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Painting is hard work that requires a certain skill from the artist. Often before Christmas many have question about how to draw Santa Claus. Because this pattern is suitable for festive posters, to design greeting cards for friends, and for a variety of crafts on a Christmas theme.

To Draw a person is not so simple as it seems at first glance. The main thing - precisely to maintain all the proportions and how to portray the face that our pattern was not similar to the picture of the child. How to draw a Santa Claus with a pencil, you learn, having read the article till the end.

The Heroes of fairy tales. How to draw a Santa Claus?

Of Course, to play this fantastic character a little easier than the person because he is wrapped up in long coat, on his feet he had boots, on your head – a hat, plus long beard covers half the face, and drawn quite simply. To make such a figure will become very easy if we look at how to draw Santa Claus step by step.

The first Step. The sketch and the contours of the future pattern

Starting work, first of all, it is necessary to make a General sketch. To do this, we mark where it will be located in the hands, head and other body parts of the future Santa Claus. It is necessary to observe the proportions. Once all the proportions are met, you can begin to draw the details. The approximate contours of the figure will consist of three conventional parts. First – head circumference, the second circle for the torso and finally, slightly marked edges of the future of our coats Santa Claus.how to draw Santa Claus

The second Stage. Add the outlines of the hands

All the first steps will be slightly remind the end result. But this is the initial step, so continue. It was her turn to portray the hands of Santa Claus. To render the joints of the feet and hands, it's best to start with "balls". In the area where you plan thickening, draw a circle of larger diameter and Vice versa. Using this method, you can just keep the proportions of the hands and feet, as well as their thickness. Special attention should be paid to the length of the hands from the elbow and their situation. Bend arms at the elbow should be level with the belt of Santa Claus.how to draw Santa Claus step by step,


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Step three. Draw the outlines of coats and hands in the picture

Now not difficult to draw a General outline of the coat and the outline of the hands, focusing it on the "balls". Don't forget that the thickness of the arms should be the same. In the right hand pririsuyte staff. Next draw all the extra parts and wipe the remnants of the initial contours. Work is almost completed, it remains only to add a beard and details of the head.how to draw Santa Claus pencil

Step four. Beard and head

Around the proposed location of the nose, mouth and eyes, and only then draw those details more carefully. Do not forget about cap with tassel. Having reached this stage, draw a beard and other small parts will be quite easy.how to draw Santa Claus

Step five. the How to draw Santa Claus and details of his garment

Of Course the focus of the illustration will attract the clothes and accessories of the character. Coat and staff need to draw very carefully so that Santa Claus turned out elegant and beautiful. And in any case don't forget to draw the peek-a-Boo at the bottom of the fur boots.how to draw Santa Claus

Final phase

Well, the answer to the question of how to draw Santa Claus. It remains only to ensure that our drawing left so pale. This is why we are coloring it with colored pencils.

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