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The Story of bitter “Childhood” – this is a Prime example of the autobiographical works. The story is told from the first person that gave the opportunity to the writer to portray events more accurately, to accurately convey the thoughts and feelings of the main character. In addition, the name of the product helps to understand who really was Bitter. “Childhood”, a summary of which is given below, is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with one of the geniuses of Russian literature.a bitter childhood summary

Maxim Gorky “Childhood”: short contents

Despite the fact that a work “Childhood” is autobiographical, Bitter is the story from a boy named Alyosha. Already in the first pages of the novel we learn about the difficult circumstances in the family of the boy: my father's funeral, mother's grief, the death of a newborn brother. Alesha was hard going through all of the events listed. Next to him is always the grandmother.

After the tragic events of Alyosha with his grandmother and mother sent to relatives. However, the boy nobody liked, according to Bitter. “Childhood”, which does not convey many of the details, draws a lot of attention on internal experiences of the hero. So, he often calls his life a harsh tale. For example, he was very afraid of his grandfather. The last one, despite the protests of her grandmother and mother, carved his grandson so that he fell ill. When Alyosha was still sick, grandpa often came to him and told him about myself. So soon the protagonist is no longer afraid of him. In addition, the boy visited Roma – adopted son, John, who received this nickname because of its appearance. With it Alexey became friends more than anything. Times Roma have stuck my hand under the whip, which the sec grandfather of Alexis. However, the hero often called stealing. Soon the Gypsy dies.Maxim Gorky childhood summary


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A Mother appeared in the house rarely. Very quickly their home has gained notoriety because it was often been a fight. The grandfather attacked his own son Michael, as stated in the story. Alexei's childhood was full of terrible events. So, the boy was rarely allowed to walk alone, because he is constantly "was the cause of the riot". In addition, he had no comrades, according to Bitter. “Childhood”, which many miss, is a story about moving Alexei, along with grandma and grandpa's new house. There he met a man nicknamed “Good cause" (he often used the phrase) and uncle Peter, who was a robber.

the story of a childhoodOnce again came to the mother. She began to teach Alex to read. Then the mother took him to school. At the same time, the boy noticed that he was sorry only the grandmother, the other was either indifferent, or harsh. Only my grandmother cared for Alyosha when he fell ill.

Soon the main character's mother remarried, and he along with his family was in Sormovo. My stepfather was very strict with Alex. It also describes the training of boys in school. It is emphasized that the teacher and pop immediately disliked the boy, constantly threatening to kick him out of school. Then again, he moves to his grandfather, begins to earn money and find friends. At the end of the novel Alexei's mother dies, and his grandfather invites him to go to the people and to earn a living. So ends the tale of Gorky.

“Childhood”, a summary of which was described above, is one of the best examples of realism in Russian literature.

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