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Fans of Asian Dor and K-pop knows the name of Kim Joon. He's one of those people whose talent is evident in everything, whether it be music, acting, dancing, singing career. And it's not just attractive in appearance. Young and beautiful stars light up a lot. But seldom who from them achieves really amazing extent.Kim Joon

Meet-Kim Hyun Joon

Biography of the actor elaborates on his fans. Fans painstakingly collected facts from the life of his idol and generously share them.

So, the actor was born in Seoul in 1986. His closest people-parents and older brother. It with them have very close relationship. Parents still have fond memories of childhood of the future star. Noting the incredible energy of a young boy who already seems to be everywhere, they are still surprised at how easily Kim Jung studied. However, they did not think about a creative career for his son.

The Boy successfully performed the mathematical Olympiads, winning. I have played it and art competitions, which also took first place. And the music teacher told the parents about the serious development of talent (Kim third grade of high school began playing guitar).

Father was against the son chose a too risky path and became an actor. He wanted to see his student of Seoul University. But June was casting for a singer-trainee. And I was right.

Interesting fact: Kim treasured cash prize, which he received on various school competitions, and when needed to help his elder brother to College in the US, he gladly gave him 300 million won. Quite a substantial amount of money, especially given the fact that the financial situation of the family has suffered greatly in the crisis.Kim Hyun Joon biography


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Early career

In 2005, made his first appearance in the group SS501, Kim Hyun Joon. Biography of the period – this is the story meteoric rise stars. The leader of the new group it soon became a real idol. The group itself has not been long gone from the tops of the charts. SS501 members were guests at the filming of many TV shows. And in 2008, the leader of the group invited to play a role in the drama ‘Boys over flowers”.

First role

Drama Boys Over Flower (we have her name translated as “Boys over flowers” or “Hana Yori Dango”) opened fans acting talent juna.

The Series has become incredibly popular in Asia. Then his fame went far beyond Korea. In addition to the enthusiastic response in Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Singapore, drama has quickly gained fans in the West. After the release of the TV version with the English translation in the United States copies of CDs sold worldwide. And Russia has plenty of fans “Flowers”.Kim Jung filmography

It Should be noted, Kim Jung very hard through the filming process. Stress and fatigue have resulted in health problems. The actor even lost consciousness when he was working on creating a promotional clip Gangnam (sports brand). This has caused concern in the press and from fans around the world.

But in spite of this, Kim didn't cancel any of the planned activities and went with his group to Japan.

Naughty kiss and life changes

In 2010 he released another picture with the actor named Kim Joon. Filmography of the actor has been enriched with ribbon "playful kiss". In it, he played a very cold guy, intelligent and impregnable.

The Series had no less success than the previous drama. And June has only strengthened its position as an actor. Career the stars continued to gain momentum. He was chosen as the face of cosmetic brand Tony Moly. He was also named one of the most stylish and beautiful actors of Korea. In 2010 the same year completed and a contract with SS501. And June was engaged in her solo career.

Kim Hyun Joong's personal life

Not too notable in 2010 was the shot in the mini-drama for mobile phones “Love of Pygmalion". Although many critics noted the extraordinary depth of history.

Image Change

In 2011, Kim released his first mini solo album. He then started to record new songs, shoot videos, tour.

2014 has pleased fans with the release of a new project. Actor Kim Hyun Joon changed her image and appeared in the TV series “young” in a brutal manner.

The film's Plot tells the story of a young man forced to survive on the laws prevailing in the Shanghai of the 30-ies of the last century. At that time the city was embroiled in a war between gangs. The action takes place against the backdrop of Japanese occupation and the Kim Hyun Joon

And although the drama was a place of romance and plenty of action. The protagonist works hard, and sometimes frankly cruel. But he is also revealed as a loyal friend and a caring lover.

June for the role work on her figure, giving her more courage. Fans noted it swapped out body. In addition, it is clear that the actor has grown and emotionally. It well be intense, complex scenes. New image June formed the basis of his photo shoot for The Star.


Many fans are interested in, and married to Kim Hyun Joon. Personal life of actor despite his openness - not toodiscuss in the press the subject. Sam Kim does not hide information about themselves, but also voiced specific names. We only know that he's definitely not yet married, lays such an important step for later. Now, according to him, all his aspirations focused on a career. He wants to achieve a lot and try everywhere.

In an interview with Kim willingly discusses the quality that should be possessed by his future wife. He wants to see a girl that shared his interests and would be different. Kim admits that he is not a romantic, and somewhat frightened by the prospect of a romantic courtship, adopted among the “couples”.

In one show June admitted that he did not just throw the girls. And sometimes he himself was to blame for the breakup. Well, the idols happen blunders.

For friends Kim Jung - honest and sweet. And band members of SS501 called him a Puppy because his face strongly resembles the face of a dog-affectionate.

Kim Hyun Joong has not even crossed the thirties. And, presumably, fans of his talent still expect a lot of his work both in music and in film. New project “young” has already demonstrated the ability of an actor to get out of the familiar role of cute boys. Perhaps in the future, his filmography will be updated with the most interesting paintings.

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