Analysis of the fable "the Frogs asking for a king." A piece that is worth reading a lot of contemporaries!


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Analysis of the fable "the Frogs asking for a king” Allows you to emphasize the negative perception of the rulers and leaders in society. A work written over 200 years ago, in certain cases can be an example for some today.

an analysis of the fables the frogs asking for a king

From Aesop to Krylov

Since ancient fable literature occupied a special place. She was able to notice such traits of human nature which has always been considered a vicious and caused negative feelings. The first who spoke about human cons the language of fable, was the wisest of the ancient Greek poet-philosopher Aesop. The ability to name a specific person, resorting to allegory, pointed out the flaws, which need to be addressed.

It has become a follower of Lafontaine. “the Frogs asking for a king" - a fable, owned by his pen. Allegory allows writers to do the main characters of the animal world. To understand how this technique operates, you need to analyze fables “the Frogs asking for a king”.


So, what is this piece? Long ago the inhabitants of the marshes wanted to be governed the king. Jupiter listened to their request and sent in their Kingdom aspen huge chump. The frog was afraid of him, but then, emboldened, began to misbehave, despite the title of his new master.

Block never worried, nothing was reproached by his subjects. But nothing made useful for them. This caused discontent in the whole environment of the king. The frogs wanted the Emperor agile, and again they requested it to Jupiter.


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Came to the throne the snake. Agile and beautiful, she was severely punished for disobedience. Even innocent frogs became her lunch. Survivors complained of the Lord of heaven. Jupiter was surprised, but refused another request of the frogs, promising them to send to the king as a ruler even worse than before.

Warning Zeus

Not only Lafontaine wrote about the dissatisfaction with those in power, addresses this topic and Krylov, "the Frogs asking for a king” fable, which has in its collection. Under the frogs of a known fabulist refers to people. Krylov is still the first dumb ruler becomes an aspen wood, which was replaced by a Crane.

In order to make the contrast in the process of the Board and brighter to outline the position of the frogs, the authors of fables chosen as the second of the kings of the snake and crane because they both love to eat frogs. Was given a quiet and peaceful king, he was underestimated, a quiet and peaceful life do not want too boring, she seemed to frogs. And the other something worse appeared. No wonder they say: “no good deed goes unpunished”. “Live with him, that was not worse to you!” warns of frogs Zeus.

Conducted Analysis of the fable "the Frogs asking for a king” Will help to determine what this fable morals. And it is simple: it is impossible to change everything at once. Be aware that everything in nature has its development, but it is happening gradually. If the frogs have suffered, they have adapted to the block, and even learned to learn from conversation with him a huge favor. The essence of the fable of morality has not lost its relevance.

wings of a frog asking for a king convoy

About the rhyme, the characters of heroes

Fable written by Ivan Krylov (“the Frogs asking for King"), in verse. The author has a very clear rhyme: sideways - face down, next – back, power – glory.

The Main drawback prevailing in the society and noted by the author - Painful passion for change, unwillingness to accept the status quo as it is, the desire to change his former way of life, not relying on the past and on their experience. Frogs became “not anyone the national Board”, “do not like to live freely and freely”.

The Most vivid phrase the author are: “crashed on the Kingdom”, “seemed a very base”.

The Main characters of fables are frogs, they are in constant contact with Zeus and the changing of kings. Due to the characteristic traits that we can say:

  • Cowardly;
  • Obsequious to those who are far above them in status.

Frogs asking for a king moral

But as soon as they feel the impunity they demonstrate their contempt for the king, turning his back on him. Zeus is very attentive to all the requests addressed to him.

  • King of the block grade, silent, huge growth.
  • A Crane or other disposition, does not like anyone to pamper and make someone leniency. It has two images. It's a bird that eats frogs. The terrible king who punishes his subjects indiscriminately.

For the author it seems nonsense and incredible stupidity to change will on the oppressed life.

Folk art

The fable of “the Frogs asking for a king" moral Can be replaced by a well-known proverb: “a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky”, “feed the horses don't roam”, “no good deed goes unpunished”.

The wings are always likes to show after the laughter and good-natured banter, on what moments it is worth considering. And in the fable of a great multitude.

As you know, people are taken from famous works of brightexpressions, which are actively used in their everyday speech, thus making these expressions a cruise, gnomic. These phrases adorn the vocabulary of the speaker. Besides speaking brings work to the people. Here are some examples: “to burn to benefit”, “swallows, like flies”, “no nose to stick”, “why are – why”.

wings frog king asking

Views Krylov and their expression in fables

In any case, the phrase spoken by Zeus at the very end of the piece, makes an indelible impression. It sounds like this: "Live with him, that was not worse to you!". Thus, the analysis of the fable "the Frogs asking for a king" allows you to say that it is very sharp and sensitive issue, in which the author tried to Express his negative attitude to the ruling Imperial elite. Fabulist believed that kings not be good and each successive ruler will only get worse. During his creative life wrote a lot besen Ivan Andreevich Krylov: "the Frog, asking the king," "Convoy" and others, in which, without fear of punishment, boldly shows his attitude to the Russian tsars.

Laporan frogs asking for a king

So the moral of the fable can be applied at the present time. No matter how good the leader, the ruler - a man always expresses his dissatisfaction with his job and wants a new one. Could he be a phony bore or a crane.

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