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According to many Russian viewers, Porechenkov, Mikhail, biography which will be described below, is one of the most flamboyant and charismatic of domestic actors. He, among other things, is also very talented.biography of Michael Porechenkova

Actor Mikhail Porechenkov. Biography

Born March 2, 1969 in Leningrad. His father was a sailor, and his mother was a Builder. Up to five years Mikhail Porechenkov was raised by his grandmother.

Studying in the school the boy began in his hometown – Leningrad. According to the biography of Mikhail Porechenkov, soon his family moved to Warsaw. Therefore, to obtain the certificate he had in the Polish boarding school, which he graduated from in 1986.

After that Mikhail Porechenkov arrived in the military-political Academy in Tallinn. But his restless nature did not allow him to graduate from the school: only 10 days until graduation he was expelled for multiple violations of the rules and the prescribed discipline. However, some success over the years training Porechenkov still achieved. He holds the title of candidate master of sports in Boxing, which is  received during one of the championship. Actor and now does not forget sports Hobbies of his youth: he does Boxing and is currently.

Mikhail Porechenkov biographyBiography Mikhail Porechenkov: acting career

He was sent for military service in the Soviet army in the construction battalion. Then the young man worked in the frame shop, but then he had a desire to become an actor. He even managed to enter the film Institute. However, to complete a full course of study under the guidance of the famous Soviet and Russian actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Porechenkov could not. But the study on the lighting course in LGITMiK, where he arrived in 1991, he was given better – and in 1996, Michael successfully graduated from this Institute.


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actor Mikhail Porechenkov biography

While Still a student, he began playing in the theater. According to us the biography of Mikhail Porechenkov, his first serious role was the role of Pozzo in the play ‘waiting for Godot’. With him a part of the play took: still young, but today a very famous Russian actors – Mikhail Trukhin and Konstantin Khabensky. Acquainted then, men today are best friends.

After graduation, Porechenkov got a job in the theatre under the title “On the Kryukov canal”. He worked there for a short time. Later he managed to become a member of the troupe of the theatre of Lensovet. There he played many roles. Including continued to play Godot. It is for this role he was awarded the “Golden mask” – the honorary prize of the theatre.

In the late nineties Mikhail Porechenkov has appeared in several films and television series, but his work was hardly noticeable. And here in 1999 to start shooting "national security Agent". The work in this series did Mikhail Porechenkov so famous. After that, he starred in many successful projects, but most of the viewers, the actor remembered for the role of Lehi of Nikolaev.

Porechenkov was twice married. He has five children: Barbara – from his first marriage, Mary, Michael and Peter – from the second, and Vladimir – an illegitimate child.

This Is the biography of Mikhail Porechenkov – famous Russian actor.

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