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Film and theater Actor Alexei Litvinenko became a widely recognizable Russian audience thanks to the filming of the TV series Valeria Gai Germanicus “School”. Mainly, it is popular with Teens, as the film is intended for that category of viewers.

 Alexei Litvinenko biography


On July 29, 1987 in the Omsk-born Alexei Litvinenko. The biography he is not very eventful. Our hero, young, modern parents. They scolded him for the mess in the room. And only occasionally Litvinenko led his territory in decent condition. Alex loved to draw. So parents stuck him a white Wallpaper on the walls, so he could train in the arts and to hone their skills. Alex was seriously into tennis and hockey, but still chose the path of an actor. Our hero is seriously injured his knee and realized that the hockey deal. Alexei Litvinenko studied at the Lyceum № 66 in Omsk on the basis of which was formed drama theatre. It was there that the boy and took his first steps towards an acting future. When Litvinenko was studying in the 11th grade, his father went to work in Moscow. Alex realized that for him this chance to achieve good results in acting, and began to prepare for admission to theater institutions. Alexei Litvinenko has applied for admission to several universities. In the end, he became a student of the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin.


Already on the second course Alexei Litvinenko, filmography which is not very big, began to play a small role. Starred in the TV series ‘Enigma”, “Independence”, “Lawyer”, “Soldiers”.

A Famous person Alex has become after work in the series “School”. This is the controversial, acclaimed film about the life of modern teenagers, about the relationship of students with teachers and parents. The tape, which was filmed in the documentary genre, quickly became popular. Alex went to one of the main roles. He played Ilya Epifanova.Alexei Litvinenko filmography According to our hero, selection of actors was very serious. He took part in the trial ten times. Initially, the creators of “School” wanted to do something like a reality show and take the most ordinary students. But this project was not approved. First, the film was shown twice a day. At a later time — without censorship. But due to numerous complaints by viewers, the project has undergone changes. All the obscene scenes were cut.


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Alexei Litvinenko and his lady

Similarity of characters

The Hero Alexei is contradictory impression. His actions are often brutal. But if you look on the other hand, every action of the hero is well motivated. He respects honest people. Ready to help if necessary.

By the Way, according to the actor, in high school he sat behind the same Desk as in the series. Alex admits that his hero Epifanov like him. Actor while studying at school always went to showdown, smoked, drank beer. But got in very rarely.

Aleksei is often compared to Sergei Bodrov. Externally Alexei Litvinenko is very similar to it. One day our hero, a woman came up and offered to come to the casting of the film "Generation P". He came in and saw a few guys like Sergei. For the role of Alexei Bodrov not approved, as they needed an actor a little older.

Other roles

actor Alexei Litvinenko

The Series “School” is not the only work of Alexei. In 2012, the young actor starred in the film “If I was the Queen”, where he played max. The film tells the story of three sisters left without a mother. Tamara, the eldest, took care of the younger. So was her whole youth. Once, when the sisters grew up, they began to remember how in the childhood played wishing. Before they dreamed of princes and sweets, but now Tamara wants his home, Vicky wants to have a husband-oligarch, and Sonia still doesn't know what she's missing in life. But the destiny has disposed differently and gave each of the sisters her surprise.

In the same 2012, Alex starred in the drama «Steppe children”, where he received the role of orphan Zahara Zimin. In the film the orphanage, where he lived, male, collapsed, unable to withstand the test of time. The Director of the institution decided to leave the children in the village of Kuban and place them in the Cossack families, while the institution will not be restored.

In 2013, the actor starred in the crime film "City of spies”, where he received a major role. Officers of special purpose are involved in dangerous missions that could cost them their lives. They're watching for suspicious faces, intercept phone calls, computer data. They are investigating a case of smuggling of rough diamonds.

Currently, the actor Alexei Litvinenko is working on filming crime drama. It's called "enemy within”. Alex got the role of Egor. This story is about a simple guy from the working area. He took upon himself the guilt of the son of a businessman and went to prison for seven years. During the conclusion, the guy decides to become a businessman, but after his release he has to engage in a duel to the death with criminals.



One of the graduation performances of the actor was “the days of the Turbins" where Alexei Litvinenko played the second cadets. In the formulation “School for scandal” Litvinenko - the role of Benjamin Backbite. He also played Figaro in the film “the Barber of Seville". In the play “Love - the book gold” he got the role of the jester, the image of Vernon in the formulation “Summer and smoke".

After graduation, Alex began his work in the troupe of theatre of Roman Viktyuk. The very first role of our hero in the theater was the image of a student Maritime school in the play “R&J. Romeo and Juliet». Despite the fact that Alex is very busy filming, he is still the actor of theatre of Viktyuk.

Personal life

The school Alexei anything serious with the opposite sex was not. But Alexei Litvinenko and his girlfriend played together in the Omsk theater. Her name is the actor hides. Says only that she's also an actress.

Alexei at present very few main roles, mostly he plays the role of the second plan. But his charm and acting talent will help to achieve heights in their chosen profession. And even the secondary characters leave no one indifferent.

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