The meeting was unexpected, even a little dangerous. This is dedicated to one of the stories about Mowgli.

banderlog, MowgliMany of the works of Rudyard Kipling written about animals. And he, like our famous fabulist Krylov, ascribes to them human strengths and weaknesses. Every animal – a special, complex and interesting personality. For good reason, permanently stored goof Ball, proud, and wise Bagheera, Kaa leisurely, the leader of the pack Akella, cunning tiger Shere Khan and the vile Jackal tobacco. There are banderlog who they are and whether they have any positive qualities, it becomes clear almost immediately after meeting with their pack. Banderlog – monkeys who try to act like people, but that is what exposes the people themselves. All their actions are senseless, they are prone to moods and influences, do not have his law, and the law of the jungle does not recognize. The jungle people despise them so much that nobody even wants to answer the question Mowgli: “the Bandar-log? Who is this?”


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When you really think about the meaning of which put Kipling in his books, it becomes clear that under the guise banderlogov he depicted the crowd. It was the crowd behaves like a herd of monkeys. In the crowd, no personality, no bright characters, it can be an instant impulse: anger, excitement or fear. So the question, why banderlog who they are and who symbolize, you can say: it is a crowd.

the works of KiplingIn the book "Mowgli" everything is built on opposition. The jungle and village, banderlog with complete chaos and totally ordered pack of wolves, the cunning and meanness of Sherkhan and grace and mercy Akella. It's a children's book, so this opposition, the division of the world into two camps (good and bad) is appropriate. Precisely in this way and think younger students, it is natural for them. Before them unfolds a picture of the world, a kind of, of course, but very similar to ours. In any case, the problems are the same: study, friends, curiosity, disobedience and its dire consequences. Before readers are vivid characters: Bagheera, Kaa, banderlog, Mowgli, Sher Khan and others.

Of Course, this is an adventure piece, one of those where you don't need to look very deep meaning. However, sometimes it seems that Kipling wanted to say a few more than you may see in this story. Children should definitely read this book.

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